Our fencing company can build every type of agricultural fencing


Here in Wales, we have a huge number of farms, and homeowners that own properties within the countryside. This means that agricultural fencing, such as “plain wire fences”, “cleft chestnut fencing”, and “morticed post and rail fences” are in huge demand right across the country.

We build this type of fencing all year around, and offer some of the best prices.

So, whether you own a large horse stables, or you own a large detached home, that requires brand new wooden fencing to be built, Hyden Bros are the company to call. We have been based in Cardiff now for over 10 years, our large team of wooden fence installers have been building fencing right across Wales. We have built countless agricultural fences (wooden and steel), we build these for local councils, private clients, as well as for governments as well.


We build the following types of agricultural fencing:

  • Morticed post and rail fencing
  • Nailed half round post and rail fencing
  • Cleft chestnut fencing
  • Estate fencing & gates
  • Morticed post and rail fencing
  • Plain wire fencing
  • Barbed wire fencing


What types of agricultural fencing does your company build?

So, if you need mile after mile of agricultural fencing built, we are the company to call in Wales. We can remove the old wooden or steel fence, and a new fence can be built quickly, that’s because we have a huge team of 10+ fence builders. All of which have built every type of agricultural fence, ranging from cleft chestnut fencing, through to estate fences made out of cast iron or steel, we have therefore built agricultural fencing around many homes or large manner houses here in Wales.


Rural Gates

We can supply agricultural gates, either made from wood, or galvanised steel, and we can also build the fencing for you as well.


Morticed post and rail fencing

This is a hugely popular type of fence in South Wales, as you drive through the countryside, you will have most likely past numerous morticed post and rail fences- this is a type of good quality wooden fencing. We have built a huge number of these fences now in the Vale of Glamorgan, for farmers, for homeowners, and for businesses, such as businesses that run a farm shop in say Cowbridge.


Barbed Wire

You might want an agricultural fence built, that has a long length of barbed wire fitted to the top, our fence installers can add barbed wire, it’s important that the barbed wire is galvanised.


Agricultural Wire Fencing

This is another massively popular type of fence here in Wales. We build a lot of wire fencing every year.


Nailed Half Round Post and Rail Fencing

You might want nailed half round post and rail fence built, whether you want a short section of this type of fence, or mile after mile built, say around all of your fields, then we can build this for you.

You might want for example 10 miles of nailed half round post and rail fence built around a farm, where you keep horses in the Vale of Glamorgan, we can build this for you, anywhere in Wales.

We don’t just build agricultural wire fences in South Wales; we can also travel to North Wales to build wooden fences as well.


Cleft Chestnut Fencing

Another popular type of fence is cleft chestnut fences, we can build cleft chestnut fence at a very affordable price.


Plain Wire Fencing

If you need a new fence built around your farm, and you want an affordable option, then we would recommend having a plain wire fence. We can supply plain wire fencing, and the wire is made using galvanised steel, so its long lasting and more resistant to rust.


Estate Fencing & Gates

We are fencing contractors that also build estate fencing and gates. For example, a large country mansion might require estate fencing and gates built around it. We build the estate fencing right across the United Kingdom. We can build this fence using high-quality British steel, so it is made to last, it’s durable and our fence builders will make sure that the fences build strong.

Horse Safe Chain Mesh Fencing

If you own horses, then you might want horse safe chain mesh fencing constructed. We can build a short length of horse safe chain mesh fencing, or we can build miles and miles of it to surround a paddock for example. We can use steel mesh, that has been galvanised, so that it lasts much longer, and is much more resistant to rust.

We can also install either an agricultural gate that’s made of steel, or perhaps it could be made of timber.


Agricultural fencing Wales

Our company, Hyden Bros, has therefore been building, agricultural fencing across Wales now for over 10 years. We purchase top quality dip treated, as well as pressure treated timber. We also have suppliers, which suppliers with top quality galvanised agricultural gates. Our company has a huge number of positive reviews, which are left by businesses as well as homeowners.

So, whether you’ve just bought a farmhouse, and you require estate fencing to be built. On the other hand you might be a farmer, which needs horse safe chain mesh fencing, to help contain your horses or other livestock.

Therefore, wherever you require wooden or steel agricultural fencing to be built, why not give us a ring. As part of our team, we have a highly experienced estimator, our estimated travels all over Wales, Monday through to Saturday, pricing fencing contracts for businesses as well as homeowners. We will do our absolute best to get a quote back to you within 48 hours or less.

If you would like a quote then why not call us.


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