Which garden fencing options do you offer and how much do they cost?




Your current fence might be looking a bit worse for wear?  So, its not exactly enhancing your garden, in matter of fact, well its letting it down.

Your current fence might have fencing slats which have dropped down, so you can see right the way through the fence, and on other sections of the panel fencing they may have completely blown over?

Or you might have a feather edge fence which has started to warp, and that the fencing slats, all buckled and may have become grey in colour?

Needless to say, you would now like a new fence built which enhances your garden, but this has you thinking what type of fencing do you need? There’s a very long list of options, here’s some of them:


–        Close board fencing

–        Hardwood fencing

–        Composite

–        Hit and miss

–        Picket

–        Chain link

–        Metal fencing

And also, as we are currently in a cost of living crisis, a lot of us might be thinking, “how much do your fences actually cost?”

So, we thought that we would write a rather helpful guide, and we can set all of the different fencing options that we offer, and we will also state whether that’s the cheapest, or our more expensive type of fencing that we offer. Also talk about the types of fencing which are very popular, and simply offer excellent value for money, even though they might not be not the cheapest they are simply a bit more robust.

So, without further ado, let’s start looking at the different types of garden fencing that you can have built by Hyden Bros.


Close board fencing

When you’re driving down most streets, you will see close board fencing within most streets, simply because it is simply very popular here in the U.K.

 Here in the United Kingdom it is one of the most popular types of timber fencing that is used by homeowners, and businesses.

And there is a good reason for that, if it’s built to a high standard by the fencing company, then it can offer excellent value for money because it can be robust.

For example, you might hire a fencing contractor, which builds the following type of feather edge fence:

–        They dig a deep hole for the fencing post to go into

–        They purchase quality concrete

–        They mix the concrete, sand and water correctly

–        They use a quality timber fence post

–        They may use a concrete post

–        They make sure that the post is set in the ground

–        They purchase quality timber

–        They use quality feather edge

–        All of the fence is build using galvanised wood nails


DIY fencing

Some homeowners might simply have had enough of building a fence themselves, using cheap fencing, where it might have taken the whole weekend to build, and then in another year’s time it needs to be replaced again as strong winds may damaged it.



Therefore, a lot of homeowners call fencing contractors, like Hyden Bros, to get quality garden fencing built that is robust.

Because the thing is, say during a really heavy storm in Cardiff, a garden fence will undergo a lot of stress and strains during the strong winds- which can sometimes cause substantial damage to a fence.

Therefore, if you’ve purchased a low quality and flimsy panel fence, then this can sometimes blow over in strong winds, and because the fence might be cheaply made in might not be able to be repaired neither.


Close board fencing

Yet if the close board fencing is built correctly built, it can be robust, this is often why businesses use it as well, because they want a fence that’s low maintenance, this is often why say in drive through takeaway business, you may see a feather edge fence used to surround the business.

We can build garden fence in a short period of time

Our staff have huge amounts of experience building timber fencing, whether is for a really large garden, an agricultural fence to help keep livestock contained in a field, or let’s say a new chain link fence to surround a large factory, we can build it for you.


Make sure your wooden fence is built right

That’s this is an important point, as there are hundreds of fencing companies you can choose from, and you might find a fencing contractor let’s say via social media, you might find a fencing contractor in your local shop noticeboard, you might find a fencing contractor by simply jotting down a number because you seen on the side of a van.

Yet what you need to make sure is when he comparing quotes, that the fence that’s built is built to high standard, and by that you should ask the fencing contractor for a guarantee. For example, you should ask what the guarantee period is on each type of fence, because with some Cardiff fencing companies, they may offer a longer guarantee on composite fencing, than they would say a panel fence.

So make sure you ask, how long the guarantee is on the fencing.


Composite fencing comes in a huge range of colours

Because composite fencing panels comes in a range of colours, this means that you never got to paint your fence.

Just think of all the time you save every summer, that’s instead of going out your garden and  giving the garden fence a new coat of paint every summer, you don’t have to do this with a composite fence.

How much does composite fencing cost?

Composite fencing is made by a wide range of different companies which manufacturer this type of fencing. For example some composite fencing is much cheaper than others makes, so we will need to show you the brochures, and then you can select from all the different brands.

Therefore, when we meet with you, we can show you many brochures for composite fencing, which show the different brands, and colours we can offer.

You might see within the glossy brochures a colour of fence that you want, for example a light shade of brown.

Also a lot of the composite fencing even though it’s not made from real wood, the composite fence can be made to look like wood.

You can therefore have the benefit of a garden fence that looks like real wood, but the advantage is, because its composite fencing, unlike wood, you never need to paint it.

Panel fencing

At this current time of writing, we are going through a cost of living crisis here in Britain, and a lot of things have increased in price due to inflation.

Timber prices have also increased in cost as well, sometimes quite significantly, and this is meant that to get a garden fence built now has become more expensive for many homeowners.

This now means that some homeowners might now be looking for cheaper garden fencing options, and here at Hyden Bros we can offer you cheaper fencing options to choose from. For example if your looking for a Welsh fencing contractor that can build fencing which is more affordable, then we are here to help, we can offer panel fencing, feather edge, and picket fencing, which are all offered at affordable prices.

Do you own a large garden? And need an affordable type of garden fencing?

