What is “close board” fencing and what are the benefits of ownership?




So, you’ve just had a local fencing contractor around, and you’ve said, “give us a quote for durable, long-lasting fence”.

And you’ve been sent an e-mail, which has provided you with a quote for “close board” fencing, and your now bit confused, as you don’t know what close board fencing is, or what it looks like.

Do not worry, we are super helpful fencing contractors, and we will explain all, how this type of fencing is made, why it’s a good type of fencing, some of the advantages and disadvantages, and why it’s so important, and we can’t stress this point enough, why you need a good reputable fencing company who will guarantee their work.

Too many landscaping companies set up every year, stick a flyer through people’s doors, slap an advertisement in the local supermarket, or just knock on doors, and then sometimes, build low quality fencing, that’s rocking, and moving in the wind, and before you can blink, you have to hire a skip as the whole fence may have shaken its self to bits. And then the homeowner, may have lost thousands, to a fence that needs be ripped out of the ground (if its still standing) and thrown in a skip, so a quality, sturdy fence can be built.


So, what is close board?

Well, when you drive down most streets in the U.K you are bound to have past many fences made from close board, you just might not have known what the fencing was called, its basically fencing that comes in range of heights, or can be cut to size, it made from thin wooden boards, which simply overlap, and then nailed to a wooden rail.

It’s a very simple type of fence, yet we would recommend hiring a fencing contractor to build it, otherwise unless your good at DIY, its very easy for the fence to go wonky, this is why we recommend hiring us to build your fence. Close board fencing, when its built correctly can last a long period of time.


Would you recommend adding a concrete gravel board to a close board fence?

Yes, most definitely, concrete gravel boards can be bought very cheaply, yet they can extend the life of the fence, simply meaning that you get much better value for money.

Because if a close board fence, doesn’t have a concrete gravel board fitted at the bottom, then the bottom of the fence, can get eaten by wood worm, the wood worm then spreads throughout the fence, also its easier for wood rot to set into the pine wood, which will weaken the fence, and the whole fence can have wood worm and wood rot, and then when there’s strong wind, the whole fence falls over.

This is why, we recommend concrete gravel boards, and concrete fence posts, as this will enable the fence to last longer.

However, its important to say this, if you hire the wrong fencing contractor, and they don’t put the concrete post deep into the soil, and surround it with a lot of concrete, what can sometimes happen is because the concrete post is so heavy, if its not dug into the ground enough, then under the weight of the concrete post, it can actually topple over, taking a lot of the fence with it.

So, you may walk out side with the fencing company owner who the built fence, just after they have built the fence, and think, yes they done a good job- I must pay them now.

But if they haven’t placed the concrete post deep into the ground, and they have only put it in a shallow hole, or they haven’t mixed the concrete right, then the fence post may fall over, and also pulling some of the fencing with it, causing wood to snap, and the whole fence might need replacing.


We’ve been building fencing for donkeys’ years

We’ve been building fencing for over 10 years, we’ve built wooden, steel and composite fencing everywhere from Cyncoed, through to St Mellons, we offer great prices.



Is a close board fence a piece of cake to paint?

Yes, it most definitely is a piece of cake to paint a close board fence. The wood that we supply is pressure treated timber, on warm summers day, we would recommend painting the feather edge fence, with multiple coats of fence paint.

The pressure treated timber, is timber which designed for use outdoors, yet, when you paint the wood, it means that the fence can last even longer.


Would you recommend concrete posts or wooden posts?

It comes down to how you want your fence to look, most homeowners want their close board fence, built using timber posts, and not concrete. The reason is concrete posts can make a residential fence look a bit like a commercial fence, like fence you would find in a car park. A lot of homeowners don’t want their fence to look like a commercial fence, if the fence is being built in garden, so we often recommend wooden posts. However, if you are not worried about how the fence will look, and you just want the fence to last as long as possible, then it makes sense to pick concrete posts, because concrete doesn’t suffer wood worm.

The problem with wooden posts, is that wood worm can eat the wood, this will weaken the wood, then in a storm, when the wind is blowing strongly againist the fence, the posts, which have been eaten by wood worm might snap, causing the whole fence sometimes to fall over. This sometimes means that the whole fence will need replacing- this is why some homeowners want concrete gravel boards, and concrete posts, because they cant get eaten by wood worm.


Do you build close board fencing for businesses?

Yes, we do, many offices, supermarkets, car parks, have a close board fence built all around the business premises. We have built hundreds of wooden fences for businesses in Cardiff, our fencing company is often the fencing company which is hired, because we have a huge team of staff, we have insurance, and we can build wooden fencing very quickly.

Whether its acoustic fencing along a motorway, or one mile of close board fencing which needs to be built, we offer very competitive prices. We have an estimator, who will aim to get a quote back to you as soon as we can.

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