Our last garden fence fell down due to wood worm and wood rot, what would you recommend could help the next fence last a bit longer?


Fencing Cardiff

Sometimes when our cars are about to let this down, they might let out a bit of a squeak or rattle from the engine, which gives us a bit of a warning that something is about to go wrong and that we need to put some money aside for the mechanic.

If there’s a problem with your roof, it might be obvious that the roof is quite old and it something might start as a small drip from the roof, might build into something a lot more, like a downpour of water, so get you might put money aside for the roofer to build a new roof.

Timber Fencing

But with you garden fencing it’s a lot different, that’s because you could wake up one morning make some crumpets, only to look out of the window over you’re garden, and see that most of fencing has ended up on the floor, all that is left standing is a few wooden fence posts and your garden may be scattered completely with bits of broken wood, from the fencing panels, the wooden post and the wooden gravel boards.

During strong winds, this can sometimes completely destroy a lot of garden fencing across the city such as Cardiff, which may get hit by a strong storm, and the homeowners may not expect this to happen so they have an unexpected bill, as well as the inconvenience of having to find a fencing contractor to replace the fence.

It is therefore perfectly understandable that the homeowner may not want the same type of fencing built again, you want something a bit more durable, the will last a bit longer and offer better value for money.

So fencing companies therefore are sometimes asked what type of garden fence are more robust, and therefore offer better value for money, so we thought we’d write a short article to explain this exact question.

Concrete posts

Here in Britain we do have a great deal of wet weather, whether it be drizzle, rain or a complete downpour during a strong storm, the wooden garden may well be often saturated with water.

When you combine this with cold weather you have the perfect conditions for wood rot set in the most timber fencing.

Therefore, you might want to do away with timber posts altogether, and instead opt for concrete posts instead for your garden fence?

Concrete posts are inexpensive, and they obviously won’t suffer from wood rot so this could help the fence the last a bit longer.

However, concrete posts are quite heavy, which means unless they are properly embedded in the ground, otherwise, under their own weight they can sometimes fall over, if not supported, and cause the whole garden fence to collapse, bringing down the fencing panels, and other sections of fencing.

So, if you do opt for concrete posts, they have to be properly built, and embedded in the ground, otherwise under their own weight the posts will simply pull the whole fence over.

Yet if the concrete posts are properly built, and embedded in the ground they can help some fences the last a bit longer, that’s because the concrete posts won’t suffer from wood rot.

Composite fencing

The vast majority of garden fencing is made from wood, obviously when you drive down most streets you will see most of the fencing is timber fencing.

However, this is not the only option of fencing that you have available to, you could pay a bit more and opt for composite fencing or metal fencing, such as “chain link fencing”.

You may have seen composite fencing, and thought that the fence is made from real wood, because some composite is wood effect, so it actually looks like real timber, but is not.

Composite is made in a factory, composite is therefore man-made and is not made from timber, sometimes it does incorporate some sawdust and some recycled plastics and also coloured dyes to give the fence its colour, but is not made entirely from wood.

This means that it won’t suffer from wood rot, and therefore can offer you good value for money.

Hit and miss fencing

Hit and miss fencing means that the wooden slats instead of or being overlapping like on a feather edge fence, and all on one side of the fence, instead the wooden boards are placed either side of the wooden rail, which means that a certain angle, you can see partially through the fence, now this is good as it to allow some airflow to flow through the fence.

And when you consider a lot of fencing in Cardiff blows over during strong winds if you have a really strong “hit and miss” fence then allows some of the airflow through the fencing slats then this can help to protect the fence.

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