For example, you might have long garden, and during strong winds the whole fence may have blown over in Cardiff? And the cost of repairing or replacing the fence, well, this is something you did not expect that you would have to be forking out on this month. You are therefore looking for a garden fence that can be built at a competitive price, and this is where our fencing company can help you.

 We can build:


Feather edge

And picket fencing

Only part of my garden fence needs replacing, can you just replace a few fencing panels for us?

Sometimes, in some gardens the fencing posts might be perfect, they might be embedded into the concrete and still are very strong, so they can be used again.

Sometimes some of the wooden fencing panels might be perfectly fine for example if a fencing panel is up against a large hedge in your garden, so sometimes the fence can be protected by the hedge, and therefore the strong winds may not have damaged some of the fence.

However, in other parts of your garden, there might be very strong winds hitting the fence, and this might be the part of the garden where the fence has blown over and that part of the fence is now broken.

So, we could just replace the wooden fencing panels that become damaged by the storm, this way we will save you money, as some of the fence might be fine, and we can just repair the broken fencing panels for you.

Because fencing panels are relatively inexpensive, this is our cheapest fencing option, that we can offer to you. So if your looking for a low cost fence, why not opt for this option?


Therefore, if your garden fence has blown over, say during a storm, then why not give Hyden bros a ring?

How much does a panel fence cost to build?

With panel fencing, there are huge range of different wooden and composite panel fence options you can select.

So, for example there are you really cheap fencing panels, which are manufactured at the very low-cost, yet sometimes a problem with some cheap fencing panels are that the fencing slats can be thin, and actually sometimes be quite flimsy, so might want to pay a bit more and get better quality panel fence.

The other option a is to have a panel fence, is to opt for a panel fence that’s made from feather edge slats, even though the feather edge slats already assembled into a wooden panel, these are more sturdy type of fencing panel, and we can offer this fencing option.

Also you might want a panel fence but also have wooden trellis which is built at the top of the fencing panel.


Would you like hit and miss fencing built?

You might not know what “hit and miss fencing” is, well, we will explain, hit and miss fencing is simply wooden fencing the looks similar on both sides of the fence. This is a brilliant option therefore if your neighbour and you want the fence to look the same both sides, that’s because sometimes a neighbour will say that they don’t want the back of the fence facing there garden, so hit and miss offers a solution, as it looks similar both sides.

So what we can do, is build hit and miss fence for you, this fence has a wooden rail, so that’s the same as you would with feather edge fence, but the difference is that a hit and miss boards look different from feather edge, and then they are nailed alternate sides of the wooden rail.

This allows if you would stand at an angle, to partially see through the fence, and this is important because it allows some air to flow through the fence.

Therefore, sometimes when our customers contact us, and want an extra strong fence built, sometimes what we recommend to them, is that they opt for a concrete fence post, which sometimes has rebar within the concrete post, thats made of steel and this will make the post very strong. Or you may want to opt for a wooden post?

We can build hit and miss fence, with really extra thick wooden panels on it, which will be good quality timber, and then what we can do is, is we can fit the wooden panels onto the the wooden rail.

In in areas where there are strong winds, this allows some of the wind to blow through the fence.

This is important because when you consider a wooden panel fence, if the construction of the wooden panel is not that strong, then what can happen is with the stresses and strains that the wind imposes on it, the panel fence can bend, which means that it will eventually break.

However, with an extra strong hit and miss fence, which is made using really good quality timber, it can last a long period of time, plus with have the gaps in the fence, this will allow the airflow, so this is brilliant if you live in an area where is really strong winds.

Does your fencing company build hardwood fencing?

We do, this is the most expensive fencing option that we offer to our customers, yet some customers will want to opt for a garden fence that is constructed using hardwood.


That’s because when you choose to have a hardwood fence built, you can choose from a huge selection of different hardwoods, yet when our fencing company purchases the actual hardwood from the timbers merchants, it is very expensive to buy, that’s because it’s a really expensive type of timber, which means that this type of fence is expensive to build.


Plus a hardwood fence will require maintenance as well, for example a hardwood fence might need to a lacquer applied to the hardwood, when we are building your fence, we can recommend different lacquers and products that can use to protect wood.

Sometimes some homeowners may want us to return every time that the lacquer needs to be applied to the wood, we can offer to do this at an additional cost.

The main reason why you might want to pick a hardwood fence, is simply because it looks so different from most types of wooden fencing. Therefore if you want a fence which really stands out is being a luxury type of wooden fencing, then what you need is hardwood fence.

And because in our company we directly employ many carpenters, our carpenters can use the same hardwood to make say front gates for the front of your property, as well in a side gate, so you have  have the fencing, and the gates all made from hardwood.

We can make a hardwood fence for you.

Why do so many homeowners in Cardiff choose Hyden Bros to build their fence?

You might have seen one of our many of our tipper vans driving around Cardiff?  

That’s with our company branding on the van.

That’s because we have many staff working for us, which are always very busy working across Cardiff, building wooden, metal and composite fencing for businesses and for homeowners,  we simply build real high-quality fencing.

With a landscaping business they normally offer a huge range of garden services, for example they can offer everything from building a patio for you, to cutting your hedge, and some landscaping companies, may even offer services such as power washing down your driveway for example.

Our company is a bit different, that’s because we only focus on building fencing and also decking.

Also here at Hyden bros another reason we are a popular fencing company is because we have a large team, so when we hired to build a fence within a garden within Cardiff, our team can get to work on building the fence quickly.


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