The many benefits of choosing “composite decking” for your garden





We have been building decking for a long period of time. In matter of fact, we have been building garden decking for over 10 years.

The vast majority of the time, during the 10 years that we have been building garden decking, the vast majority of our customers have opted for timber decking.

Often this is because  a lot of people opt for timber decking, because it’s more affordable, and they may not understand the benefits of composite decking.

For example, depending on brand, some decking made of composite can sometimes be twice the price when compared to timber, yet this is with good reason. That’s because if it’s correctly installed, and it’s made by a really good brand, then it can outlast timber, and there’s also the added benefit that you never ever need to paint it.

Painting timber decking can be massively time-consuming, because often you need to apply multiple coats. And then if shoes are walking across it with grit on bottom of your foot, then often timber decking can need recoating with decking paint every single year.

Yet one of the main benefits of composite, is that it comes in a huge selection of colours, plus it never needs painting.

So let’s look at the many benefits of choosing composite decking.

First things first, what is composite decking made from?

Composite decking, is often made out of sawdust, that could be wood shavings for example that would have otherwise gone to waste. Plus also composite decking is often made using recycled plastics, and also chemicals to help preserve the colour.

Do you offer a guarantee on the composite decking?

There are some main manufacturers of composite decking, which offer long guarantee periods. When we come to your home, to offer you a quote, we can show you the various brochures, which show the different colour composite decking that we can offer. Plus also, the brochures will illustrate how long the manufacturer, guarantees the product for. Some British manufacturers, guarantee the composite decking, to last for over 10 years. Therefore you will have the total reassurance, that you have purchased a quality product from us.

Do you supply just one brand of composite decking?

Some landscaping businesses, only supply one brand of composite decking. Our business is different, because we can supply all the major brands.

We can bring with us, our glossy brochures, to show you the different brands that we can supply. Each different manufacturer, offers a different guarantee period, plus they often offer different colours as well.

Do you offer to supply and fit composite decking, in Cardiff, that looks like a real authentic timber?

Yes there are some companies, which make composite decking, which looks like real timber. Obviously on closer inspection you will see that it’s made from composite, however, some manufacturers, do make it look like real timber, by making the composite look like it has a wood grain, plus also making the colour look like some popular types of timber. For example making the pranks look like mahogany, or pine planks.


Have you installed a lot of decking made of composite?

Yes we most certainly have, we build decking for residential customers as well is also commercial customers.

For example a large coffee chain, or a restaurant chain, might be opening a new business premises within Cardiff. Often they ask us, to build the decking, so that diners and customers have a place to sit outside.

We are often asked because we have a huge team of builders, so we can complete the work quickly.


Do you have business insurance?

Yes we do, we are fully insured.


Can you also build timber decking?

Yes we can, we build timber and composite decking in Cardiff.

We want a garden fence, and garden decking, made of composite, can you supply and install both of these?

Yes, there are some British manufacturers, that don’t just make decking, but also of garden fencing as well. So we can supply and fit both items which will be made out of composite.

Then you will have new composite garden fencing and decking, which never needs painting. This therefore helps to create a low maintenance garden.

Therefore this type of decking and fencing is perfectly suited to those who have busy lifestyles, for example haven’t got the time to paint or stain their fence or decking. It’s also suited to the elderly, may not want to paint or stain their decking.


Cardiff decking

We have been building garden decking for well over 10 years within Cardiff.


How long due guarantee the decking for?

This very much depends on which brand you choose, however there are some brands which guarantee they composite decking for over 10 years.


Can you dispose of our old wooden decking for us?

Sometimes, all wooden decking can be dangerous, it can be extremely slippery, and sometimes so fragile that your foot could go through the decking. Plus there is also an added health and safety risk, because of the risk of nails entering the foot, causing severe foot injuries.

It’s therefore important, that if your garden decking need repairing or replacing, that this work is carried out straightaway. Our labourers can rip up your old decking, and place it in a skip. We can then build a new composite decking, which won’t rot like timber does, therefore it will last much longer.

We can also recommend local skip companies, so we can arrange for a skip to be delivered onto your driveway. Then as soon as our labourers have filled it with your old decking, we will arrange for it to be taken away for you.

This therefore saves the customer a lot of time, because some companies do ask for the decking to be removed prior to them starting work on building the new decking.


How much does garden decking cost per square metre?

This depends on which brand you choose, the price can vary quite a lot depending on which brand you select. However we would recommend purchasing a top quality brand, of composite decking, because this will last a very long period of time, therefore offering you much better value for money.

There are some landscaping businesses which will offer to build wooden decking cheaply, but this is a total false economy, if the timber they are supplying is low quality. In a matter of years it will simply rot, and will need replacing, this is why we would recommend paying more for quality British made composite decking, that comes with a comprehensive guarantee.


What colours does the composite decking come in?

We can come out and meet you anywhere within Cardiff, or the city of Newport, to show you our brochures, which will illustrate the different colours that you can choose. Popular colours include wood shades, to make the composite decking look like real wood. Also a popular colour is grey, because it looks very modern.

Another popular colour is light blue, and we can also supply and install garden fencing which is the same colour, so both your decking and also your fencing will match.


Do you just build decking in the summer?

Some landscaping businesses only build decking and fencing in the summer months, in the winter they may concentrate on selling locks for example. Because often landscaping businesses also offer our tree surgery, that is to cut down trees, and then in the winter months the often sell the logs, so that people can purchase the logs to heat their homes.

Our business is very different, we only build decking and fencing, and also summerhouses. But we don’t just work during the spring and summer, that’s because we work right throughout the year.

For example we are very busy during the summer months, but also equally as busy during the winter, because many storms and strong winds cause fencing to become damaged.

So we build fencing throughout the winter as well.


We want decking built, do you offer free quotes?

Yes we do, we can come out and see you, and offer you a quote, then we can email you a quote to build composite decking within 48 hours.


We also want glass balustrades fitted, can you install these?

Yes we can, we can supply glass balustrades which have stainless steel hand rails. For example you might live in Cardiff, and when you look out at the back of your house, it might look out over fields, a river or perhaps woodland. Therefore you don’t want this view to be obscured, by a wooden fence.

Therefore when we are building the decking, you haven’t got to have a wooden fence built around it, instead you could have glass balustrades, complete with stainless steel handrail.

This way the glass will be transparent, and you can see out over the surrounding views, which around your house, whether it be woodland, fields or perhaps a river.


Do you offer quotes on a Saturday?

A lot of our customers in Cardiff and Newport, cannot take time off during the week, because they are busy at work. Therefore we offer to meet our customers on a Saturday morning, we can travel anywhere within Newport or Cardiff, to meet with you and offer you a free quote.

Would you like decking built?

We have been building decking all across Cardiff for a very long period of time, if you would like us to build your decking then why not call us.




We build composite decking within Cardiff South Wales. We offer free quotes so why not call us?

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