Our fencing company can build all  types of security fencing as well as automatic gates


We have multiple teams which install our security fencing across Britain. We can install any type of steel fence for a business (palisade, welded mesh and chain link security fencing) we can also build automated gates and automatic barriers for companies which are based right throughout the United Kingdom.


What types of metal fencing can you build?

We can build all types of security fencing, this can range from “welded mesh” which is a very popular option that many businesses choose, we can also build galvanised palisade fencing , the reason why our company is often chosen by so many companies, is because we don’t just build steel fences.

Hyden Bros can also build automatic bollards as well, which raise up and down when a pin code is entered into the keypad. We can also build automatic gates as well as also sliding gates as well made from high quality, long lasting  steel. All of the fencing, and gates, can also be powder coated, with paint, to make them last even longer.

How do you ensure your security fencing is high quality?

We work with many British manufacturers, which manufacture quality steel sliding gates and welded mesh gates, as well as palisade fencing- and sometimes this is made using British steel.


Our fencing company specialises in building steel palisade fencing

Palisade fencing is used around the perimeter of many industrial buildings here in Wales. For example, many different types of businesses use palisade fencing to make their business premises more secure, for example, everything from huge warehouses, to the rear of many shops use palisade fencing.

 Palisade fencing does  require very little maintenance, so, its long lasting, offering fantastic value for money. Plus, when you hire us as your fencing contractors, you will know its built to be strong, as we build every fence to be robust, and long lasting. Plus the steel is often used to manufacture our palisade and welded mesh fencing, is often manufactured right here in United Kingdom.

Therefore our metal fencing is high quality long-lasting, and often also galvanised, so its much more able to last longer, because it wont rust as fast.

Our company can therefore build palisade fencing throughout the United Kingdom.


How much does palisade fencing cost?

One of our estimators will need to  come and meet you, once we have quickly measured up your business premises, and discussed the different gate options, in a short period of time we will get back to the quote.

Can you build palisade fencing quickly?

Yes, often when a construction company is building say a new factory, they need palisade steel fencing built very quickly, so the security of the business premises is improved, ready for handing the finished building over to the client.

 We now have a lot of staff working for us here at Hyden Brost, as well as also high-quality excavators, such as JCB mini-diggers, which we often use to level the ground using a grading bucket.

The palisade fencing that we use is very high quality.


Is all of the palisade fencing that you supply galvanised?

Yes, all of the palisade fencing that we supply and build is often galvanised, plus for an additional cost it can also be powered coated.


Do you build welded mesh fences and gates?  

Yes, we can also supply welded mesh fences as well as welded mesh gates and we can build these anywhere within United Kingdom.

Our welded mesh fencing can be powder coated.


Do you also build metal sliding gates?

Yes, sometimes a business will need automatic bollards built, these can raise up and down as trucks, vans or cars approach them.

You might also need security fencing as well as also metal fencing gates built as well? We can build all of these.

How long have you been building security fencing for in Wales?

We have been building steel fencing, as well as wooden fencing, businesses for a very long period of time, we have now been building security fencing throughout Wales for over 10 years.


Can you build traffic arm barriers?

Perhaps a brand-new distribution warehouse is being built in Cardiff, and you need multiple traffic arm barriers installed, we can build these for you.

Also some businesses in Cardiff may require automatic security bollards be installed and we can install these as well.

What’s the cheapest type of security fence that you can install?

The lowest cost option that we can supply is called “chain-link fencing”, we often build this with concrete posts, and this is the lowest cost option that we can supply and build.


Do you require a commercial fence to be built?

If you require any type of commercial fence to be built, whether it be “welded mesh”, “palisade fence” or perhaps an acoustic fence needs to be built along the motorway, we are   the fencing contractors to call.



Commercial fencing Cardiff, we build all types of steel fencing

Whether your company within Cardiff requires a palisade fence, perhaps a chain-link fence or perhaps you require a welded mesh fence we can build all of these at a competitive price.

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