We now build metal railings and also palisade fencing

Palisade Fencing Cardiff, South Wales



For over a decade, our company, has specialised in building timber fencing, mostly for residential customers. However, as our company expands, and we take on more and more staff, we have now started to also build metal railings, security fencing and also automatic barriers.

Within this article, we are going to concentrate on metal railings and different types of metal fencing we offer.


Do you build palisade fencing?

So whether it’s a light industrial unit, within Lamby Way Cardiff, or it’s a huge, multi-acre car park, used to store lorries for a distribution company, we can build what is called palisade fencing anywhere within Wales. We take on fencing contracts, that are worth anywhere between £1000 and £1 million.

Palisade fencing is so popular, simply because everything from the posts, to the fence itself is made using galvanised steel.

Because a palisade fencing is made using galvanised steel, it will last a long period of time, and is more resistant to rust.

Plus, we have excavators, that is many diggers, to help us accelerate how fast we can build our security fencing. For example, there might be a section of tough concrete, but we have the excavators fitted with breakers, to break up that concrete and to build a new security fence in its place.

We can therefore build palisade fencing anywhere within Cardiff, South Wales.


Quality palisade fencing

most of the palisade fencing is made using British Steel, this is very high-quality and therefore long-lasting.

The British Steel, is often galvanised, to help its last longer, and therefore doesn’t need painting.

We can also add razor wire to the top of the fence, to make the business premises even more secure.

Our company now also installs automatic barriers as well.


How much does palisade fencing cost per metre?

The cost for this type of fencing fluctuates, because it’s made from steel, which means that steel prices change and so does the cost of building this type of fence. Therefore when we offer a quote, we offer it for 30 days, the reason we do that is because the price for us to buy palisade fencing does fluctuate up and down.

We can offer free quotes to build palisade fencing.


Have you much experience of building steel fencing?

Our company director, has over 10 years experience building fencing himself, and also now managing a team of fence builders.

We therefore have over 10 years experience building palisade fencing.

During this time, we have worked for many large companies, and also smaller businesses in Wales as well.

We have built palisade fencing around factories, around warehouses, around light industrial units.

We can also build palisade fencing along railway lines, also along motorways and also we can build palisade fencing for the public sector as well


Metal railings

metal railings are used for many different purposes, for example they could be built at the front of a large property, and be placed upon a wall.

Alternatively, they could be used to surround a park, and metal railings as well are sometimes used around a car park.

We can supply galvanised metal railings; we can also paint them any colour that you would like. Our painters and decorators, can therefore paint the metal railings for you.

We can also supply metal railings which are ornate, which are replicas of designs that we used for fencing say in the Victorian era.

For example, in cities like Cardiff and London, the Victorians used a lot of cast iron railings, we can build new fencing, using galvanised steel, but it can be ornate in its design so it’s more in keeping with a Victorian property.

For example, it might be a large building in the centre of Cardiff, that has metal railings at the front, these metal railings might have become corroded through rust, we can therefore replace them with galvanised steel railings instead.


What types of metal fencing do you build?

We can build every single different type of metal fencing, this ranges from, galvanised vertical bar, through to welded wire mesh fencing.


We can also build chain-link fencing as well.

Both chain link fencing and welded wire mesh fences, are often coated in plastic to help them last longer.

So this is a low maintenance type of fence, our fencing company can therefore build any type of metal fence. We have business insurance as well as a large team of fence builders.


What type of companies do you often work for?

We can work for the public sector, so for example we could be building a fence for a local council.

We can also work for large plc companies, for example we have worked in the past one of the U.K.’s largest car insurance companies.

We can also complete work for small businesses, such as sole traders.


Can you remove our old metal fence for us?

Yes, you might currently have a metal fence, yet it might be heavily rusted. Alternatively you might have a palisade fence, and a section of it has become damaged, because lorries have been reversing into it, causing the fencing to become damaged and buckled.

We can either offer to repair the fence, or we can completely replace it.

So what are the different types of metal fencing that you build?


Chain link fencing

a chain-link fence is made by interwoven thick metal wires, the wires are made using galvanised steel. Then all of the wires are coated in plastic, to help the fence to last longer, and help it to prevent it from rusting. The fence is then held up with concrete fence posts.


We can also build palisade fencing

we can build palisade fencing that’s made using galvanised steel, it’s a very strong, durable and long-lasting fence. This type of fence can help to improve the security of your business premises.


Welded wire mesh

we can build a very tall fence, using welded wire mesh. This type of fence is coated in plastic, therefore helping the fence to last much longer. We have built many welded wire mesh fences in South Wales.


Do you require a metal fence to be built in Wales?

Whether you are a residential customer, or perhaps you are a construction company, we can build a steel fence for you. We travel up and down the United Kingdom building metal fences.

The vast majority of the security fences we build, are here in Wales, but we do travel across the United Kingdom building fences for construction companies, homeowners and the public sector as well.

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