What are the main benefits of having a hit and miss fence built?



When a homeowner, is thinking about having a brand-new garden fence constructed, they often think about either a panel fence or close board fencing.

A lot of homeowners, opt for lap panel fencing, simply because it’s very cheap, so a garden fence can be built at a low cost.
On the other hand, a lot of people choose close board fencing, because it’s very durable. Therefore, we would say in the United Kingdom, lap panel fencing, and also feather edge fencing, are the most common types of fences.


But what about hit and miss?

Have you considered getting a hit and miss fence built?

Hit and miss fences, look good in any garden, if they are built right, by a carpenter, they can last a very long period of time as well.
Plus, because the wooden planks, that are used to build a hit and miss fence, have gaps in them, they can allow the air to flow through the fence.

This means that the wind can blow in between the gaps, causes less stress on the fence. The reason why most lap panel fences fall down, is due to really strong gusts of winds causing the thin pieces of wood to flex and ultimately the end of snapping under the pressure of the wind.
So, a hit and miss fence is stronger, it’s more durable and able to stand up to the wind because gusts of wind can flow through the wooden planks.

So, we thought it be worth dedicating a whole article, to explaining what hit and miss fencing is, and the advantages of owning this type of fence.

Is it just hit and miss fencing, which your business built?

No, we can build any type of fencing, we can build the fence composite, and composite fencing is often made from recycled plastics and sawdust.

We can build steel fencing, which is made of galvanised steel.

We can build fencing out of cast iron.

We can build all types of wooden fencing, we can build close board fencing, we can build picket fencing we can build panel fencing, this includes decorative panel fencing. We can also build chain-link fencing, we can also build steel fencing for businesses, steel fencing can be made from galvanised steel so that it is long-lasting.

We therefore can build any type of fence, whether it is made of cast iron, steel, wood or composite. We can build any type of fencing in Cardiff and Newport.

So how is hit and miss fencing built?

This type of fencing is built very differently from feather edge, it doesn’t have overlapping wooden panels. Instead, what it does have is chunky planks of wood, which are spaced, and the wooden planks on nailed either side of the wooden rail.

What this allows is for some sunlight to pass through, between the planks, and also the air to flow through the planks as well. Also, you have the added benefit, of both sides of the fence looking the same, because sometimes neighbour disputes can start, by one neighbour saying that they don’t want the back of the fence facing their garden, swerving a hit and miss fence, might be the solution sometimes, because miss fence looks similar both sides.

So how is this type of fencing built?

Simply put we often build the fence using wooden posts, which are embedded in concrete. We then add a wooden rail.
We then add hit and miss planks to each side of the rail.

As you can see this is a relatively simple type of fence to build, but with that said, if you want the fence to be robust, long-lasting and to get the best value for money from this type of fence, then the would need to be top quality.

We only purchase hit and miss timber, from timber merchants, though we know suppliers with top quality timber.

Is this a durable type of fence?

It is very durable, if a customer was to ask us what is the most durable type of fence, then one of the most durable types of fence that we can offer is hit and miss.

The reason for this is the air can pass through the wooden boards, which means that this type of fence can withstand the stresses and strains, the wind imposes on the fence better than some other types of fencing.

For example, when we are often called out, to repair a fence, after a heavy storm, often it panel fencing which has blown over.

Hit and miss is better designed to withstand the wind, because the wind can pass through the wooden boards.

We want the fence painted; can you have painted for us?

Yes, we most definitely can, our labourers can paint the fence for you for an additional cost.

Do you build hit and miss fencing for businesses?

Yes, we can also build wooden fencing for businesses.

Do you guarantee your fences?

Yes, we can offer a long guarantee on our fences.

Do you build garden fences in Cardiff?

Yes, we build garden fencing right throughout Cardiff.

Can you build hit and miss fencing in Newport, South Wales?

Yes, we can build hit and miss fencing, anywhere in Newport, in South Wales.

How much does hit and miss fencing cost?

This does depend on whether you want us to take the old fence away? If it’s a small amount of fencing then we can load this on our van and taken to be recycled. If it’s a large amount of fencing which needs to be disposed of, we might need to hire a skip, which will cost us extra to build the fence.

It is also dependent on whether we need to cut down and remove any shrubs, which might be in the way of us building the new fence.
It also depends on how long the fencing is, we can offer you a free quote, we can offer you a free quote in the evenings, in the mornings or on weekends.

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