Composite fencing- what are the benefits of choosing a composite garden fence?



So, your current garden fence, might be looking a bit worse for wear? Slats may have fallen out of place, on your lap panel fence, or even worse the fence might have completely fallen over?

So, it’s time for a new wooden fence to be built?

Well, hold your horses just for a second, that’s because there is another option, there is another type of garden fencing, which you may wish to consider.

That’s a composite fencing, we are now going to talk about within this article, the benefits of choosing composite fencing.
So, what is composite fencing?

Composite fencing comes in a range of different colours, heights and comes normally built as a fencing panel. It’s normally a lot more expensive than and choosing say timber lap panel fence, yet that is with good reason, because this type of fence very long lasting- that’s of course if you hire the right Welsh fencing contractor to build it.

So composite fencing is normally made using plastics, which sometimes the fence is made from recycled plastics, rubber and sometimes sawdust is also used to construct this fence.

The fencing panels can normally vary anywhere between £80 and £300 each. There are some more expensive options as well.
How much does each composite fence panel cost?

This does depend, on the composite fencing brand that you choose, there are many manufacturers which manufacture this type of fence.

We can recommend many British companies, which manufacture this type of fence, some companies offer very long guarantees.


Will we ever have to paint a composite fence?

No, composite fencing and composite decking never needs painting.


Do you build composite decking and fencing businesses?

Yes, we have built a lot of composite decking for businesses in Wales.


Do you offer free quotations?

Yes, we do.

What are the main benefits of choosing composite garden fencing?


You never have to paint it

So, we would say that one of the main reasons, people choose composite fencing, is because it’s extremely low maintenance. You never have to paint it, it doesn’t ever need varnishing, and you don’t need to apply a wood stain.

Instead, you just choose the colour you like, and it never needs painting at all.


Long lifespan

So, a lap panel fence, can sometimes be bought for £35 per panel, and this is why a lot of people choose this for their garden fencing, simply because it’s very cheap, quick to build, but the problem is that lap panel fencing can be quite flimsy, and it might not last that long, and if it’s not painted with a good quality paint, then it can start to rot fairly quickly.

So composite fencing, it might be four times the price, but it might last so much longer than other types of garden fencing, and this is due to the fact that it’s not made of wood, it’s made from composite, now different companies use different mixtures of plastics, rubbers and sawdust to make their product, plus they also combine chemicals to give the composite fencing at colour and to help prevent it the colour from fading.

However, because it’s not made entirely from wood, what this means is that it won’t incur wood rot, and because it’s made from plastics, sometimes recycled plastics and rubbers, it means that the fence can be very durable and also very long lasting at the same time. So, if you were to ask us is it worth paying more money for a composite fence, we would say yes, but, only if you choose a good quality brand, that is a manufacturer that manufactures high quality composite fence panels which come with a long guarantee.


Which areas to build composite decking and fencing?

We build composite decking as well as garden fencing, which is made of composite, all across Wales.

We build composite fencing and decking for businesses as well as homeowners.

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