Do you require steel security fencing to be built?


Our company can build any type of metal security fencing. We are a fencing business, that travels all across the United Kingdom, building metal security fencing for businesses. We can build welded wire mesh, chain link fencing, vertical bar fencing, as well as many other options as well. We predominantly, build most of our fencing in Wales, yet, we can build fencing for businesses, for government, for local councils, for charities.

Therefore, whether it’s a steel fence, to be built around a football stadium, or perhaps, you require a security fence, built around a large office block, we are the company to call. On a fencing contract, we can put up to 10 fence installers working on the job at any one time, this means that we can build a fence quickly. Whether the fences running along a railway line, a motorway, or perhaps around a large warehouse we are the company to call.

What are the different types of security fencing, that you build?


Welded Mesh Fencing

This type of fence, is often made from galvanised steel. Because this fence is made from galvanised metal, this means that this helps to prevent rust. The outside of the metal fence, is then completely covered in plastic, to further protect the fence.

Therefore, this is a fence that will last a long period of time. To support the fence, metal posts are often used, the metal posts are often powder coated, and again the steel will be galvanised steel that is used.


What are the benefits of choosing a welded mesh fence?

Welded mesh fencing, is often used when you need an extra tall fence, so for example let’s say that a retail premises, has an outside area where they sell products. For example, it could be a car showroom, with high-value, prestige cars. Therefore, the car dealership, might want welded mesh fencing, built around the premises, to improve the security.Welded mesh fencing, can be built extra tall, making it harder for an intruder to climb the fence.


Can you add razor wire or barbed wire to the top of our fence?

Yes, we can build a new fence for you, then our fence builders can add razor wire, or they can add barbed wire to the top of the fence.


How long have you been building commercial fencing?

We have been building steel fencing, for businesses for over 10 years.

Most of the steel fencing we have built, is within South Wales, however we can now build metal fencing throughout the United Kingdom. We can also install bollards as well as also installing security barriers. We can also add razor wire or we can add barbed wire to the top of the fence as well.


We need a new fence built around our business premises; do you offer free quotations?

Yes, we have a sales team, which can offer you a free quotation on either wooden or metal fencing. If you are not sure, which type of security fence, would be best suited for your business premises, one of our staff can recommend which type of fence would best suit your business premises.

We need a fencing contractor which can build the fence quickly? Are you able to build security fences quickly?

Whether we are installing concrete bollards, installing a security barrier or building metal fencing for a business, we can build all of these quickly, because we have such a large team of staff who build our fences.


Chain link fencing

Chain link fencing, is made by interwoven metal links, the steel is often galvanised, to help prevent it from rusting.
The steel wire, is then often coated in plastic, to further prevent rust.

Often concrete posts are used, to hold up this type of fence. Then, we can also add barbed wire running along the top of the fence. This type of fence very little maintenance, however, the fencing contractor that you hire, must make sure that they install the concrete posts correctly, because due to their weight, if they are not correctly dug into the ground, after a short period of time they may start to lean. This can cause, the whole fence to start to fall over and become damaged.

The concrete posts, often have reinforced steel bars running through them, then the steel Rebar is often encased in concrete, this makes each concrete post very heavy, so they need to be embedded into the ground, and surrounded by a lot of concrete. We can build chain-link fencing anywhere throughout the United Kingdom.


What are the advantages of choosing a chain-link fence?

Out of all the types of steel fencing, which we build for businesses, chain link fencing is often one of the cheapest steel fencing options that we offer. So, for example if mile after mile of chain link fencing needs to be built around a large warehouse, then often, chain link fencing is often the lowest cost option when compared to other types of galvanised metal fencing.


Do you require an acoustic fence to be built?

Perhaps you just built new houses, and as part of the planning permission, it was stated, that the housebuilder has to have acoustic fencing built, along the motorway. We can therefore build acoustic fencing along roads.

Also, sometimes, acoustic fencing is used near railway lines, we can build acoustic fencing along railway lines as well.
We build all types of security fencing throughout the United Kingdom

If you are looking for a fencing company that can build steel or wooden fencing for your business, then why not call us? We build metal fencing for businesses throughout the whole of the United Kingdom.


Security barriers

You might be looking for a company that can either repair, or install a new security barrier. These barriers can raise once a lorry approaches them; this can be done by the lorry sending a signal to the barrier to raise. Alternatively, the barrier can raise once a pin code has been entered.

We can install and also repair security barriers anywhere within the United Kingdom.


Can you install bollards?

Yes, we can, we can install security bollards anywhere within the United Kingdom. These can either be solid bollards, made for example of concrete which are fixed in place.

Alternatively, we can build, bollards which raise up and down, for example to allow vehicles to enter the business premises, and once the van, car or lorry has passed, the bollard will then automatically raise.

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