We now also supply and install metal railings within Wales

Metal railings are widely used throughout Wales, for example they are often used on many roads, rail-way lines and around parks.

We therefore work with a wide range of different clients, this can range from civil engineering companies, which need metal railings built on a central island, to help people to cross the road more safely.

Other customers include local councils, that might require say for example 10 miles of metal railings built around a park, also many construction companies often need metal railings built, for example around a large apartment.


Long life metal railings

It’s important, that whichever fencing contractor you hire, that they supply and install, “galvanised metal railings”. If the steel is not galvanised, then it could start to rust very quickly.

Metal often starts to rust very quickly, near the coast, the salt air, often rusts steel much quicker.

Regardless of where the steel or cast iron railings are being built, they should be made from galvanised steel.


What are the different height options, that you offer for your steel railings?

We work with leading suppliers of steel railings within the United Kingdom, they can therefore offer either steel railings that are in stock and can be delivered straight away, and are widely used, for example railings used along roads and central islands, to help people cross the road.

Also, manufacturers of steel railings, often produce metal railings which are used around parks, and for use around apartment buildings, and these can be purchased straightaway, because often they are kept in stock.

However bespoke steel railings can also be made, we know manufacturers, which can make steel railings to any height that you would like.



Can you also paint the galvanised steel fence?

Yes, there are some types of security fencing, such as, “chain link fencing”, as well as “welded wire mesh fencing”, that we can’t paint. The reason why we can’t paint this type of metal security fencing, is simply because the steel is coated in plastic, and therefore can’t be painted.

However, steel railings, can often be painted, using metal paint, we can therefore paint the steel fence for you.


Can you also install steel gates as well?

Yes we can, when we are building the steel railings, we can also offer to build metal gates as well.



Which areas do you build security fencing?

We have a team of fence builders, which travel the whole of the United Kingdom, building a wide range of commercial fencing and security fencing.

For example we can build everything from “acoustic fencing”, right through to “welded wire mesh fences”. Fence contracts can vary between £1000 and £6 million.

We therefore have a large team, that is capable of building any type of security fence, we also offer to install electric automated barriers, for example barriers which raise, to allow trucks into a business premises, once a pin code has been entered.



Automatic bollards

We can also install automatic bollards, which raise up and down, to allow vehicles to enter the business premises or a car park.



Do you build steel railings, for residential customers as well?

Yes, many properties, for example large 5- bedroom Victorian houses, for example houses located in Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, often have steel fencing, which might be severely rusted because it’s the original cast iron fence, which may well be over 100 years old, therefore its likely to be heavily rusted.

Therefore the steel might have rusted, and now the homeowner, wants the original fence replaced, with galvanised steel.

We can replace all of the railings, we build steel railings, right throughout Wales.



Do you build steel railings, for train companies?

Yes, we can build steel railings, on train platforms and along a train line.



Do you build steel railings, for civil engineering companies?

Often when a civil engineering company is building a new section of motorway, or road through say a village, the often need metal railings built, we can build these for you.


Do you build steel railings for construction companies?

Yes, we do, let’s say a construction company, is building a large block of flats, and the block of flats is being built in Cardiff Bay, perhaps at the front of the apartments, and around the car park area, steel railings need to be constructed, we can offer you a quote, to build these steel railings for you.

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