How much does it cost to replace or repair a garden fence?


Written by: Ryan Walsh
Date: 24/04/2024

A garden fence is a little bit like the boiler within your house. It can work perfectly, doing its job night an day, but unexpectedly out of the blue, it can fail. Here in the United Kingdom, we do have quite unpredictable weather patterns; one moment, it can be nice and calm and warm outside, and the next day, we could have a heavy storm.

That storm could cause substantial damage to feather edge fencing, your panel fencing, and perhaps even hit-and-miss fencing.

Before calling a tradesperson to replace your garden fence, it’s important to understand the factors that influence the cost of repairing or replacing your whole fence. These factors include the type of building material used, the size of the fence, the quality of the building materials, and the complexity of the design.

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What are the average fencing costs, and what is the cheapest option?

The cost of a garden fence can vary depending on several factors, including the type of building material used (composite, wood or perhaps steel), the size of the fence, and the complexity of the installation. Understanding these various factors can help you estimate the cost of your project more accurately.

The cheapest option is wooden panel fencing

Without a doubt, the most low cost type of wooden residential fencing is “Lap panel fencing”. You can likely find this at your local DIY store for as low as £35 per panel. The quality of the panels varies massively depending often on how much you would like to spend; for instance, more decorative panels can be more intricate, the wood can be thicker, and sometime even glazed with a nice varnish finish.

As you would expect, these higher-quality options are more expensive, yet we recommend paying more for composite decking and fencing.

The reason being, is composite decking and fencing, is durable, if you pick a good quality brand.

Therefore, costs typically vary between £35 per panel and £135 per panel, that’s for wooden fence panels, composite can cost quite a bit more, but typically, not always lasts longer.

This variation in cost is influenced by several factors, including the type of wood used to make the fence panel, the design complexity, for a venetian panel is more complex a simple, rough sawn lap panel fence.

And the quality of the timber vary substantially, do note the thickness of the slats, the thicker, generally speaking the more durable.


What about feather edge fencing, have you considered that fencing option?

Wooden panel fencing is the cheapest option; however, many people prefer to have a fence assembled by a fence builder using something called a “close board fencing”, or its more popular description is called “feather edge fencing”.

Just a very quick note of caution when purchasing feather edge, which is a type of garden fencing where the boards are simply nailed to a wooden rail, so they are overlapped and nailed to horizontal wooden rails.

The quality of the timber (feather edge) can vary massively. You can have boards that are pretty brittle and split when exposed to prolonged period of sunlight, and the boards may even warp after a short period.

Then, you can have other wooden boards, also called “green timber”, through a pressure-treated process there are British manufacturers, of feather edge, which really make a top quality product. This why feather when you go to some builders merchants can vary so massively, you paying for different quality feather edge.

If that’s good quality timber (FSC approved) that’s been dried correctly, has a good coating of wood preservative added, and is a good quality timber, this will last much longer.


Where does your fencing contractor source their timber?

When a fencing contractor is providing you with a quote, you should ask how long do they gurantee the fence for?


What are the most popular types of garden fencing in the United Kingdom?

One of the most popular type of garden fencing used by various councils, businesses, and residential customers is “feather edge” fencing. It’s affordable and can be built quickly, primarily if the fencing contractor uses a nail gun to construct the fence, as the fencing slats can be applied to the rail very quickly. Another popular option is panel fencing, because its so affordable.

Composite fencing

Composite fencing is made from a mixture of plastics, sawdust, and also resins, so it is quite an innovative product, and therefore its very different from wood, as its instead a man made product.

Here in Great Britain we have a wet climate.Therefore, wood is constantly absorbing moisture, which causes wood rot.
On the other hand, composite fencing is made from sometimes plastics, sometimes recycled by rubbers and resins. It is, therefore, an innovative and long-lasting product if you buy a good quality brand. Some manufacturers based here in the United Kingdom offer an extremely long guarantee period on the composite panels, some manufacturers guarantee the fence for 25 years.

So yes, a composite panel, is normally much more expensive than a wooden panel. Yet you do have to weigh up the advantages of owning composite decking and fencing.

It lasts longer; most panel fencing often has an extended guarantee period. One of the main reasons customers choose it is because it also never needs painting.


Chain-link fencing

Chain-link fencing is another popular option that is mainly used by many British businesses. You rarely see it used by residential customers to separate their boundaries, from their neighbours gardens. Its fence that’s typically used by businesses.

Businesses primarily use it because it is long-lasting and practical type of fence and requires very little maintenance. The steel is actually fully galvanised, then coated in plastic.

Because it is made from galvanised wire, which is often coated in often a green plastic, stainless steel bolts are they used to fasten the commercial fence to a concrete post with rebar running through it.

The general construction of a chain link fence, therefore, is a fence that’s very long-lasting and durable. This is why super markets, offices, and also industrial premises often are surround, sometimes by mile, after mile of chain link fencing.


Hardwood fencing

This is the most expensive option, its therefore very luxurious, you might see this type of fencing in a glossy interior design magazine.

Hardwood fencing can vary massively in cost, depending on the hardwood that you want to select, but generally speaking, it’s much more expensive than softwood fencing to build.

Is it worth getting your fence repaired?

You wouldn’t get rid of a good car if its only the clutch that needs replacing, and neither should you get rid of the garden fence if only a few wooden posts need replacing.

However, it would be best to evaluate whether replacing or repairing the fencing is more economical.


Is your wooden fence crumbling

If you diligently paint your garden fence with a nice thick coat of paint every year, it might look fine from the outside- it might look in good condition.

