We need a low-cost garden fence built- what types of fencing can you offer?



At the current time of writing, a lot of people are feeling the cost-of-living crisis, in that at the end of the month, they might not have as much disposable income as they once did.

So, if your house needs unexpected repairs, let’s say that roof tiles fall off the roof, or that your garden fence falls over, let’s say that your car feels the MOT, this can put an increased strain on people’s savings.

Therefore, if there is a heavy storm, and strong winds, cause damage to your fence, then you might be looking to get a low-cost garden fence built.

Thankfully, he was our company, we can offer you many different options of low-cost fencing, you can get a brand-new fence built, which improves the look of your garden, which can be built very quickly by our team, and it might cost less than you actually thought it would.

Where some fencing contractors might charge you an arm and a leg, our company is completely different, we have been building low-cost fencing for a very long period of time. For over 10 years we have been building garden fencing in the city of Newport as well as in the city of Cardiff, which is in South Wales.

So, let’s have a look at some low-cost garden fencing options.


Built to last

It doesn’t matter, if you’re buying the cheapest fencing we offer, or the most expensive, it needs to be built right. It needs to be built to be robust, so that you get the best value for money.

We make sure that our fences are built to last, we use top quality screws and nails, we purchase top quality timber and we also purchase top quality concrete.

This is why our company has been building garden fencing for over 10 years.

In this time, we have seen many landscaping businesses start, and also fail, they often fail because they don’t build fencing which is built to last.

Therefore, they don’t get recommended, however our company receives much of our work from recommendations, this is why we are the highly recommended company, and why we are busy throughout the whole of the year, building fencing from Newport through to Cardiff. We work for large plc companies, right through to residential customers that might just want a new garden gate built.


Don’t pay over the odds

You can’t be guaranteed, that you have received the best possible price until you contact us. Because we have a huge team of fence builders, we have over 10 full-time builders, this means that we can build any type of wooden fencing very quickly. In matter of fact, we can build our fencing much quicker than some other companies, which means that our quotes are sometimes much lower than some other fencing businesses.

Therefore, it’s because we have such a large team of builders, that allows us to build the fencing ultra quickly, which allows us to offer very low prices.


We buy in bulk

There were some fencing contractors, the just by small amounts of timber every month, let’s say under £3000 worth.
However, our company is completely different, we buy our timber in bulk, we purchase huge quantities of timber every single month.

This means that we are able to negotiate with the timber merchants and the building merchants, to offer us much lower prices on feather edge, picket fencing and panel fencing.

So, what does this mean for the customer?

This means that, we can buy our timber cheaper than some other companies, for example we can buy the feather edge in the wooden posts cheaper than some other landscaping businesses. Which means that when we offer a quote, sometimes we are substantially cheaper than some of our competitors, and the reason for that is with them by our timber cheaper, so we pass the savings on to our customers.

When you combine this with the fact that we have a huge team of fence builders, we are able to build the fencing quick, and we are able to buy the timber cheaper than some other landscaping companies, which means that when we offer you a quote it is a very competitive quote.


Guaranteed to last

Sometimes some landscaping businesses set up in the summertime, by the wintertime the business has failed and the company’s closed.

Our company is completely different, we’ve been trading for over 10 years, we have a very good reputation for building quality fencing.

We therefore guarantee every single fence that we build, therefore when you hire us, you will be obtaining a quality fence.


Picket fencing

let’s say that you have a long garden, and you want a separate your garden from your neighbours, that you don’t Wanna at all fence, blocking the light and potentially killing the grass.

Instead, you want a long length of fencing, you wanted to have gaps, to let the light come through the wooden panels, and you wanted built at a low cost. We are the fencing contractors the can help you, we have built hundreds of picket fences in Newport and in Cardiff.
Picket fencing is very affordable, and we can build it very quickly, so by the time you’ve returned home from work, we might even have your brand-new picket fence built.


Chain-link fencing

Perhaps you are looking for a fence that will last incredibly long period of time, can withstand strong winds, is very low maintenance and never needs painting. Then we would recommend a chain-link fence, which is made with galvanised steel, and to have the galvanised steel coated in plastic.

Then you can also have concrete posts, that have steel Rebar running through them, so they are incredibly strong, and this is a type of fence that needs practically no maintenance, it doesn’t need painting and it will last a very long period of time.

Therefore, if you would like a chain-link fence built then why not call us.

Because chain-link fencing is made through woven galvanised steel, you could actually grow climbing plants up it.

Perhaps you don’t want a wooden fence at all? Would you like a brick wall built? Would you like a breeze block wall?

In some gardens, for example homeowners live on the coast, let’s say in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, often there will be strong winds which are blowing across the gardens, which might damage the fence.

For example, you might have lived in a house, let’s say in Penarth Vale of Glamorgan, and let’s say that you have lived there for 10 years, you might have at and replace the fence many times. That’s because you have had wooden fencing built.

So why not instead, have a wall built out of bricks or breeze blocks?

We employ bricklayers as well as block layers, can build a brick wall for you.

A brick wall can easily last very long period of time, so why have a fence built out of wood when you can have it built out to new brakes or reclaimed bricks.

Or you might want the wall to be built using breeze blocks, then to have the breeze blocks skimmed with concrete, then we can even paint the wall for you.


Lap panel fencing

If you want a low-cost fence, which can be built quickly, then we would recommend a lap panel fence, this is very affordable, and our team of fence builders can install it vary quickly for you. Even if you have a large garden, often we can build panel fencing around the hall garden sometimes just in one day.

Therefore, we can build a brand-new fence, which will look excellent in your garden, we can even get rid of your old fence for you. So, you haven’t got to fill the boot if your car up with the old fencing, and take it to the local council tip, because what we can do is we can get rid of all that fencing for you.

We can dispose of your fencing, by putting it into a skip, or taking it away on the back of one of our plans for you.


Feather edge fencing

The vast majority of the garden fencing that we build, in the city of Newport and also within Cardiff, is feather edge fencing which is also called close board fencing. This fencing can be very strong, if you hire the right fencing contractor to build it. Far too many fencing contractors build this type of fencing to quickly, and sometimes don’t even get the concrete mixture right.

For example, a common mistake is to mix the concrete and to use way too much sand, this produces what is called a mix of concrete.
This means that the concrete is not strong at all, and what happens is in a short period of time the fencing posts will come loose from the concrete, and the whole fence will start to break apart.

Therefore, what is needed is a fencing contractor that make sure that the feather edge fence is built very strong. We therefore bring in our cement mixers, and we make sure that we mix the cement correctly, we usually really thick posts, and we use top quality feather edge boards, that we buy from a timber merchants. We then build our fences so they are extra strong, our feather edge fences are therefore built to last. This is why our fencing company, can offer a guarantee on the feather edge fences that we build.

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