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We need to repair our garden fence. What are the different parts of the fence called?

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  We have varying weather patterns here in this fabulous country of Great Britain. Our summers can be baking hot, yet our winters have such powerful storms that they can blow over garden fencing relatively easily. Therefore, many homeowners will want to identify the different parts of the fence, perhaps so they can talk with

Composite Fencing Cardiff

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  Introduction More people than ever are purchasing composite decking and fencing. Wood rots need painting and eventually replacing. If they are good quality, composites will last a very long time. It doesn’t need to be painted; the panels, therefore, come in a wide range of colours, and some have the benefit of looking like

How much does it cost to replace or repair a garden fence?

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  Written by: Ryan Walsh Date: 24/04/2024 A garden fence is a little bit like the boiler within your house. It can work perfectly, doing its job night an day, but unexpectedly out of the blue, it can fail. Here in the United Kingdom, we do have quite unpredictable weather patterns; one moment, it can