How our fencing can improve your front garden  



We think garden fencing, whether it’s for your front or back garden, should be more than just marking out a boundary with you and your neighbour, it should have a good design, so it improves your home.

It should be long lasting, and we would also recommend thinking about purchasing a fence made using composite, as this can help to protect our planet, as composite fencing, decking and cladding can sometimes be made using recycled plastics.

A garden fence can then therefore reflect your personal style, provides a warm welcome to any house, or to any commercial property such as a pub or restaurant. A garden fence can enhance the curb appeal of your property. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through numerous garden fencing ideas that you can incorporate in your front garden. Our goal is not just to inspire you, but also to help you to on how to make the best decision based on functionality, design, aesthetics, and sustainability.



Picket fencing

There’s a timeless charm to the white picket fence, or just a picket fence that hasn’t been painted, but is made from pressure treated timber, so it lasts a long period of time. A picket fence adds a touch of elegance to your front garden, and in a very short amount of time, this type of fence can be painted, because it’s a short fence, it’s easy to paint or stain.

A picket fence also allows light to flood through the gaps, ideal for showcasing your vibrant flower beds, a picket fence can be as low or as high as you prefer and our Cardiff joiners can build the picket fence to any height you want it to be built.

What about wrought iron fencing- more expensive, but lasts an incredibly long period of time, when its maintained


Iron wrought fencing can instantly enhance any front garden, some of the most expensive properties in London have wrought iron fencing, but why?

Well, it looks great, its long lasting, and it very durable. Wrought iron fencing is used on a lot of Victorian houses, you don’t tend to see wrought iron fencing on many newer properties. Not only does it offer robust security, but it also brings an air of grandeur with its intricate designs- possibly you own a Victorian house in say Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan? And you want the wrought iron fence replaced, because it has incurred a lot of rust, and it might be the original fence that come with the Victorian property, so it might be over 100 years old?

So why not get your wrought iron fence replaced? Here at Kingsley, we can replace your wrought iron fence.  



Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the best material for a front garden fence?

The best material depends on your preferences, for example, because we have joiners and carpenters which work for us, we can build any type of fence you like. We can also use any wood you like, from red cedar through to pine through to using beech, whatever type of Cardiff fence you want built we can build it for you.

Whether it’s made of wood, composite or steel we can build the fence for you. 




 What’s the most eco-friendly fencing material that your fencing company offers?

 We can offer to build garden fencing, decking or use cladding on your summerhouse which is  composite. There are many different manufacturers of composite, which make the composite using recycled plastics. Depending on the brand some companies, which manufacturer a high percentage of the composite product using recycled plastics, which means that these products are great for the environment.


 How much does it cost to install a front garden fence?

  The cost varies based on the type of material, design complexity, and the size of your property. For example you may want a garden gate built so big you can put a caravan or a motorhome in your garden. However, on the other hand, if you just want a normal sized garden gate, then we can build this for you at a low cost. We can buy garden gates which are already made, we can buy these from a builder’s merchants, however, you might want a garden gate made from say red cedar, our carpenters can build bespoke garden gate for you.



We also offer landscaping services in Cardiff


We can offer to replace your garden fencing, yet we can als lay artificial grass, we could build a new garden wall, decking, summerhouse or a pizza oven for you.

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