The many benefits that come from purchasing composite decking and fencing from us



For a lot of homeowners in The Vale of Glamorgan areas, like Penarth, Cowbridge and Barry, when a garden fence becomes damaged, say during strong winds, they might replace their old fence with the same type of fencing again.

But we would say, would you like to purchase a better-quality fence, one that never needs painting, that’s durable, and also offered at a competitive price- then why not hire us to build a composite fence for you?

Your current panel fence may have only lasted let’s say three years, that’s before it started to become damaged, with fencing slats falling off, the fence posts becoming rotten at the bottom, with wood rot, and some of the fencing panels may have become broken, and are now moving in the wind?

So, we could build a high quality garden fence, built using composite.


If you would like a composite garden fence built, we build them in the following areas:

–        The Vale of Glamorgan

–        Barry Fencing

–        Cowbridge

–        Penarth


We also build fencing in theses areas:

Cardiff, South Wales




We build:

–        Composite fences

–        Hit and miss

–        Feather edge

–        Panel fencing

–        Hardwood fences

–        Picket fences

–        Commercial fencing

–        Metal

–        Chain link

Plus, you have to think of all the maintenance on the fence, for example, as soon as the fence starts to look a bit run down, the homeowner might want to paint it with a coat of fence paint, the problem with that is this can be time-consuming.

On a nice warm summer’s day, often a lot of homeowners don’t want to be painting the fence, they’d rather be drinking an icecold beverage in a deck chair on your decking for example.

This is why we highly recommend composite, it doesn’t need any maintenance, in terms it never needs to be painted plus we can supply some top quality brands of composite decking and fencing so you know you will be buying a quality product from us.

Let’s start to have a look at some of the benefits of purchasing composite decking as well as fencing



In Cardiff there will be many homeowners, that simply haven’t got the time to be painting their fence and a don’t want be repairing their fence when if it becomes damaged, and if it’s a cheap wooden panel fence, then this might be  quite often.

That’s because low quality panel fencing, sometimes doesn’t last that long at all, and this why many homeowners looking for a low maintenance type of fence that lasts a bit longer.

And that’s exactly what composite can do, so if you don’t want to be getting the paint tins out and having to paint the whole fence, each summer, then you might want to consider composite it can save a lot of time, that’s simply because it never needs to be painted.


Wet weather

Here in Great Britain it could be argued that during the winter it feels like it never stops raining here in Britain, hence the expression it’s “raining cats and dogs”, meaning quite simply when it does start to rain in this country it can be quite heavy rain.

All of this rain can then saturate into the ground, which causes the soil to be wet for a long period of time, this can cause a problem for the wooden fence posts and the wooden fence itself, because it is constantly soaked in water, this can be the perfect condition for wood rot the set into the timber posts and fencing.

And because we have such a wet British climate, a lot of homeowners want a more durable fence, that will last longer than some other types of fencing, one that is not made from timber, that instead made from composite.

So if you’re looking for a type of fence, that will never suffer from wood rot then why not consider getting a composite fence built?


Fencing contractors Cardiff

We have quite literally built hundreds of metal, composite and timber fences right across Cardiff, therefore if you are looking for fencing contractors which have a huge amount of experience building all types of fencing then why not give our company a call?  


Local fencing companies

If you are looking for a local fencing company to build a composite fence for you, then why not call us, our sales staff can come out and meet you, we can show you our brochures of all the different colour options we can offer you, such as having a blue, green or brown fence, we also build composite decking as well.

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