The art of installing Gravel Boards


Ah, gravel boards, the unsung heroes of your garden fence! Some fencing contractors, might not install these, however we would most definitely recommend paying a bit more to get concrete gravel boards added, because they simply often allow your fence the last longer. These sturdy additions to your fence are the key to a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing fence.

Now, you might think, “Gravel boards? Yawn!” But don’t hit that snooze button just yet, because gravel boards can help to make the fence last longer. I assure you that we are about to embark on a surprisingly delightful adventure in the world of gravel boards. Buckle up!

In this article, we’ll cover the A-Z of gravel boards, we will talk about concrete and wooden gravel boards.from their purpose to their installation methods. At the end of this blog post you will know everything you need to know about gravel boards.


Why even bother with gravel boards?

Gravel boards are like the dentists of the fence world. Sure, you could skip the visit, but you’d regret it later when your fence starts looking like it needs a root canal! So what we mean by that is just as a tooth can rot, so can the bottom of a wooden fence, and when you think about say your feather edge fence, the bottom of the fence is going to be near the soil, and often in Britain the soil will be wet because it rains a lot. This means that the bottom of wooden fences often incur wood rot first, so by putting a concrete gravel board between the ground and the fence, you are helping the wooden fence last longer because it’s less likely to incur wood rot at the bottom of the fence.

Remember, gravel boards protect your fence from moisture being absorbed from the ground. Besides, who doesn’t want a fence that looks better and lasts longer?


The Different types of Gravel Boards

Think of gravel boards as the superheroes of your garden. Some are the classic sturdy types, made from pressure-treated wood, or they can be made from concrete and they simply help your garden fence to last much longer. So if your fencing contractor in Cardiff, having added to the invoice to build gravel boards, ask them how much extra it would be to install concrete or wooden gravel boards, because they are most definitely worth paying extra for because they can help your fence the last longer.

And fitting them is a piece of cake.


Knowing When to Fit Gravel Boards



Installing gravel boards is as easy as 1-2-3. Literally. There are three methods:

The Slot-in Method: Secure your fence posts, measure the distance, cut your gravel board, that’s if it’s made of wood and slot it in.
The Clip Method: Attach clips into the centre of your fence post, at your desired height. Use pilot holes with a drill, to avoid splitting your wood.

Remember, using galvanized screws or nails will help your gravel board to last longer.


Tips and Techniques: Getting the Most Out of Your Gravel Boards

When it comes to gravel boards, there’s always a little more to know. For instance, should your gravel board be placed directly on the soil or raised a little? Both methods have their benefits – we would recommend if you are using concrete gravel boards, then these can’t incur wood rot so you can place them on the soil. It’s a bit like choosing between tea or coffee in the morning, each one has its fans.

Remember, you can also make your garden more hedgehog-friendly by creating small gaps in your gravel board, that’s if the gravel board is made from wood. We are fencing contractors that can make a hole in your fence, within the gravel board, to help hedgehogs to pass through the fence, we think this is really important, because you don’t wants to stop the hedgehogs moving through the fence. .Trust us, the hedgehogs will thank you, and so will your garden! Hedgehogs do love to eat slugs, so it’s a win-win situation for the homeowner and the hedgehog.


Conclusion: The Unsung Heroes of Your Garden

So, there you have it! The wonderful world of gravel boards. These trusty workhorses of the garden may not get the glory, but they certainly help offence the last longer. They keep your fence panels looking good and standing strong, and they even offer a helping hand (or rather, a small gap) to our prickly friends, the hedgehogs.

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