Which colour should I paint my fence and garden shed?



Brightening your outdoor space, so your fence, you’re decking or your garden shed, is brilliant idea. Using quality paint can give your garden a makeover at a very cost.  is as simple as giving a fresh coat of paint or stain to your fence, shed, or garden furniture- and you can do it over a weekend, and by Monday the garden will be looking a lot better. Periodic maintenance of your outdoor wooden fixtures not only shields them from decay, such as wood rot, enhancing their longevity of the fence, or the garden shed, or even the deck chair could get a lick of paint, but can also contribute to their aesthetic appeal of your garden, so rather than the garden fence looking a bit shabby, why not give the fence a new lease of life, with some fence paint.

Today’s range of fence paints and stains enable you to accomplish helping to protect the wood, plus also making the fence look much better when its painted, and can help to improve the look of your garden. So which colour are you going to choose, are your going to choose, green, blue or grey?


What’s the most popular colour people select when painting their fence?

We would say most homeowners choose a wood colour; we would say that light brown is the most popular colour. However, more and more customers are painting their fence grey, light grey seems to be very popular colour of fencing, and we are fencing contractors that have built many composite fences, where the customer wants a grey fence.


How long will take you to paint the fence?

This does depend on if you want to hire us to paint multiple coats of paint, if you want multiple coats of paint it will take us longer.


Do you paint steel fences?

Yes we do, we paint wooden fencing, cast iron and also steel fences.


Do you paint wooden fences?

Yes we do, we can paint feather edge fencing, fence panels or your picket fence.


Do you paint decking?

Yes, we do, we can supply quality decking paint, and paint your decking for you.




What’s the right choice: paint or stain for my fence?


Historically, the distinction between exterior wood paint and wood stain was quite straightforward- yet most fence paints now are water based. Paint would completely obscure the wood, whereas the stain is often partially transparent. Of course, it does depend on the wood stain, if it’s a really dark colour, then you might not be able to see the wood anymore, so it’s like paint. Paints boasted a vast spectrum of colours, while stains were typically confined to various shades of brown or green or grey.





Which colour would suit my fence?


Theres so many colours to choose from, popular fence colours are grey, brown and green.   If your garden boasts a traditional look, for example you have a lawn, nice flowers, and bushes then you might your fence to be painted in a colour that’s similar to dark or light wood.

Other popular colours are light grey, for example you may have composite decking built, and the composite decking might be a light grey colour, so you may want your garden fence to be the same colour. A lot of garden fences are painted light grey colour.



We can also paint your garden fence, your garden shed, or garden furniture for you, so why not call us, and we can offer a quote?


Why should I paint my garden fence every year?

You will undoubtably want your garden fence to last as long as possible, you will want to get the best value for money out of your fence. So, to enable your garden fence to last longer, it needs to be painted or stained, with a quality fence paint. Otherwise, if a fence is not painted, then it could be made using softwood, such as pine, and pine will rot fairly quickly outdoors, if the wood is not sealed. It doesn’t take long to paint a large fence, so we would recommend the garden fence gets painted every year.

However, buying really cheap fence paint, we think is a false economy, simply because the fence paint might be water based, and actually just will be too watery, so we would recommend using a quality paint, which will help to protect the wood for longer. We can recommend different decking paints, different paints for your summerhouse or garden shed, we can also recommend paint for your fence.


Can you paint the garden fence for us?

Yes, we build all types of fencing, we build fencing made of cast iron, we build steel fencing, we build timber fencing we also build composite fencing.

Composite fencing doesn’t need painting, however, we can paint the timber fencing or the steel fencing for you, for additional cost.

So, if you are looking for Cardiff fencing company, that can build a fence and then paint it, then we can offer to do this for you. For example, you might run a business, and your company may use orange part of your branding, so you may want the fence in the car park to be painted orange too, we can do this for you. We can build steel or wooden fencing for your business, then we can paint it for you.

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