How long will it take for your fencing company to build our new garden fence?




When you’re having any construction work done on your house, whether that be for a room to be plastered, or lets say for somebody to fix the electrics, or for our fencing team to build a new garde fence for you, you don’t want to take a large amount of time off work for these companies to be completing their work.

So, if you do need to take time off work, you simply want the companies take the shortest amount of time possible to complete their work.

And this is why a lot of people hire us at Hyden Bros to build their fencing in Cardiff, simply because we have a massive team of labourers, which simply means that we can install a new garden fence quickly. Plus, to save you the hassle of having to demolish your old garden fence, then fill your car with the waste and drive it to local recycling facility, we can simply get rid of your old garden fence for you.

We build garden fencing quickly

Some types of garden fencing can be built is a lot quicker than some others, so we thought it be a good idea to write a rather handy article, explaining which types of garden fencing we build, and also which types of fencing that we can build quickly.



There are a lot of landscaping within businesses Cardiff, that some offer a massive range of garden services, for example, some can offer to cut down large trees, build patios, say using Welsh flag stones, and some may even offer to clean say a brick driveway, by offering pressure washer for example.

However, our business mainly focuses on just building wooden fencing and also decking, this experience of building so much wooden fencing means that our company is capable of building any type of fencing quickly, for businesses in Cardiff or for our residential customers.

So, without further ado let’s look at some other types of fencing that we offer, and which types of fencing we can build the quickest

Wooden Panel Fencing

Undoubtedly, the quickest type of garden fencing that we build, is called “panel fencing”, you will have most definitely seen this type of fencing before, as it is the most common types of fencing that’s built in the United Kingdom.

Quite simply put, the wooden panels are already manufactured, therefore this is what makes this type of fence is so quick to build.

So, our labourers can get to work with demolishing the old fence, sometimes this means using a jack-hammer to break out the old concrete, and then removing your fence posts and placing these in the skip for you.

Once we have placed the old fence in the skip, all we need to do is to the fencing posts in the ground, mix the concrete, and then nail the fencing panels in place.

Because the wooden fencing panels are already manufactured, we don’t need to cut any wood, and because we are just simply nailing the fencing panels to the wooden posts, this is what allows this type of fence to be built very quickly.

Plus, we have many labourers, so with some fencing contractors, they may just have one member of staff building the entire fence.  This means that the wooden fence will take much longer to build, yet, here at Hyden Bros, we build so many fences in Cardiff, because we have a large team of staff, which can build the fence fast.

We build our fencing in

–        Cardiff fencing

–        Vale of Glamorgan

–        Newport

We can also build feather edge fencing quickly as well

The next type of garden fencing that we can build quickly is called “feather edge”, the reason that this type of fence can be built quickly, is because the wooden feather edge slats are simply nailed to the wooden rail one after the other and this work can be completed quickly. Therefore the way we build our feather edge fencing is one person holds the feather edge slat and another nails it to nail with a nail gun, this allows us to build long lengths of fencing very quickly.


Hit and miss

Hit and miss does take slightly longer to build, just because of how the wooden boards are fixed to the wooden rail, however we can build this type of fence very quickly as well

Do you need a fencing contractor that can build a fence quickly?

Perhaps your fence has been hit by a strong storm, and your whole fence is now blown , or it could be that you’ve just moved into a property and you want a new garden fence built because you have a dog, and want to keep your dog(s)enclosed in the garden? It could also be the case that you simply just want a hire a fencing contractor that has a large team of staff, like our fencing company, to build fencing and decking quickly?

If so why not call us, we build:

Metal fencing, such as chain link fencing

Wooden fencing, such as picket fencing

Composite fencing

We have a large team of labourers, carpenters and also managers, so we can make sure that your entire garden fence is built very quickly.

Therefore if you want metal, composite or wooden fence built in Cardiff, then why not give us a ring?

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