What are the main the benefits of choosing a wooden panel fence?




You may have asked your local fencing contractor, to provide several different quotes, for different types of fencing for your garden. However, with that said, you might now be scratching your head, thinking well, why is wooden panel fencing the cheapest option?

For example, it might be substantially cheaper than the next options such as opting for close board fencing?

You might now be thinking while what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a wooden panel fence?

Well, why not let us elaborate, we are fencing contractors, which have been building fencing throughout Cardiff the last 10 years, so we are well placed to explain the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a panel fence.


Quick to build

There’s no doubt about it, a panel fence can be built very quickly, especially if the wooden or the concrete posts are being reused and the only thing that been changed are the fencing panels.

So, you might have a very long garden, but a lot of fencing contractors can often build a brand-new panel fence in just a single day.

The reason for this is the panels are already put together, then already made by fence manufacturer, they just need to be put onto the van and taken to the persons garden and then nailed or bolted to the posts.



The cheapest fencing option that we offer, is a panel fence, substantially cheaper than other types of fencing, simply because the fencing panels can often be bought cheaply.

With that said, there are much more expensive fencing panels, for example if the fence is to be made of composite then this is much more expensive normally would.

However, if you are looking for a cheap garden fence, then wooden panel fencing can often be bought cheaply.

The quality does vary so if you want a much more robust type of fence, for example a panel fence that looks like feather edge, and this is normally more expensive.


Easy to paint

A panel fence is normally very easy to paint, the reason for that is there are lengths of wooden slats, which simply means that a water-based fence staying can simply just be brushed over the fence quickly.

This means that this type of fence can normally be painted very quickly.



For some homeowners they may want climbing plants to grow up the fence and along trellis at the top, this provides more privacy, plus you can have types of plants which flower in the summer, so it can be a great fence for any garden.

For example, you might want to plant a growing plant, it grows along the trellis, and flowers so that it helps the bees.



Do you want a garden fence that you never ever need to paint?

Well for a bit more money, you could get a composite fence, which can often be built as quickly as a wooden panel fence, but it has the benefit of never needing to be painted, because it is made from composite.


Fencing contractor

Whatever type of fence that you opt for, make sure you pick a fencing contractor that builds the fence so that it is built strong, to do this you need the post to be properly concreted into the ground.

You also need good quality timber, whether that’s a panel fence or you opt for a hardwood fence, make sure that your fencing company supplies you with top quality timber.

Also ask a fencing contractor, how long they guarantee the fence for, you might find that the guarantee period varies greatly between the different fencing companies that you call.

For example, if you’re paying a lot of money for a composite fence, you should ask how long it is guaranteed for to make sure you get good value for money from your fencing company.

If you would like a free quote for a composite fence, or another type of fence such years feather edge or hit and miss then why not give our business a ring today?

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