We also build “zinc coated steel palisade fencing”


What is steel palisade fencing

Right across Great Britain, a wide range of businesses, rely on steel palisade fencing to make their business premises more secure. When this type of fence is well built, it requires very little maintenance and is very strong.


Do you take on large fencing contracts?

We most certainly do, our fencing contracts here in the United Kingdom can range between £7,000 and 1 million pounds.


Have you are ready built many palisade fencing?

We have for a long period of time, been building cast-iron, steel and aluminium fencing across Wales.


How much per meter does palisade fencing cost?

Prices for steel fencing fluctuate depending on steel prices, we would need to offer you a quote near the time you need the fence built.

If we hire you as the fencing contractor to build our palisade fencing, can you also build automatic bollards, gates and also add barbed wire as well?

We can also build automatic bollards, we can install steel gates, we can install barbed wire, as well as also all powder coated fencing, we can also build other types of metal fencing.

For example we often build chain-link fencing, vertical bar fencing as well as all it’s all welded mesh fencing.


Have you got a large team that can build our steel fence quickly?

We have a large team, we now have over 10 highly experienced fence installers, which travel up and down the United Kingdom building metal fencing for businesses.


Can you dismantle the old fence, and recycle it for us?

Yes, perhaps you have an old chain link fence, which has a lot of rust and needs to be replaced, and this is held up by concrete posts.

We can bring in an excavator, the excavator can demolish the concrete posts, it can also lift up the old fencing and place it into a skip.


Zinc coated

Businesses will want a fence that will require low maintenance, that’s why a lot of companies opt instead for high quality zinc coated, cold rolled, high-quality palisade fencing.


Talk to our sales team today

We have a full-time sales team, available on the phone from 8 AM in the morning, until 6 PM at night, and they advise you on all the different types of steel palisade fencing that we can supply and also install.


We don’t just supply we can also install palisade steel fencing

Whether it’s palisade fencing to be built around a small factory, or perhaps you have well over 100 acres of land and you would like a steel fence built around the perimeter? We are the fencing company to call.


Fantastic prices

We offer absolutely fantastic prices on palisade metal fencing; we have a high experienced team of metal fence installers.

Some of the team have over 10 years’ experience now building commercial metal fencing up and down the United Kingdom.


Good Quality Equipment

We have invested in good quality equipment and vehicles such as Volkswagen Crafter vans, good-quality excavators, such as JCB mini-excavators, and we have an expert team which travel up and down the United Kingdom building steel fencing for a wide range of different companies.

We can work councils anywhere in the U.K; we can also work for large PLC companies, and also small businesses as well as charities.


Quality zinc coated steel posts

We will ensure that when we build a quality palisade steel fence, and this always comes complete with good quality steel posts which are anchored into the ground using concrete.


Rotating spikes

You might own a business premises whereby you need your palisade fence which requires an extra layer of security. That’s to make the fence much harder for an intruder to scale.

You could therefore have rotating spikes or barbed wire fitted to the top of the fence, which makes it even harder for an intruder to climb over the fence.


Steel palisade gates

We can install a set of high quality, zinc coated palisade gates, these gates can be wide enough that you can drive trucks throw the gates, and we can also fit also palisade gate so this can be used for pedestrian access.


Automated barriers

There will be many businesses every month in Cardiff that requires a lot of steel security fencing be built, alongside automatic electronic raised barrier arm, so when a vehicle approaches the barrier it raises. 

We can build this for businesses in Cardiff.

These barriers can work on the basis that security guard simply pushes button, and the barrier raises  up into the sky.

Alternatively, somebody could enter a pin code, and then the automatic barrier raises the barrier up.


We travel the whole of the United Kingdom

We now have a large team of highly skilled security fence builders, our team travel the whole length of the United Kingdom, from Scotland that down into Wales, building our high-quality fencing.


We don’t just build palisade fencing, we also build all of these great quality security fences as well:

  • Welded mesh fencing
  • Chain-link fencing
  • Wooden acoustic fencing
  • We can build every single type of wooden fencing


Steel fencing such as vertical bar fencing

Metal fencing made using British steel

We can build all types of steel fences using British Steel


Would you like a quote, why not talk to our sales team today?

Our sales team is managed by Kingsley, who can offer you advice on all the different types of metal fencing we offer.

We can also offer a quote within a short period of time.

We can build a palisade fence you anywhere within the Cardiff area and beyond.


Would you like free and no obligation quotation?

Whether you would like is to install automatic bollards, automatic barriers, steel gates, fencing or any type of fencing we hand to help you and provide you with a free no obligation quotation.


We build palisade fencing and all types of metal fencing within Cardiff

If you are looking for a company that can build high-quality zinc coated palisade fencing in Cardiff why not give us a ring today?

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