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Sometimes, some homeowners call us as just want a garden fence repaired or replaced, yet sometimes we are the company that’s chosen because the homeowners really want to push the boat out, and have their whole garden improved. Sometimes therefore the homeowner wants our company can transform the whole garden and improve it.

The homeowner may want:

–        A new summerhouse

–        A new garden room

–        A new log cabin

–        Decking either made from composite or timber

–        Fencing

–        Patio

–        Old shed, garage or green house demolished and taken away

–        New lawn

–        Landscaping work

–        Raised flower beds made from railway sleepers


Landscaping companies Cardiff

We are a company that can offer you a wide range of garden services which range from just repairing your fence, for example a panel fence, which has become broken and is in need of replacement. Right through to offering completely transforming your whole garden by building, log cabins, a patio, decking, new fencing and perhaps you would like the garden to be more level? If so we can bring in excavators into  your garden, and level the soil, so you have a level lawn.

We thought therefore we would write a blog post, which gives you a better idea of the different garden services which we can offer to you.

We shall also explain why we’re such a popular landscaping company and why Hyden are often choose to complete a lot of landscaping work in Cardiff.


Perhaps you’ve just bought a new property in Cardiff, yet the garden might be in need improving?

It might be a fence that’s hanging down, the garden might be bumpy and full of brambles, there might be an old garage which is simply falling apart?

Therefore, sometimes we are asked to complete the landscaping work and we can completely change the appearance of your whole garden.

We can level your lawn using mini diggers

For example sometimes many excavators are brought into a garden, the whole garden is then made level, and any excess oil is put into a skip and is transported by wheel barrow into a skip.

This can mean that the garden becomes more level, at the same time we can demolish any unwanted garages, wooden sheds and greenhouses for you.

In its place then we can lay fresh new law, so come the summer you will have a new lawn to cut and mow.

Garden fencing

We have a really good reputation for building quality wooden fencing, and at this moment in time you may not know which type of garden fence you would like? You may not know if you want close board, chain link, or composite fencing built?

You might want a fence which they never have to paint? Then we can recommend to you a composite fence.

You might want a low cost fence, we can be built quickly and in this case we often recommend panel fencing to be built.

Alternatively you may have had a conversation with your neighbour, and they may have stated that they don’t want the back of the fence to be facing there house, they want a fence that looks the same both sides.

In this case we can often recommend a “hit and miss fence” that can look similar both sides, so one neighbour hasn’t got the back of the fence facing them.

Perhaps you want a hardwood fence? We can build this for you?

Perhaps you want a fence built on your front lawn, we can recommend a picket fence.

Perhaps you would like a feather edge fence built with concrete posts?


Garden decking

Perhaps during the summer you like to sit in your garden, on a patio table and chairs, which is placed on your decking and read a magazine while having a cup of coffee?

Well, why not hire us to build composite decking, so that you can have an area where you can sit out read your favourite magazines and enjoy a hot chocolate?

We build a lot of decking within Cardiff, and we don’t just offer to build timber decking, that’s because a lot of people now want what is called composite decking, the advantages of composite decking are clear, it never needs to be painted.

 It also will not suffer from incurring wood worm, that’s to say if you do opt for composite decking, wood work will not eat the boards, the reason for that is the composite boards are not made entirely from timber, so they can’t suffer from woodworm.

Instead, composite decking is a manufactured product, at first glance it can even look like wood, because some products are made to look like they have the green of wood and also a similar colour.

It’s only when you cut the composite decking in half using Microsoft, you start to see that it looks a bit more like plastic type of construction, however often the construction of the composite is more complicated than just using plastic is often a combination of difference materials that go into making the product.

What we would say is that composite varies greatly in terms of quality, if you are to composite decking do choose a quality brand so that you get fantastic value for money.

Do you really want to push the boat out, and have a summerhouse built as well

perhaps you really want to improve your garden, and you don’t want to just stop it having a new lawn, fencing and decking built you are looking at other ways that you can improve the garden and get more use out of it throughout the entire year. You may therefore want a summerhouse, log cabin garden room built in Cardiff? You may also want us to build orangery for you or perhaps you would like us to build a new brick wall for example?

Garden rooms

We also build garden rooms now in Cardiff, we can therefore offer to complete all of the landscaping work for you, such as building a new patio, we can build new fencing for you, we can also build brand decking and also a brand-new garden room can be built for you as well, and all of these services are offered at a competitive price.

Our garden rooms just start from £17,000, so there are a lot more affordable than you might first think.


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