However, when you apply pressure with a screwdriver, it might go straight through the fence and out the other side, simply because wood rot on the inside has weakened the fence; it might be full of woodworm or simply wood rot.

This is incredibly common within the United Kingdom because your fence constantly absorbs water and dries out, which causes wood rot and insects to bore into the wood, and eat it.

Even though you may have applied water-based or oil based fence paint might be applied to the outside, which gives it a colour. On the inside, it might be completely rotten, which is why it’s probably better to replace it sooner rather than later. As when the heavy gales or storms hit, the fence might blow over.

This is why we strongly recommend composite fencing is built, perhaps with concrete or metal posts because the fencing is typically much more durable if you pick a good-quality brand of composite fencing, secured to the ground, with concrete posts or steel posts.


Fencing which is leaning over on one side

Sometimes, a fence can look worse than it is. The panels might look perfectly fine, and don’t need repairing, but you might think they need replacing because the whole fencing is leaning over.

However, sometimes it’s just because the posts have become rotten,, it sometimes its just the posts which need replacing. The panels, might be composite panels, and sometimes might be perfectly good condition.


How long does it typically take a fencing contractor to build a fence, from start to finish?

This depends on many different factors, such as:

Is the garden on a gradient?
Is the ground just soil, or does concrete need to be broken up, in order to fix the posts into the ground?
Does your old fence need to be demolished and thrown into a skip? Or has it already been removed?

One of the most important factors to consider when building a fence, is the ground.

If the ground is simply soil, you can easily dig it with a spade or perhaps a specialist digger with an attachment that can dig the holes quickly, and often, the fence can be built relatively quickly if the ground is just made of soil.

However, if part of the fence is to be built over a concrete or perhaps another obstruction, and sometimes, a jackhammer needs to be used to break up the concrete.

This can be massively time-consuming when breaking the concrete, sometimes because some concrete can be laid quite thick, and if the concrete is cured, say its from the 1970s or 80s, concrete can become stronger and stronger.

Therefore, using an electric handheld breaker will break the concrete and brick and can be time-consuming, tedious, therefore, this work can substantially increase the cost, to build the fence.

Therefore, the fencing contractor will often need to evaluate how deep the concrete slab is, and how they will break the concrete.

Breaking concrete, in order to install the fence posts, can be time consuming, therefore it can substantially increase the cost of building the new fence.


How can I reduce the cost of building a new fence?

You might not want to get your car all muddy inside. Still, when you see the price of skip hire these days, you might be more inclined to spend Saturday morning breaking up the fence yourself and taking it to the local council recycling tip. If your going to do this work, ensure that you consider all of the health and safety implications, such as sharp rusty nails, this is why you may want to hire a professional builder to do this work instead.


Skip hire costs

A waste skip can easily cost £350, sometimes even more in certain areas throughout the United Kingdom.
So, if you live particularly close to a local council recycling site, it is most definitely worth it if it’s safe to do so by loading it into your car and taking it yourself down there. That’s if your can safely accommodate in the boot the broken wood, if it cant, then you should hire a skip.

Alternatively, you might want to hire the skip and load it yourself, reducing the labour costs of hiring a fencing contractor to load the skip for you.

A local company might charge a fixed day rate for a labourer to load the skip with your old fence. This is likely to cost more than £100.00. Also, if the concrete needs to be broken out by hand, and wheel barrowed to a skip, this will cost more again.

You could however often tear down all of the old panel fences in the morning, load them into the skip, and take a few breaks for a nice cup of tea along the way?

Purchase the fencing panels yourself

Now, some fencing contractors might not want you to buy the fencing panels yourself, because they might make a margin of profit by supplying them to you. A bit like when some garages, say no, we don’t fit car parts that the customer has purchased themselves.

However, there is a massive benefit in terms of being able to buy the fencing yourself, that’s because you could shop around, and buy a really high-quality composite panel and have it delivered to your house.

You can buy these online, so you are only paying the price that the fencing contractor wants to charge you, and you could potentially save some money, by buying the fence yourself.


Is building a fence straightforward DIY task?

Someone experienced in DIY should be able to build a fence relatively quickly and simply. However, there is a word of caution: it is a little bit more complicated than what it looks like. Unless the fence panels are lined up correctly and in straight line, the fence can look wonky and out of line.

There’s also the gradient of the land to consider. If you have a long garden, you don’t want to look at your fence, which is wonky, rolling up and down and looks a little bit messy.

Then there’s the fact that unless the posts are buried quite deep in the ground with a good mixture of concrete around them, they can move around in the wind. It doesn’t take much wind to force the panel over, so it can be quite a lot of work and digging holes deep enough.


Our best word of advice is to shop around when obtaining fencing quotes

We think the best way to save money on getting a garden fence is to know the following:

– Dimensions of the garden
– Which type of fencing of fencing you want built
– The ground whether its soil or concrete
Then when you offer this information to various fencing companies, often they can offer a quote sometimes via e-mail.

We would recommend picking an established business.

We recommend picking an established fencing company to build your fencing. Some landscaping companies offer to build garden decking, wooden summerhouses, and also to lay artificial lawns and do some landscaping work as well

This is all good, and they might also be brilliant at building fencing as well; yet you might want to hire a fencing company that is busy building it day in and day out and in all weathers.
Would you like a quote?

Sometimes, in just 48 hours, we could turn around a quote for a new commercial or a residential fence. Therefore, if you would like a quote, why not call us today?

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