Concrete or wooden fence posts- which would be best for my garden?


When you ask a fencing contractor to come out and offer you a price, to build a new fence, they will ask you which type of fencing you would like, as well as which type of fence post you would like.

They may ask you whether you want a concrete or a wooden post, and you might be unsure as to which option you should opt for. Therefore, this guide is for you, it will simply explain the benefits of opting for a concrete fence post and also the benefits of opting for a wooden fence post.

However, what we would say right from the outset is, whether you opt for a wooden post or a concrete post, the most important thing is that it’s correctly built.

Too many fences get built in an absolute rush, this can mean that the concrete of the wooden posts are put into holes just simply to shallow. Then during the first storm that they encounter, they may simply blow over because they are not properly put into the ground into a deep hole.

Then in the whole there needs to be a large amount of good quality concrete, the cement needs to completely surround the fence post.

Too many fences get built, and the concrete is not properly mixed, sometimes is not enough concrete used at all.

This simply means that in strong winds, that the composite, steel all the wooden fence simply falls over.

This is why when many homeowners as well as businesses in Cardiff require a fencing contractor that has over 10 years’ experience building steel, composite and timber fencing they call us.


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Timber fences, including picket, hit and miss, panel, close board, feather edge, hardwood, trellis, red cedar fencing.

Steel fencing, do you own a business and you require a fence to be built your company? Why not call us we build fencing for businesses.


Why opt for a concrete fence post?

There are some advantages as well are some disadvantages to opting to have a concrete post, the main advantage is that a concrete post can last a long period of time.

For example, if you were to look at the fencing that is used on most industrial estates in Cardiff, you will often see a chain link fence which has a concrete post, sometimes with barbed wire across the top.

The main reason why concrete posts are chosen, is because they can last a long period of time and therefore very durable.

Also, concrete posts are relatively inexpensive.

The disadvantage with a concrete post is it is often very heavy, the problem with this is if it’s not correctly built, in that it doesn’t have a deep enough whole for the concrete post to go into, then it may simply fall over because of its own weight.

Because a concrete post is so heavy, as soon as it starts the lean for, you can start to bring down a large section of the fencing.

Therefore, if you are going to hire a commercial fencing company, then it’s most definitely worth making sure that they have experience of building concrete fence posts.

What you want is a quality concrete fence post and you wanted to be built solid.

Concrete fence post don’t just have to be used for commercial fencing they are often used in gardens as well, often the homeowner will also opt for matching concrete gravel boards.

If you were to opt for concrete gravel boards and you were to combine this with concrete fence posts as well as close board fencing, then if this is built correctly, then this can be a very strong type of fence.

Therefore, the advantages of a concrete fence post is that it can be very long lasting, relatively cheap and also if built correctly the fence can be very strong.

The disadvantages of using a concrete post are, if the fence is not built correctly, then the concrete post can be so heavy that it can pull down a large section of the fence.


What are the advantages of opting for a wooden post?

Whether we are building hit and miss, feather edge, or a hardwood fence, most of our customers here in Cardiff will opt for a wooden post. We would say the vast majority of fencing that we build in our customers gardens, will use a wooden post.

A wooden post is relatively inexpensive to purchase, plus if it is put into the ground into a deep hole, then it can help to make a strong garden fence.

However, it’s really important that the concrete is correctly mixed, you need to use good quality concrete that is mixed to the right ratio stand and cement.

This is really important because if the cement does not properly hold the wooden post, then the wooden posts might start to move slightly in the breeze, this slight movement might not look much it might be less than half an inch.

However, it might be enough to move the wooden rail away from the wooden post and then the fencing slats may also start to fall off.

This can mean that if the fencing post has not got enough concrete around it, then the whole fence may start to fall apart.


Are you looking for a Cardiff fencing company?

There are quite literally hundreds of fencing contractors, there are some fencing companies that only build commercial fencing, there are other fencing contractors that only build composite fencing. However, the reason why we are often hired is because we have been building fencing now for well over 10 years.

We are simply able to build any type of fence, we don’t just offer timber fencing, we can also build steel fencing as well as composite fencing.

So, if you are looking for Cardiff fencing company why not give us a ring today?

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