Why should we choose your landscaping and garden fencing business?


Capital cities, like Cardiff South Wales, have hundreds of landscaping businesses. Yet, some landscaping businesses come and go, yet Hyden Bros, has stood the test of time, as one the most well known and established landscaping companies in Cardiff- but why is that, and why is our business so popular.


What types of wooden fencing do you build in Cardiff?

We build panel fencing, close board, aluminium fencing, hit and miss, hardwood fencing, commercial fencing as well.


Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, whether the fence is made from composite, steel or wood, we offer a guarantee on all our work.

Are you fully insured?

Yes, our company is fully insured.


Our old fence has blown over, how quickly can you come and fix our fence?

Sometimes, depending on how much work we have on at that moment, yet sometimes, we can start work the very next day. We also offer quotes on Saturdays, and sometimes are able to start work on the following Monday.

Do you build fencing panels?

Yes, we build decorative and lap panel fences.


Do you build close board fencing?

Yes we build feather edge fencing.


Do you build hit and miss fencing?

Yes we do.

Do you carry out fence repairs?

Yes we can repair any type of wooden or steel fencing.

Have you been building fencing in Cardiff for long?

We are one of the most established fencing companies here in Wales, we have been building garden fencing for well over 10 years. We have build thousands of fences for commercial and residential customers.


Can you paint our fence?

Yes, for an extra cost, we can paint your wooden fence for you.


Do you use quality timber?

Yes, we purchase quality timber, from Travis Perkins, Selco and also Mon Timber in Wales.


Do you use post foam or concrete?

We use concrete most of the time, yet if you would prefer, we can use post foam as well.

Do you also build patios?

Yes, we can build a patio for you, using reclaimed patio slabs, or brand-new patio slabs.

Do you build summerhouses?


Yes, we also now build wooden summerhouses, log cabins, garden offices, and garden rooms in Wales, prices start from just 18k.


Garden fencing built at an affordable price

We offer some of the most competitive prices around on garden fencing, often we offer the cheapest quotes, but that’s not because we cut any corners, in matter of fact one of the main reasons we have been building fencing for that last 10 years, is because we build solid fencing, made to last, and we purchase top quality timber, from local timber merchants, that we know, on every van load we collect, the wood will be of a consistent high quality.

Panel fencing

We build panel fencing, which can be built very quickly, it looks great, plus its very affordable. Panel fencing is the cheapest fencing options, it can be easily painted and built quickly.

Feather edge

We offer some of the best prices to build feather edge, this is a really good fencing option, as its long lasting, very easy to paint, and it’s very strong.


Hardwood fencing

We also build hardwood fencing as well.

Fencing contractors with over 10 years’ experience

We have now been building garden fencing for well over 10 years, a lot of our work comes from recommendations from our previous customers. This shows, that we take great pride in our work, the fencing is always built to a high standard, we purchase quality wood either from Mon Timber or from Travis Perkins, which we know will supply us with top quality timber.

We’ve been building fencing for a long time, so we know how to build, a strong fence, a long-lasting fence, and we offer some of the best prices to build garden fencing. We build panel fencing, composite fencing, fencing made from aluminium, we also build hit and miss, decorative panel fencing, steel fencing, close board fencing, woven fencing and we also build cast iron fencing.



We are fully insured company.


Fence builders

We now have over 10 full time, highly experienced fence builders, which means whether it’s a fence for small garden, or a long length of fencing, over 10 miles long, to be built at say the side of the M4 motorway, we can build the fence very quickly. We have excavators, good quality cement mixers, we have Dewalt nail guns, and a huge team of staff, who can build any type of metal, wood, or composite fence very quickly.


Landscaping company

Are you looking for landscaping business, to build a patio, a new summerhouse, or new fencing?
Whether you live in Newport, in South Wales, so you may live in Marshfield? Or you may live in Roath in Cardiff, overlooking Roath Park?
We can offer you a very competitive price to build a new patio, decking, fencing, summerhouses, a new driveway, artificial grass, or raised planters.


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Patios and driveways

We also build top quality brick driveways and patios, we have built many patios, made using reclaimed Welsh flag stones, through to pavement slabs made from sandstone.


Artificial grass

We also supply and fit quality artificial grass, in Wales, we offer some of the best prices on artificial grass in Wales.

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