Do you build welded mesh fencing?


A type of fencing, which is increasing in popularity, with many businesses is welded mesh fencing. Many industrial facilities, as well as commercial buildings, such as factories, now have welded mesh fencing surrounding the building. There are many benefits to choosing this type of commercial fence, in this article, we will explain the benefits of choosing this type of fence.

What is welded mesh fencing?

This type of fence, is normally constructed, using overlapping thick steel bars, which are galvanised, they are then coated with a thick coat of plastic to further protect the fence. This commercial fence, also comes in a range of colour options. For example, popular colours include black, light grey as well as green.

How much does welded mesh fencing cost to build?


Because this fence, is a metal fence, steel prices do fluctuate up and down. Which means that the manufacturing cost, of this type of fence does vary, so we would need to offer you a quote, and then we offer a quote for 30 days.

Because steel prices fluctuate so much, for example each fence panel is likely to vary in cost if we were to buy it in January, when compared to say December. The price of the steel fencing can therefore vary, we would therefore need to write a quote for you, and is to offer a quote for 30 days.

We have full-time sales staff, they can travel to meet you anywhere within South Wales, we can then offer you a free quotation.
Can you take down and remove our old commercial fence?

Yes, we most certainly can, perhaps for example chain link fence, however a lot of the fencing might now have started to sag, some parts of the chain-link fence might have fallen down completely.

So, we have many labourers that work for us, we have over 10 labourers, which simply means that they can remove your old fence. Perhaps for example you have concrete fence posts, that have reinforced steel bars, this can sometimes be quite hard work to remove, so we can also pull out all fence posts as well.

We can then dispose of your old fence for you, whether it’s made of timber, steel perhaps composite, we can take it for recycling.



We need miles of welded mesh fencing constructed, are you able to take on large fencing contracts?

Yes, we most definitely can, for example, a large warehouse, let’s say a building that used to distribute goods throughout Wales, that’s size of building is likely to take up many acres.

There are therefore likely to be car parks, a main warehouse, as well as also areas where the lorries, such as the Volvo Trucks will be parked.

Therefore, a very long length of fence is likely to needed, then mites therefore be mile after mile of welded mesh fencing which needs to be constructed, and for this to happen the fencing company needs to have a very large team of staff.

Large team of fence builders

We have a large team of fence builders, we also have JCB excavators, many cement mixers, which means that we can build any type of commercial fence.

Do you guarantee your fencing?

Yes, whether it’s a fence that’s being built for a residential customer, for example close board fencing, or whether it’s commercial fencing, such as steel palisade fencing, we always offer a guarantee, to guarantee the whole of the fence.

Do you carry out commercial fence repairs?


It’s fairly common, for an Arctic lorry, to reverse to far, and to accidentally hit a fence, therefore the fence will need to be repaired very quickly. We offer to repair commercial fences, whether the fence is made from timber, or perhaps it’s made from steel, we can offer to repair it for you.

We need an extra tall welded mesh fence built; can you build this for us?


Yes, we most certainly can, behind a retail store, might be an outdoor area, where you sell let’s say gardening products. You are therefore going to want an extra tall fence, to improve the security of the commercial building.

We can therefore build an extra tall, welded mesh fence, we can build this is tall as you would like.


Can you also install the steel gates?


Yes, we can build a steel gate for you.


Which areas do you build commercial fencing?

We build commercial fencing, and the contract values can range anywhere between £1000 and £1 million.

We can build commercial fencing, anywhere within South Wales, we regularly build commercial fencing, such as welded mesh, palisade, feather edge, vertical bar, barbed wire fencing, razor wire fencing- we offer very competitive prices, on all of our commercial fences, plus we have a large team of fence builders.

We can build commercial fencing, along railway tracks, we can build commercial fencing around factories, we can also build commercial fencing for local councils, such as Cardiff County Council, if they would like a steel fence built.


If you would like a free quote, then why not contact us today?

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