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Fencers Cardiff

After a hefty wind, you might have woken up to find that part or all of your wooden garden fence needing repair work.

Yet, when you go to Google to look for a local fencing business, you may see hundreds of companies to choose from. So, how do you start to whittle down that list?


How should you go about choosing a local fencing contractor?

With over a decade of experience in building composite, steel, and wooden fencing, our business stands as a very reliable choice for repairing or replacing your garden fence. Whether it’s a wooden fence damaged by a heavy wind or a metal fence in need of repair at your business premises, we are well-equipped to handle it.

We build both commercial and residential fencing all across Wales.

In this article, we will explain why so many Cardiff homeowners and businesses choose us to build their wooden or security fencing.


Date: 25/06/2024

When choosing a fencing company, opt for one that offers a wide range of garden fencing styles and types to choose from. This ensures that you can find the perfect fence to suit your garden.


Wooden fencing

There are so many types of wooden fencing to choose from, from hit-and-miss to red cedar fencing.

What you don’t want, therefore, is a fencing business that builds, say just close board fencing and nothing else; thus, as a customer, you are limiting your options. As we think, here at Hyden Bros, you should be presented with many different fencing options to choose from, allowing you to choose an fencing option that suits your garden, budget, and tastes.


Composite Fencing- and why we think it’s brilliant

We highly recommend considering whether you would like composite garden fencing built.

We believe that choosing this option has many advantages, namely that this type of fencing requires less maintenance than timber fencing. It doesn’t need painting; it looks great, and some British manufacturers offer very long guarantee periods on composite decking boards and fencing panels. One of our sales team can come out and explain which fencing manufacturers offer super long guarantees on their composite products.

Composite fencing option is more expensive than some wooden fencing options. However, when you weigh up the advantages, such as not having to paint this type of fence, we think it’s well worth that initial extra expense.

In our opinion, it’s definitely worth paying that bit more for composite decking boards and composite garden panels.

The main reason we say that is that here in Wales and the rest of the U.K., we do have a very damp climate.

This damp climate accelerates wood rot, and woodworms can easily eat into some softwood fencing quickly.

Therefore, because of the wet weather, we recommend paying more for composite decking and fencing, which can come with an extended guarantee period if you choose a good-quality manufacturer of composite fencing.


Steel fencing

We can also build all types of steel security fencing as well, often for businesses who want security fencing repaired or replaced in Wales therefore call us at Hyden Bros.

We can build everything from galvanised palisade fencing, through to chain link metal fencing and also wire mesh fencing as well.

We build a lot of palisade fencing in South Wales every year.

As our commercial fencing team grows, we are increasingly building more industrial fencing across the U.K.


Feather edge & close board fencing

Around 75% of our customers ask our fencers to build close board or feather edge fencing using pressure-treated timber. We use excellent quality timber and have a highly experienced team to build fencing using pressure-treated green wood.
We can offer either concrete posts with metal rebars within the concrete posts or we can use wooden posts.


Panel fencing

There are hundreds of different styles of wooden panel fencing to choose from. This type of timber garden fencing is very popular in Cardiff. The main reason homeowners choose, say a lap panel wooden fence is because its affordable, and even if you own a large garden, we can often build this type of fencing in just one day.


A large team of fence builders

We employ a large team of labourers, as well as many domestic and also commercial fence builders.

We can, therefore, complete large fencing contracts, and we take on large-value fencing contracts anywhere in Wales.
Choose an established fencing business.

At Hyden Bros we are proud of the quality fencing and the high levels of customer service that we offer to each and every customer.

We are a Welsh business founded by two brothers, Kingsley and Seb Hyden, over a decade ago, we understand the importance of building quality fencing, decking and garden rooms. Our long-standing presence in the industry is a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

During that time, we have built many fences for residential and commercial customers. The value of the fencing that we build varies from £100.00 for fence repairs up to and can exceed over £ 100k for large commercial fencing.


A fencing business which comes highly recommend

We have many positive reviews that have been left by our valued customers on Google My Business. We have positive reviews left regarding the composite and timber decking and fencing we have built for many customers in Wales.


Free Consultation

If you would like a free consultation, we can come out and recommend different types of garden fencing to suit your garden. Whether its composite, steel or timber garden fencing you would like built, we can build it all.

Cardiff fencers

We have been building wooden, metal and composite garden fencing for over 10 years in Cardiff. We offer free quotations to build wooden, metal or composite fencing.

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