What are the main benefits of choosing feather edge fencing?



So let’s say, that your current fence is looking a bit worse for wear, and in some sections, part of the fencing is moving back in full in the wind. You have concerns, that you’ll Yorkshire terrier, might escape, so you need the fence replaced urgently.

However, since you’ve lived in your property, you might have had to replace your lap panel fence several times, and you’re a bit fed up with having to repair or replace the fence yourself.

So now you want an ultra-durable fence, a fence that is much tougher, longer lasting and offers you better value for money. You’re fed up with spending your weekends having to buy hammers, nails and fencing panels scenario one offence that will last much longer.


This is why we would recommend you buy a feather edge fence

When you walk or drive down most streets in Great Britain, you will see that a lot of the gardens, whether it’s the front garden or it’s the garden at the back of the property, will often have their fence made out of feather edge.

Feather edge is also referred to as close board fencing, but it’s often more expensive than panel fencing, so you might be wondering well what they are the benefits of opting for this type of fence?


How long does it take to build feather edge fencing?

If you have a small garden, then we might be able to build a new fence for you in less than one day.

For larger gardens it will take us longer, we can also get rid of all the waste wood, the concrete as well as also any bushes which need to be cut down.


We can simply then put the waste into a skip for you.

Most feather edge fences, which we build in Cardiff, takers between 1 to 3 working days to build.

However, we do sometimes use machinery, such as mini diggers, that allow us to build the garden fence even faster. For example, sometimes on the end of the excavator, is an attachment, which allows us to dig holes in the ground, for us to put the fence posts in. This is a much faster than digging the holes by hand.

Some Cardiff fencing contractors, therefore dig the holes by hand, using a spade, and then they have to lift the soil again into a wheelbarrow.

However sometimes, we can use in excavator, to help us to build the fence, and this allows us to build our fences very quickly.


Can we build feather edge fencing ourselves, without hiring a fencing contractor?

Yes, it’s possible to build a feather edge fence yourself.

However, if you have not got the time, then why not hire us, we can build you a feather edge fence, a panel fence or perhaps a fence made using hardwood, and we can offer you a very competitive price.


Are you able to build a garden wall, and then feather edge fencing on top?

Yes, we have bricklayers which work for us, so you may want a garden wall made using bricks or breeze blocks?

Then to make the garden wall a bit higher, we can build wooden fencing along the top, for example we could add fence panels, all we could build feather edge fencing along the top of the wall.

A lot of people therefore like to have a wall made from bricks or breeze blocks, and then to have wooden fencing built on top of that, therefore if you are looking for a fencing contractor that can build a brick wall or a wall made of breeze blocks, and then to build wooden fencing on the top of that then we can do that for you.

We are therefore a Cardiff fencing contractor, the can build brick walls and walls made of breeze blocks as well as fencing made from wood, metal or composite.


Can you build us a garden gate using feather edge fencing?

Yes, we can make it date out of feather edge fencing, this is so your garden gate matches your fencing.


Are we able to paint feather edge?

Yes, feather edge can be very easily painted, we could even paint the fence for you?

We can recommend some really high-quality fence paints, then our labourers can paint the fence for you if you would like for an additional cost?

We can paint the feather edge, as well as the fence posts for you.


Do you build feather edge in Cardiff?

Yes, we’ve been building wooden fencing in Cardiff, for over 10 years.

We are an established fencing business; we have quite literally built hundreds of fences for businesses as well as for many homeowners.
Often homeowners choose us, to build their fence, because we build high-quality wooden fencing, and often our prices are lower than some other Cardiff fencing businesses.

We therefore offer very competitive prices.


Do you build feather edge in Newport?

We also build fencing in Newport, we build steel, wooden and composite fences, we build garden fences, and we also build fencing for businesses.

We also can install automatic barriers for businesses, we can build steel fencing, and we can also build steel gates.

We don’t just build timber fencing, a lot of businesses also hire us to build metal fencing, such as chain link fencing, then you may want this to use concrete posts, and also to install barbed wire on the top of the fence to make your business premises more secure.


