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We are fencing contractors with over 10 experience building garden fencing

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    Introduction Building a garden fence can seem like an easy task, a walk in the park, a piece of cake- however, some homeowners quickly see that it’s not that easy, for example sometimes concrete needs to be broken up, so new fence posts can be installed. However, sometimes even when you hire a

What to do if your garden fence incurs woodworm

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      When you've spent a substantial amount of time, painting, staining, and repairing your garden fence, and you’ve put in a large amount of effort over the summer to maintain your fence, and keep it in good condition, then it can be disheartening to discover that woodworm has set into the fence, and

Which colour should I paint my fence and garden shed?

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    Brightening your outdoor space, so your fence, you’re decking or your garden shed, is brilliant idea. Using quality paint can give your garden a makeover at a very cost.  is as simple as giving a fresh coat of paint or stain to your fence, shed, or garden furniture- and you can do it

How our fencing can improve your front garden  

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  Introduction We think garden fencing, whether it’s for your front or back garden, should be more than just marking out a boundary with you and your neighbour, it should have a good design, so it improves your home. It should be long lasting, and we would also recommend thinking about purchasing a fence made

A guide to buying a summerhouse

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 Introduction   A summerhouse can be a fantastic addition to any garden, offering a great place to go enjoy reading a good book, or simply offering a room, where you can go and complete some work on your laptop. A summerhouse built by Hyden Bros will be well built, and use top quality building materials.