Why is palisade fencing so popular within the city of Cardiff, South Wales?


Here at Hyden Bros, we have been building palisade and other types of steel fencing, within South Wales for well over 10 years. We can supply British made steel, which has been completely galvanised. We can supply therefore galvanised posts, galvanised rails and galvanised steel fencing slats.

Because we now have a large team of palisade fence installers, we are able to build long lengths of fencing around large business premises, such as huge warehouses, large factories, and also yards used to store plant and machinery.


What is palisade fencing?

This type of fencing is used along many railway lines, around business premises and also car parks.
This type of fencing, is made from galvanised steel posts, which are secured in concrete. Then there will be a galvanised steel rail, and then individual slats of palisade fencing are then bolted to the rail.

Normally, the palisade fences that most fencing contractors purchase, are already bolted together by the manufacturer. This then simply means that each section of fencing, simply needs to be bolted to the rail. What this means is, a long length of fencing, can be built very quickly within Cardiff. For example, a supermarket, might be opening a brand-new distribution warehouse within the city of Cardiff, and need a palisade built quickly. Because we have such a large team of installers, and this type of steel fence can be built quickly, we can build it in a short space of time you.

Why is this type of steel fencing so popular?

We would say that the main reason is this type of fence is very durable, and needs practically no maintenance. It’s important to walk along the fence from time to time, to make sure that the fence posts are not coming loose from the concrete, that no slats have become buckled or removed. Other than that, this type of fence needs practically no maintenance, because the steel is galvanised, so it is much more resistant to rust.

Does it take a long time to build?

No, we have built this type of fencing, that is steel palisade fences, around large warehouses in a short space of time. What we would say is, it very much depends on the ground, if we are building this type of fencing to soil, then this type of fence can be built quickly. However if a mini digger, such as a JCB mini digger, is needed with a concrete hammer, to break the concrete, then this can mean that it will take a lot longer to build the fence.

So, what we mean by this is sometimes, we are asked to build a palisade fence, where previously there was another type of steel fencing, such as a chain link fence, with concrete posts, that have steel Rebar running through them.
Then we will need to use an excavator, to break the concrete posts and the foundations, before we can build the new fence. Therefore, our managing director, will need to come out and visit each site, to estimate how long it will take us to build the fence.

Are there cheaper types of steel fencing?

Yes, there are cheaper types of steel fencing, which you might wish to consider, we also build these. We build welded mesh fencing, as well as chain-link fencing which are sometimes cheaper for us to purchase than palisade fencing.

Will the steel be galvanised?

Yes, we can supply, palisade fencing made from mild British Steel, which has been galvanised.

Can you also install automatic barriers?

Yes, our company now also stores electric automated barriers, but also install electric automated bollards as well.

We own a large business premises, are you able to build fencing around 10 acres?

Yes, perhaps a new steel fence needs to be built around a huge warehouse, or a factory, or simply a large yard where lorries are stored.

We can build any length of steel fencing; we have built a lot of steel fencing within Cardiff.

Have you built many palisade fences in Cardiff before?

Yes, we have built palisade fences around light industrial units, around large factories, and also warehouses.

Is this type of fencing long-lasting?

This type of fence is very long-lasting, and durable, because the British Steel is galvanised.

How much does steel fencing cost per metre?

Prices for this type of steel fence do fluctuate, that’s because steel prices regularly move up and down. We would therefore need to contact our supplier of palisade fences, and obtain a quote from them. Then we can offer you an estimate to build your palisade fence.

How can we obtain a quote for palisade fencing?

We can come out and meet you, six days a week, if you would like a steel fence built anywhere within Cardiff South Wales, then why not give us a ring.


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