We require a fencing contractor to build a new feather edge fence, can you help?


Whether you own a business and you would like a feather edge fence built, or you would like a fence built for your garden, we are here to help. We build what is called “feather edge fencing”, this is also referred to as close board fencing as well.

If you would like feather edge fencing built, why not call us? We are fencing contractors that have been building feather edge for over 10 years, we therefore have experienced tradesmen, and managers who will make sure that we build a quality fence for you.

Why should we hire you to build our fence?

We simply use very high-quality wooden fences, whether that’s a hardwood, hit and miss or a feather edge fence, your new fence will be built to a high standard. This is why we have so many 5 star reviews on Google My Business.

And this is exactly why we are such a popular fencing company within the city of Cardiff, because we simply build quality timber fencing and we have received so many positive reviews from our customers.

So if your on Google, and your looking for “fencing contractors Cardiff”- well why not call us? Here’s why so many people hire Hyden bros?

–        Reliable, we have a large team who can build your fence, sometimes in one day

–        Quality, we only buy really high quality feather edge fencing

–        Value for money- we offer free quotes, and very competitive prices


Fencing contractors

As you will know, there are thousands of fencing contractors that you can choose from. If you were to search “fencing companies Cardiff”- there are so many companies on Google, that you can choose to build your fence- so why choose Hyden Bros?


Well, we are simply a very popular fencing company, that have been building composite, metal and timber fencing for a very long time. You might have seen one of our many vans driving around Cardiff?

That’s because we have a large team, so for example, on anyone working day, we could be building 3 fences in different parts of Cardiff.

Or alternatively you might have seen one of our hard-working team working within your street?

You have a family or friend that’s recommend us, we receive a lot of recommendations.

The reason why we are often chosen by so many homeowners is simple, we have a huge amount of experience of building fencing- so all of our fences are built to a high standard.



Where some landscaping businesses have focused on offering a large range of services, our business is different, we have concentrated mainly just building decking and fencing.

This therefore means that we can build our metal, timber or composite fencing quickly, because we have an experienced team who have built hundreds of fences. Plus we have also made sure that the companies that supply us with our timber, that’s the local builders merchants, only supply us with quality wood, and other quality building materials that we need, such as concrete posts.

So this means that when you hire us as your fencing contractors, you will know that all of the building materials we use are high quality.


Are you also able to repair fencing as well?

Quite often we will be called out to a customer’s garden, because after a really heavy storm, sections of the fencing may have become damaged in the strong winds.

With that said, parts of the garden fence might be perfectly fine, and not have become damaged by the strong winds. Therefore we sometimes don’t need to replace the whole fence, just some of the fencing may need replacing.

So what we can do is simply come along, have a look at the fence posts and the panels which need replacing and offer a quote just to repair them. This will save our clients money, by not  having to replace the whole fence.

We don’t have the time to dispose of our old garden fence, can you recycle it for us?

We most certainly can, we know that most of our customers will be busy at work when they are having their new garden fence built.

Often therefore many homeowners do not therefore want to spend their weekend taking down there old garden fence, and then hiring a skip to have the fence removed.

Instead, many homeowners would prefer us to get rid of the old fence for them, and have the new fence built straightaway. And because we have such a large team of staff, we can simply get to work with demolishing your garden fencing sending it for recycling.


Do you just build feather edge fencing?

Some landscaping businesses will to say to their customers, we only build feather edge fencing, however we know that our customers often want different types of garden fencing built as well, such as “hit and miss”, “picket fencing”, we can build that for our customers as well in Cardiff.


Do you have a lot of positive business reviews?

We have built hundreds of garden fences within Cardiff, therefore we have gained lot of positive business reviews from our customers.

For example, we have made built a garden fence in one street, and often the neighbours see our high-quality work and also want the same fencing built for their garden, they ask us for a free quote so that we can build a garden fence for them.

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