Was your garden fence damaged by the recent storms?



Recently we have had some very strong storms, a lot of homes have been impacted, with multiple roofs damaged, garages and fencing. This has meant that many homeowners will require emergency repairs to replace brick and block walls, as well as wooden fencing.
We are fencing experts; we build composite through to steel fencing. Here’s our company can help you, if your fence has recently become damaged by the recent storms.


Fence repair Wales

We have a team, which travels all across Wales, repairing both commercial as well as also building domestic fencing as well. We can therefore repair everything from palisade fencing, made from galvanised steel, through to repair red cedar fences. We can work to repair a garden fence, or perhaps a wooden fence that’s fallen over in car park area, at say supermarket. Our team of high skilled, hard working fencing experts, can build a brand-new fence, or just repair your old one, in a short period of time.


We now work 6 days a week

Our main phone line is always so busy, storms and strong winds seem to be much more frequent these days. As our weather changes, and our storms become so much stronger, to help our customers all across Wales, our fencing and decking teams now need to be out working 6 days a week.

Emergency call outs

Often a business, such as a local supermarket, might have a long section of wooden fence that’s fallen over, and potentially damaged a lot of the customers cars. The fence therefore needs to be taken down, and put into a skip and the fence needs to be replaced or perhaps repaired, and we can do this work for businesses based in Wales.

The vast majority of the fence repair and fence replacement work we do, is within Cardiff, yet now are building crash barriers, as security fencing, and also automated gates, such large steel sliding gates, we now build and also repair these for businesses all across Britain.


Does your security fence need repairing?

Perhaps a run business or a facility management business and a tree has fallen down, striking the metal fencing, and you now need a fencing company to come out and repair the security fence. We also offer emergency fence repair.

Has your garden blown over?

You might have woken up during October 2023 to your garden fence damaged, or completely blown over. Yet, we can quickly put all of the old fence in a recycling skip for you, we can then offer you so many different types of fences, for example, if you just want the lowest cost option, then we can offer you many different styles of lap panel fencing. Perhaps, you’ve had multiple fences now become damaged through the strong winds we often occur Cardiff, so maybe now you want a much stronger, tougher more durable fence built?
And we can build this for you, for example, you may close board fencing, with concrete posts?


Damaged brick and block walls

You may have seen on BBC news, that even some garden walls, and block walls have become damaged in the strong winds.
Yet we are landscaping business that doesn’t just build wooden garden fencing, that’s because we also employ brick layers, who can build a brick wall, or a wall made from breeze blocks, making the wall stronger.

Our many labourers can demolish the old wall, and place all of the old broken bricks into a skip so they can be recycled, and the old bricks can be made into hardcore.


The wood you use is it good quality?

Most definitely, we use high quality pressure treated, timber which FSC approved wood, which is very high quality. We buy quality pine wood, quality red cedar also quality beech wood as well.

We also buy quality timber, as we know that cheap, low quality, timber which is not pressure treated, which is not dip treated, wont last that long. So, we always pay that bit more for quality.


Commercial fence repair

Perhaps you run a business or a facility management company, and you need a steel, a composite or a wooden fence repaired. We now have a team of fence repairers, who can repair not just fencing but also gates as automatic bollards or automatic barriers which might need repairing as well.


Established, we simply build quality fencing for over 10 years:

You may have seen one of our many vehicles, working on your street? That’s because right thought the winter, whether it’s snowing, whether it’s raining, whether it’s nice and hot, we have multiple teams, of fence builders out building fencing for our commercial and domestic customers.

From palisade fencing through to building picket fencing we have a team, which are highly experience build wooden, composite or perhaps even zinc coated, galvanised fencing for our customers. Our fences are built solid, strong, well built, we want our fences to last, to be durable to offer fantastic value for money. And because our garden fences, are so strong, our previous customers often recommend us to many friends and family.

This is one of reasons why we own one of the largest fencing businesses in Wales.

We now have multiple teams of staff, out working hard, building everything from steel crash barriers, through to installing a quality composite fence for our customers.

Don’t pay over the odds

so, because we buy so wood every month, from our timber suppliers, we are able to buy wood at fantastic discounts. Our suppliers, supply us with quality feather edge, really good quality Canadian red cedar wood, thermowood, good quality picket fencing, top quality decking boards, quality hard wood fences.

We are therefore supplied with top quality timber, yet because we so much wood every month, we are often offered substantial discounts on our timber. This way, we are able pass on savings to our customers, so when our customers are comparing quotes received for building summerhouses, decking or fencing, because can purchase timber cheaper than some companies, we can offer you great prices.


Fence repair for commercial and domestic customers:


Hit and miss

So, if you have had let’s say a panel fence, and it become damaged in strong winds, and now broken into pieces, you might thinking, well what’s a tougher, a strong type of garden fence?

Well, why not opt for a hit miss fence, this is much tougher than most panel fences, it made from thick pieces of timber, and this fence has boards which are bolted or nail on alternate side of the wooden rail. Which simply means there is a small gap, so there can be some air flow through the fence. This is important because during strong winds, if there’s no way that air can flow through the fence, it buckles, and bend, and may even snap, causing damage to the fence.

So, you need air flow, to be able to pass through the fence, causing less strain on the fence, therefore possibly helping it to last longer.


Aluminium fencing

Wood can rot, it can also incur wood worm, so from a distance the fence might look fine, but if even slight pressure was put on the fence, if its full of wood worm, then it might crumble and be very weak, and therefore, often during a strong storm, sweeping across Cardiff, and lashing down strong winds on the fence, often it’s the weak parts of the fence, such as the bottom of the fence posts, which are full of wood worm, and then the fence may come down, needing to be replaced.


Picket fencing

We can also build picket fencing, very high quality, and plus because there’s huge gaps between the pieces of wood, this means air flow can pass through the fence.

Do you build Brick and block walls as well?

A lot of homeowners like to have a solid, well build brick or ball wall, built, then a quality wooden fence built on top. We can use reclaimed Victorian bricks; we can also use brand new bricks as well. We have a brick layer who can build the walls for you.

We can also build a wall using breeze blocks, and then build a quality wall on top using timber, or composite or metal fencing on the top.


An established landscaping business

We can also completely transform your whole garden, we can build a new wall, fencing, lay new grass, build a patio, build decking, build a pathway, we now even build garden rooms.


Newport and Cardiff

We mostly build our timber fencing within the Vale of Glamorgan areas, in the city of Cardiff, as well as Newport as well. Yet, we have a team of commercial fence builders, who also travel right throughout the United Kingdom, building steel fences, such as palisade, they also build crash barriers, as well as electric gates.


Build back better

So, you may have lived in your house for say 10 years, during that time you’ve purchased the same type of fence. That’s say a panel fence, from a local builders’ merchants, yet that type of fencing might not be suited to your garden. In your garden, you might get really strong gusts of wind, very powerful winds hitting the flex, therefore a flimsy fence, which is constantly flexing, creaking and snapping, won’t be suited to your garden.

What you want instead, is an extra strong fence, durable, tough low maintenance, and what we do, is we can send to meet you a expert all types of timber, composite and metal fencing, and we can recommend different options for your garden. For example, you may want hit and miss fencing, so some of those strong gusts of winds can pass through the fence.


Can you dispose of all of the waste for us?

Most of our customers work full-time, therefore often they don’t have the time to take all of the old fence down, and take it to a council recycling tip, yet, what we can do, is our many labourers can take down your old garden fence, and put into a skip, so all the wood and concrete is taken for recycling. We can therefore get of your old fence for you.

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