What are the different fence panel options that you can offer?


For well over 10 years, we have been building composite, aluminium and wooden fence panel fencing here in Cardiff.

Yet when you think of this type of fence, you might typically think of a lap panel fence- which is rather flimsy. Yet there are so many different options that you can pick from- we now build a lot of “composite fencing” this is long lasting, looks brilliant and the best part, which our customers really like, is the fact that it never needs to be painted.


Each year we build a huge number of garden fences using fence panels

Our company, which is based in Newport, travels all across South Wales, building garden fencing using fence panels- we can also build aluminium and composite fencing.

If you are looking for a very low maintenance type of fence, that’s durable, and guaranteed to last, then we would recommend opting for composite.

There are now many manufacturers of composite fence panels, here in the United Kingdom. There are some brands, that are so confident, that their composite decking and fencing will last, that some actually guarantee their composite fence panels for 25 years. When we meet you, we can bring with us a brochure, to show you the different brands that we can supply. Some brands make very high-quality decking and fencing, that never needs painting, and also comes in a massive range of different colours.

So, if you were to ask us, what would we recommend opting for, composite fence panels, wooden fence panels all aluminium fence panels then we would have to say every single time opt for British made composite fence panels.
Composite is also helping the environment as well, because some manufacturers use a lot of recycled plastics when constructing the fence panels


Horizontal tongue & groove wooden fence panels

A really good quality type of wooden panel fence, that’s a very affordable option, is to opt for “pressure treated”, or “green timber” horizontal tongue and groove fence panels. This is most definitely not the cheapest option, when it comes to all of the various fence panels, you can choose from, but we can offer some tongue and groove fence panels which are made by British manufacturers, and these fence panels are very high quality. They look great in any garden, and we can also supply a matching garden gate as well.


Urban fence panels

Urban fence panels have a very interesting design, again we can supply urban fence panels which are made in the United Kingdom. They are very high quality, they are made from pressure treated timber, they are made to last.
More and more homeowners within Cardiff, are calling us to build “urban fence panels” as this type of fence has a good design which suits any garden, that’s regardless of whether the house is a new build or an old property. A lot of people do not want a lap panel fence, because sometimes the really cheap lap panel fences can be quite flimsy. Therefore, an urban fence panel, is more sturdy.


Woven fence panels

We would highly recommend picking a woven fence panel; this is a very good quality type of garden fence and looks great in any garden.
Woven fence panels, are relatively low-cost as well. So if you have a huge garden, or perhaps you just have a small garden, we can build a new garden fence using a woven fence panels.


Interwoven aran fence panels

A lot of people also want “interwoven aran fence panels” built, these look absolutely brilliant, and are a very affordable fencing option.
So, if you are in need of a brand-new garden fence, we can offer you so many different options.
Also, because we now employ so many carpenters (we now employ over 10 full-time carpenters in Wales), in a short period of time our carpenters and joiners, they can also build up bespoke garden gate for you, and wooden gates for your driveway as well.


Aluminium Fence panels- a great option if you want a low maintenance and very long lasting fence

We also now build fence panels made from aluminium; these fence panels are quite expensive yet they do last a very long period of time, when they are built by a good fencing contractor. So we believe aluminium fencing is well worth the extra costs, simply because aluminium fence panels last extremely long period of time. They are made from quality aluminium, and powder coated paint, so they therefore do not rust, plus they are not made from wood, so they will not rot.

We would highly recommend aluminium fence panels, if you are looking for type of garden fence that needs very little maintenance.


Quality composite fencing

Every single week, here in Wales, we receive calls for us to build composite fencing for many homeowners. Our company is built hundreds of fences, using composite fence panels.

We have built composite fencing all over Wales, and it comes in a range of different colours.

At the same time can also build decking, using composite.
Composite fencing and decking, is much more expensive when compared to most types of wooden fencing, however this is with good reason.

That’s because composite fencing is very durable, it does last a long period of time and needs hardly no maintenance. However, it does depend on which brand you choose, there are some low-quality composite fence panels and composite decking for sale.

For example, we have seen some low-quality composite decking, actually bend and buckle in extreme heat on a hot summer’s day.

So do avoid these low-quality products, and instead talk to us, we can recommend British manufacturers of composite cladding, composite decking, and composite fencing. Some companies are so confident that their products will last a long period of time, that we can actually recommend some manufacturers which guarantee their product for over 20 years.

So, although composite is quite expensive, when it is guaranteed to last for this period of time, we think it’s well worth the extra expense.

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