Do you require security/metal fencing to be built? Call us today?

We have been building security fencing, well, for donkeys’ years now- we’re actually one of the longest established businesses building palisade fences in Wales. For example we have been building palisade fencing for well over 10 years. As you drive through Cardiff, many of the metal fences will be built by our business.

Our diligent workers go about building security fencing every single week to help a business premises more secure. We can also install automatic barriers as well as automated bollards. Plc companies through to sole traders therefore hire us to build their security fencing.


Why hire us to build your security fence?

Whether you own a single light industrial unit within Cardiff, or perhaps you are a facilities management company, responsible for managing a warehouses for a business which might have multiple locations throughout the country. we can build a security fence for you. Our team is been building palisade fencing, as well as other types of metal fencing, for well over a decade.

We are therefore one of the most highly experienced commercial fencing companies in the United Kingdom. We are asked build security fencing all over the UK, we therefore often have multiple contracts can be underway anywhere from Scotland, through to London and down to Cardiff.

Why should we hire your company to build palisade fencing?

We simply purchased top quality palisade fences, we are frequently asked to build palisade fences, for a huge number of businesses across the United Kingdom.


Can you build other types of security fencing?

Yes, we can, other popular types of fencing include vertical bar, which is again made of galvanised steel, acoustic fencing which is made from wood, and also welded mesh fencing which can be made from galvanised steel which has its plastic coating.


Do you build acoustic fencing?

For example you might own a warehouse in Cardiff, and you might have a lot of forklift trucks, such as Toyota forklift trucks working in a yard at the back of your business premises. You might therefore want acoustic fencing to reduce the amount of noise emitted out of your business premises.

We also therefore build acoustic fencing, which is often made from wood.

We also need an automatic barrier installed, can you install this for us?

How do you ensure that your palisade fencing and other types of commercial fencing is good quality?


During this time we have built hundreds of metal fences, which has helped to improve the security of a wide range of buildings. Ranging from buildings owned by utility companies, through to buildings owned by plc companies.

For example, we have built metal fencing around many business parks, around many retail properties as well as industrial buildings which make chemicals for example.

Therefore, if you are looking for a company to build steel galvanised fencing, that is security fencing anywhere within South Wales, this includes Cardiff and Newport, then why not call the fencing contractors that have a huge amount of experience building this type of fencing.


So, what type of security fencing can build?

We can build the following

·        Palisade fencing

·        Security Fencing

·        Vertical Bar Fencing

·        Welded Mesh Fencing

·        Acoustic Fencing

·        Any type of metal fence


Do you build Metal Railings?

Yes, we do.

Whether you need metal railings built around 300 apartments which have just been built, or perhaps around a car showroom or perhaps around a supermarket, we are the fencing company to call.

We’ve been building metal fencing for a very long period of time. We are fencing contractors that have a huge amount of experience building metal railings. The metal railings we can build, can vary in height.

So Whether it be one meter or 100 miles of metal railings which need to be built, we can offer you a competitive price to build this type of metal fence.



Does your company build acoustic fencing?

Sometimes a new housing estate will be built alongside the motorway, for example 400 brand-new homes might be built on a brownfield site within Cardiff.

However, a lot of the gardens might back onto a busy motorway, such as the M4 motorway in Wales, therefore the housebuilder, might hire a fencing contractor, such as ours, to build acoustic fencing.


Vertical Bar Fencing

Vertical bar fencing is very long-lasting, plus it’s low maintenance in matter of fact you could build it around an industrial estate, and because it’s often made from galvanised steel, it’s low maintenance, this type of fence might easily last for 25 years or more.

Does your company build welded mesh fencing?

Welded mesh fencing is becoming more and more popular here in South Wales, that’s because it can be built extra-high, and extremely high fence can be built using welded mesh fencing as we can build a welded mesh fence, to any height you would like, this makes it much more harder for a burglar to scale the fence.


Utilities fencing

We can also work with utility companies throughout the United Kingdom, for example companies which supply gas, electric and water often have many buildings which are part of the businesses infrastructure to reliably supply electric gas and water to households. These might therefore be substations, or places where gas is pumped to homeowners within Wales.

Often these buildings need to be secured with metal fencing, therefore if you are looking for a company which can build quality metal fencing around buildings owned by utility companies, then we can supply the security fencing for you.


Which types of companies do you build security fencing for?

We build security fencing for:

·        Plc businesses

·        Local companies

·        Governments

·        Local councils

·        Housebuilders

·        Manufacturing companies

·        As well as also warehouses



Commercial Property

Many types of commercial as well as industrial properties require metal fencing (such as palisade fencing)  to be built to improve the security of the business premises. From builders merchants, through to football stadiums, all of these buildings often need a galvanised steel fence to improve the security of the building.

We can build metal fencing for you, we offer very competitive prices plus because our builders have been building metal fencing for well over 10 years, we are often the company that is chosen within Wales to build metal fencing


Areas of High Security

We can also work with governments, to build security fencing, for example there might be an army barracks within Wales, which needs very strong metal fence built, and we can build this for you.


Business parks, retail property, industrial

We can build metal fencing around business parks, around retail properties as well as industrial manufacturing buildings. We have a huge team of workers, so we can build any type of security fence quickly.

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