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Hit and Miss Fencing


Hit and Miss Fencing

Hit and miss fencing is now a very popular fencing option.

Where feather edge fencing is by far the most common type of fencing that most homeowners opt for, some homeowners want a garden fence design that’s a bit different, and that’s what hit and miss can offer.

Hit and miss fencing is different because the wooden planks are fitted to alternate sides of the fence.

So unlike feather edge fencing, where the wooden slats are overlapping and on one side of the fence, hit and miss is very different.

A lot of homeowners prefer this option because the fence can look similar both sides of the fence.

Also, if you live in a location that has strong winds, such as a coastal location, well the hit and miss fencing may well be the perfect option for you.

The reason why hit and miss fencing is perfectly suited for use in windy locations is because the fence allows air flow between the wooden fence slats.

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Key Stats: Hit and Miss Fencing


Hit and miss fencing is very robust.


Price point:

Hit and miss fencing is an affordable fencing option.


Commercial or residential?

Hit and miss fencing is mostly used within residential gardens, however many businesses also opt for hit and miss fencing


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