Do you need palisade fencing or a security fence built?


Here at Hyden Bros build, we specialise in building metal security fencing, all across Wales.

We build metal railings, through to welded mesh fence- which is a type of long-lasting, highly durable and a welded mesh fence can be built at a very competitive price by our company.


Built to last, a lot of our fencing is manufactured in the United Kingdom

We build all types of commercial fencing, ranging from chain-link fencing, through to palisade fencing. Our company in Wales, offers very competitive prices, so why not bring us for a quote today?


What types of metal railings do you build?

Welded mesh fencing is now very popular, we can offer it in a huge range of different heights, it also comes in different colours, and the strong, durable and a very low maintenance type of fence.

This type of fence is very long-lasting, because quite often manufactured using British steel that is also then galvanised. Then fence is coated in a long-life plastic.

Do you build palisade fencing in Wales?

We most certainly do, we have been building steel palisade fencing for businesses all across Great Britain, each year we build a large number of palisade fencing within Wales. Supermarkets, factories, warehouses, we tell you, like industrial units will often use palisade fencing to help make that building more secure. And because we are an established company, that’s been building this type of fencing for a very long time, often we are the company that businesses call when they need a, palisade fence built.

We can build steel fencing, to surround acre after acre of commercial land, this can help to deter people from fly tipping on the land for example. We also have built this type of steel fencing around many light industrial units in Cardiff, we can also build steel fencing around large warehouses distribution centres, retail premises, we can also offer to build steel railings as well.

We also have painters and decorators which can also paint the fence as well.

What types of steel fencing can you offer?

Palisade fencing

Galvanised palisade fencing has been used for years, we’ve building palisade fencing is very popular in Wales. We build this type of fencing right throughout United Kingdom, sometimes over 10 miles of palisade fencing needs to be built, and because we have such a large team of builders, we can build mile after mile after mile of steel fencing. This type of fence is used often to surround a huge factory, or perhaps to run along a railway track.

Steel Railings

We also build galvanised metal railings, these are often built around parks, in front of a large block of apartments, for example in Cardiff Bay or outside a retail estate.

For example a large retail estate which might have an area where there is a brick wall is built and railings built on top of the wall.
We have bricklayers that can build a brick wall for your business, we can also offer landscaping services as well as installing the metal railings. So for example, a car park might be getting built, we can therefore offer to do the landscaping work, such as planting low maintenance plants, we can build a brick wall, we can also build the metal railings on top of the wall as well.

Welded mesh fencing

Welded mesh is a brilliant type of fencing, it used to help protect a wide range of businesses, for example it might be used to surround a builders merchants, to help better protect the stock that kept within the yard, it might be built around the factory, could be built around a large distribution building to help better protect the building and also perhaps over 100 lorries which are parked outside.
This is a very low maintenance type of fence, the steel is galvanised, so it last a long period of time, plus it’s coated in plastic, to its last even longer.

Do you build security fencing?

We build all types of security fencing, our business also now offers to install automated barriers as well, these barriers can raise via a card or a pin code. So for example if you need a barrier installed, whereby your staff can enter a pin code, and then the barrier automatically raises, we can build this for you.

We therefore install automated barriers; we also install electric gates we can also install bollards which raise up and down when a vehicle approaches it. For example, in a distribution yard, where you might have many trucks entering and leaving, you may want a lorry to approach the Bollard, bollard to automatically lower, we can install automatic bollards for you.

All of our metal fencing can be built quickly

If you need the security fence built in South Wales, then we are the business to call, we’ve built a huge amount of palisade fencing, as well as steel railings, as well as wire mesh fencing-most of the fencing we build is galvanised, which means that the steel is galvanised so it lasts longer, and is therefore much more resistant to rust. We are often asked by many construction companies up and down the country, to build commercial fencing, because we are the specialists in building commercial fencing.

Built to last

All of our steel and wooden fencing is built to last, whether it’s 100 miles of acoustic fencing to be built along the M4 motorway, that is being built for a local council, or it’s a metal fence built around a large factory in Wales, will of our fencing is built to last.

We can also build brick walls as well

We also have bricklayers and block layers, that work for us, so we can also build a brick wall for you as well. On top of the brick wall, we can build steel railings if you want to add more height to your fence?


Metal railing repair

We can also offer to repair your fencing as well.

Do you need a fencing contractor, that can build metal railings?

If you need a fencing contractor, to build a fence anywhere within Wales, then why not call us?

We’ve now been building fencing for over 10 years, we have business insurance, we have a huge team of highly experienced fence builders, and we can build any type of fence fast.

We offer some of the best prices on commercial fencing, and we carry out fencing contracts worth anywhere between 1000 and £1 million.

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