The quotes we’ve received to build our new garden fence are very similar- so which fencing contractor should we choose?




In a capital city, like here in Cardiff, within South Wales, there are quite literally hundreds, if not thousands of various fencing businesses which offer to build fencing. Some specialise in steel fences, others composite and there are many which build wooden fences.


So, how should we know which fencing contractor to choose?

Therefore, when a homeowner or a business receives a quote, to build a brand-new fence, often they will be presented with say three different quotes from the companies they have had around to offer a price. And often because the quotes are so similar, often they don’t know which company to choose.

If there was a massive difference in prices, then sure, which fencing company to hire might be apparent- but often, especially on garden fencing, often the quotes are fairly the same.

For example, there sometimes might only be a difference of say £50 between all of the quotes- so this begs the question, which fencing contractor should you choose?


So, how do you know which fencing business to choose?

Well, we thought we would help you out, as we’ve been offering to build fencing in Wales for donkeys years, well not quite, but we have been building fencing for over 10 years now.

So we think we are in a great position to advise you, on some of the things that you should consider prior to selecting a fencing business.


So here’s are some of the things, we think you should consider:


Do make sure that you obtain either pressure treated timber or dip treated timber

Softwood when left outside, can often rot very quickly- it may even have wood worm eating away at it after a short period of time.

This is why the timber either need to be “pressure treated” sometimes called “green timber”, or it needs to be “dip treated”, so that it simply lasts a much longer period of time. So, for those that don’t know what these terms mean, well, they just simply mean that the wood is designed for use outdoors, both methods preserve the wood, so it lasts longer when used outdoors, for use building say fencing, or a wooden shed.


So what would you recommend pressure treated timber or dip treated timber?

We would most definitely recommend pressure treated timber- that’s if your building a garden fence, this is simply timber which has been put into a large stainless steel vessel, then under huge amounts of pressure wood preservative is blasted into the vessel. This is what produces “green timber”- as the timber, once taken out of the vessel, is often a green colour.


How does “pressure treating” the timber, help preserve it?

Because there is so much pressure within the stainless steel vessel, the wood preservative is driven deep into the wood. The wood preservative is driven deep inside the timber, which helps to preserve it, and make it last much longer.


Which type of wood does your fencing company use?

We would say that most fencing companies in that the United Kingdom will most often use pressure treated timber, however many still also use dip treated timber.

Dip treated timber, is normally cheaper to purchase, however, whether it’s a feather edge fence, a hit and miss fence or perhaps it’s a picket fence, we would highly recommend that you use pressure treated timber.


What type of fencing do you built?

There are companies that specialise in building just composite fencing, aluminium panel fencing or wooden fencing-however a reason why we are often chosen, because we build every single type of fence.


The length of the guarantee- how long is your fence for?

This is something, that some people may not consider when comparing quotes, yet it’s important to think about this.


That is how long will the garden fence be guaranteed for?

We think it’s most definitely worth paying a bit more, if the fencing contractor is willing to guarantee the fence for a longer period of time. For example, you can purchase some composite fence panels, which are guaranteed to last for 10 years, so although they are typically a lot more expensive, than say having a wooden lap panel fence built, we think they’re worth purchasing, if they are guaranteed to last that bit longer. So do consider, how long your fence is guaranteed to last for.


Can they take you to a job that they have recently completed?

An established fencing contractor will have built many fences in areas around Cardiff, for example we build thousands of fences across Wales therefore you might want to jumping out one of our vans, and we can show you a fence this we’ve most likely built just around the corner from your house.


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