Do you know that we now also install crash barriers / Armco Crash Barriers



Crash barriers are very important, they are used along motorways, but also in many car parks.
In factories where there are a lot of fork lift trucks, and also where lorries are reserving, its important to have dedicated walk ways where can walk safely, to help protect staff and members of public, walkways should be protected by guard rails as well as also crash barriers.

We can build the following:

– Crash barriers
– The z posts
– Pedestrian guard rails


Helps to also protect buildings

A building such as a distribution building for say a supermarket, might have lorries parking throughout the day and night. To help also protect a building from say an artic lorry reversing too far, it important that the lorry doesn’t hit the building, potentially causing structural damage.

Therefore, what a crash barrier can also be used for sometimes is to separate the parking area for lorries from a building, so the lorries don’t reverse too far.


Crash Barrier Beam / Armco Crash Barriers

Crash barriers are often called many different names, for example Armco crash barriers or crash barrier beams, and these often used for many miles continuously on a motorway, to help prevent car from accidently serving into oncoming traffic, or perhaps to help keep vehicles from going over a bridge.

Therefore, our company now builds what are called Armco crash barriers, we have a team which builds these barriers in Wales, but also they can travel all over the country building these barriers to help protect motorists.
Corrugated Off Road Crash Barriers

The common design of a galvanised crash barrier here in the U.K is what is called a “corrugated off road crash barrier” these barriers are widely used on motorways, also in many industrial premises as well, for example in the car parks, to stop a lorry from reversing too far, or perhaps accidently driving in to area where staff or members of the public might be walking.


Galvanised steel ensuring a robust barrier

It’s important which securing fencing, with hand rails, with crash barriers that all of the steel goes through a galvanisation process, because you want the steel to last as long as possible, you don’t want it to rust, and need replacing after a short period of time. So, we can build crash barriers which are made from galvanised steel.

Crash Barrier Fish Tail

At the end of a crash barrier will often be what is called a fish tail, we can build mile after mile of crash barriers, say along a motorway, and then we can add what is called a fish tail to the end.


Pedestrian Guard Rails

Our fencing company can also build and supply pedestrian guard rails, made from galvanised steel, so that they last a long period of time.
Letterbox Style Pedestrian Guard Rails
We can also build letterbox style pedestrian guard rails as well.

Road junctions and crossings

A new road might be getting built say in Cardiff, and the company building the road, might hire us to build pedestrian guard rails at the road junction, or possibly on the island where people cross, right by the traffic lights. We can build also the crash barriers if they are needed as well, so we can work for construction company, or civil engineering company, to build all of the crash barriers, all of the pedestrian guard rails as well.

Our Z posts are for use with our crash barrier system

We often used when we are building our crash barriers in Wales, we often use what is called z posts, these are very strong, and secure the crash barrier in place.

The z post is often made from galvanised steel, it is very good quality and lasts a long period of time.

Do you require crash barriers to be built, if so, why not give us a ring?


Crash barrier installers Cardiff and Newport

We build crash barriers all across the city of Cardiff and also in Newport as well.

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