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How long will it take for your fencing company to build our new garden fence?

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    Introduction When you’re having any construction work done on your house, whether that be for a room to be plastered, or lets say for somebody to fix the electrics, or for our fencing team to build a new garde fence for you, you don’t want to take a large amount of time off

Concrete or wooden fence posts- which would be best for my garden?

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Introduction When you ask a fencing contractor to come out and offer you a price, to build a new fence, they will ask you which type of fencing you would like, as well as which type of fence post you would like. They may ask you whether you want a concrete or a wooden post,

What are the main the benefits of choosing a wooden panel fence?

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    Introduction You may have asked your local fencing contractor, to provide several different quotes, for different types of fencing for your garden. However, with that said, you might now be scratching your head, thinking well, why is wooden panel fencing the cheapest option? For example, it might be substantially cheaper than the next

How to choose the best garden fence for you garden

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  Introduction You might think that choosing a new garden fence is an absolute piece of cake, a walk in the park if you will- something that doesn’t require much thought, and can just be purchased straight away? However, what can sometimes occur, is that if all the different fencing options are not considered, is

 We require a fencing contractor to build a new feather edge fence, can you help?

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Introduction Whether you own a business and you would like a feather edge fence built, or you would like a fence built for your garden, we are here to help. We build what is called “feather edge fencing”, this is also referred to as close board fencing as well. If you would like feather edge