We take on fencing contracts worth £1000-£1 million.

How do you ensure that you use good quality timber?

We always by top quality timber, the vast majority of the timber we purchase is pressure treated timber, many fencing companies call this green timber. The reason for this is pressure treated timber often has a green colour, because it is sprayed with wood preservative, and this is what gives it its green colour. Most of the feather edge fencing that we build, is built using pressure treated timber, we also only purchase top quality timber.


We purchase most of our timber from Mon Timber, a timber merchants within Newport.

However, we don’t just build timber fencing, we can also build metal fencing, such as chain link fencing, we can also build fencing using aluminium fence panels. We also build composite fencing, and composite fencing is mostly made out of plastics, sometimes recycled plastics, so this type of fences very good for the environment.


Do you need a new fence built anywhere within Wales?

Perhaps you are a construction company? And you are building a large factory in the South Wales valleys? Perhaps you need a metal fence built all around the factory? Well, we can most certainly help you. Or perhaps you are a homeowner that is woken up and you are about to make a nice cup of coffee, however you look out your kitchen window, and you see that all of the wooden fencing is blown down, and you therefore need the fence replaced very quickly.

We therefore build fencing for domestic customers as well as businesses.


Would you like a new fence built?

Why not call us we offer free quotations


More durable

Here in Britain, we have a lot of rain, and it can be very windy, this means that some lap panel fences can simply blow down in the wind quite easily.

For example, really strong gusts of wind, can damage a lot of panel fencing, this is why a lot of customers ask us to build feather edge.
Do you use pressure treated timber or dip treated timber?

We use both, however we have to say that most fencing companies now use pressure treated timber more often than dip treated timber.
Pressure treated timber is sometimes referred to as green timber, it is good quality pressure treated timber it can last a long period of time. We go to builders’ merchants in Newport and builders merchants in Cardiff, that we know suppliers with top quality timber, we pay more for our timber than some other fencing contractors, but we do that because we want good top quality timber that we know will last a long period of time.

Buying the cheapest timber that we can buy, we think is a total false economy, because what can happen is the wood can split, for example, really cheap feather edge slats, can often split very easily, so we are low quality, simply because often the two thin.
Instead, we buy top quality timber.


Have you built many feather edge fences?

We have built a huge amount of garden fencing, we’ve been building feather edge fences for over 10 years. We therefore build very high-quality wooden fencing.


So, what is feather edge fencing?

It can be made with concrete posts, but more often our customers wants a close board fence built with wooden posts.
You need to make sure that the fence is built with really chunky wooden posts, really good thing quality fence posts. As a fence post are like the backbone of the fence, they are what holds everything up, with a starter move, the whole fence can fall apart.

So, what you are is really good thick wooden posts, they either need to be made from pressure treated timber, or dip treated timber.
Then there needs to be a good solid fence rail, this should be made from pressure treated timber or dip treated timber.

Then there’s the feather edge slats, these need to be good-quality, they need to be quite thick, and again they need to be made from pressure treated timber or dip treated timber.

Then there needs to be concrete mixed with sand water and cement, and some fencing contractors use gravel as well to make the mix even stronger.

The holes need to be dug very deeply, and then the fence post needs to be put in the hole and concrete put around it.


How much does feather edge fencing cost?

The price of timber, does move up and down. For example, if we were to offer a quote to build a fence in January, then the quote might have moved up or down if we to offer to build the same fence in say December. Therefore, timber prices do fluctuate, therefore we leave our quote open for a few weeks, but then we might need to adjust the quote, because timber prices do fluctuate.

So, we would need to come out your garden, measure how long the fence needs to be, how many skips we need to get rid of the waste, and we would need to see if we need to cut back any bushes, and then we can offer you a quote.

Once we come out to see your garden, in Cardiff or in the Vale of Glamorgan, we then aim to get a quote back to you to build a fence or decking within 48 hours of meeting you.

Normally we can start work on building the new fence then within a week, we have a very large team of labourers, so we can often build most garden fences in one single day.

If you do have a large garden then it might take is more than a day to build the fence, but we will aim to build the fence as fast as we can.

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