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Building a garden fence can seem like an easy task, a walk in the park, a piece of cake- however, some homeowners quickly see that it’s not that easy, for example sometimes concrete needs to be broken up, so new fence posts can be installed.

However, sometimes even when you hire a local business, sometimes some companies don’t build the fencing to last, sometimes the posts won’t be dug into the ground deep enough, so when first bit bad weather, comes the fences way, it might fall on the floor.

So, this is why so many homeowners in Wales call us. We are a very well-known fencing company, that’s now been building fencing for over 10 years.

Here’ some reasons why so many people hire us to build their fence


A lot of positive reviews on Google My Business

We have a lot of positive reviews left by our customers on Google My Business, sometimes, these business reviews are not just for fencing, but for a garden room, gazebo or decking we have built for the customer. We have accumulated a lot of positive reviews, and this is because offer affordable prices, we complete our work as quickly as we can, and also, we use top quality building materials.


Are you fencing contractors which use good quality timber?

Yes, one of the main reasons for our fencing company’s success, is we use good quality wood. When we buy wood from the builders’ merchants, we don’t opt for the cheapest wood, what we buy is quality wood, that we know will enable us to build quality fencing, that will last a long period of time.

And because the fencing is such good quality, our customers will be very happy with the quality the fence, and they often recommend us to their friends and family. This is why we have a lot of fencing work that comes from recommendations.

And one of the main reasons we get recommended, is because we simply buy quality wood, we know that cheap wood, will be full of knots, can warp, and sometimes its not pressure treated or dip treated correctly, so it might start to incur wood rot very quickly. For example, if a softwood, like pine, does not get dip treated correctly, and it’s used to build a fence, then wood worm can start to eat fence quickly, so the whole fence need replacing after a short period of time. So, it’s important that the wood is good quality, and that its dip treated, or it should be pressure treated timber which is used, we most use pressure treated timber, we think it lasts longer.


Are you fencing contractors that offer free quotes?

Yes, we are, we offer free quotes to build fencing, summerhouses, and decking.


We are fencing contractors which guarantee our work

Whether it’s a summerhouse, feather edge fencing, or composite decking we offer a guarantee on our services.


We can build all types of fencing

When you call some garden fence businesses, they may just offer two options, that is a panel fence and the more expensive option, which is feather edge. However, we don’t limit your options, we build every type of fence, from metal fencing, such as chain link fencing, through to composite fencing. We build every type of fence, where it’s made from metal, wood or composite.


Highly experience fence builders

Sometimes, fencing companies spring up during the summer, for example, they may advertise on a notice board at the local supermarket.

And some companies may have fence builders, that have only built a few fences, say a few fences made using feather edge wooden slats. However, our company is totally different, we have staff that have been building wooden fencing for over 10 years, so our fence builders have a large amount of experience building metal, timber and composite fencing. From building wooden panel fencing, through to chain link fencing for businesses, we have built every type of fence, for businesses, and homeowners. We build our fence to a very high standard, and every fence we build is guaranteed, so you can rest assured that you are getting good value for money.


As our company has grown so has the number of services we offer

We are a well-known fencing company, yet, as our company has grown so has the garden services we offer. Our large team of builders, can now build log cabins, decking and fencing. So, if you want a garden make-over then why not call us, we have many joiners working for us, meaning that everything from the timber decking, through to a 30k garden room, will be built to a high standard.


Competitive prices

Having a large team of joiners working for us in Cardiff, means that we can build decking, log cabins and fencing quickly. We offer very competitive prices, that’s whether its just to replace a few fence panels, or whether you want a large garden room, with a canopy built to the side, so you can a hot tub to the side of the garden room.

Our carpenters can build summerhouses, hardwood fencing, and also large decked areas.


Which areas does your business cover

We are fencing contractors that serve Cardiff. For our log cabins, we build these in Wales, and also the S.West. we have a dedicated team, which builds our garden rooms.


Which type of fencing does your fencing company build?

We build every type of wooden fencing, so this can vary from wooden panels, such as woven fence panels, through to hardwood fencing. We build every type of fencing, we also offer composite fences, which come with a long guarantee, we also build steel fences for businesses, so for example, if a new factory is being built then we can build chain link fencing.


Can you also paint the fence for us?

Yes, for an additional cost, we can paint the decking, fencing or your summerhouse for you.

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