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You may have a perfectly landscaped garden, with a nice lawn, a patio and perhaps even composite decking?

The garden therefore looks absolutely superb, you might even have a large garden room that has been built in one part of the garden.

However, with that said, there might be still one part of the garden it’s in need of improvement, that might looking a little bit tired, and that might be your garden fence?

You might have diligently maintained your garden fence over the years and painted it every single summer, despite that, the fencing slats might’ve dropped down, the fence might be rocking slightly in a light breeze, and one section might’ve even collapsed completely onto the floor?


Local fencing contractors in Wales

Therefore, you might be looking for a local fencing contractor to completely replace your garden fence, yet you struggling to work out which business to choose?

This article is simply going to explain why so many people choose Hyden Bros to build their wooden, composite or galvanised metal fencing.



Perhaps you are a housebuilder, and you need feather edge fencing built to surround hundreds of newly built houses here in Wales?

Or perhaps you just want a few wooden fencing panels built in your garden in Cardiff, we can build wooden fencing both homeowners and also businesses.

We are fencing contractors which are often chosen, simply because we have very friendly staff that offer high levels of customer service and also quality workmanship. Plus, we only ever use top quality wood, that’s on every single wooden fence we build, however we don’t just limit you to timber fencing, we can also build composite fences and metal fencing, such as galvanised chain link fencing.


We build every type of fencing

Whatever type of fencing you would like built, from chain-link fencing, right through to composite, we can build it, when you see our quotes in your inbox, you will see how competitive our prices are.

This is why we are business that has already built so many fences right throughout Wales, you may have already seen one of our many vans on the road with Hyden Bros written along the side?

This is because we have many people working for us at Hyden Bros building our fencing, one team might be building fencing around a housing estate one day, another team at the same time might be building a brand-new metal fence around a factory, and another team might be building feather edge in a garden in Cardiff.


Affordable prices

Therefore if you’re looking for a local fencing contractor, that has a lot of staff, which also uses top quality timber, then why not give hyden bros a ring?

Every single one of our staff are very friendly, hardworking, and have a huge amount of experience building fencing, so why not contact Hyden Bros. We can arrive at your home or your business, and we have an estimator, who can talk to you about all the different fencing options that you might want to choose.

Once you’ve selected the type of metal, timber or composite fence you want built, our estimator will return to the office and type of the quote and send it to you via email.

All of the quotes we offer, are offered for free, so why not have an estimator come out and see you? And we can talk about the different types of metal, composite or wooden fencing that you might like to purchase from us.


Timber merchants

There are many places where a fencing contractor can drive to buy garden fencing from, however we have been building fencing now for well over 10 years, so we know which building merchants in Cardiff will supply it with a consistently good standard of fencing.

Perhaps that’s hardwood fencing, or you’re more popular types such as feather edge, we can supply you with high quality timber, whenever we are building a garden fence or a fence for a business. So whether you are opting for one of our low cost options such as a “panel fence”, oryou really want to push the boat out and go for the most expensive option, which is a hardwood fence, we will always supply you with very high quality timber.



Sometimes a fencing company will be set up, and then disappear after just one season of building garden fencing.

However, we are an established brand, here at Hyden Bros some of our staff of been building wooden fencing now for over 10 years.

What this means is we can simply build a fence quickly, and because we can build a fence quickly we can offer you cost savings.



There are hundreds of different fencing companies that you could call, for example you might find a local fencing contractor on Facebook, you might find them to an advertisement on a notice board in your local shop, but many homeowners call us to build a fence, that’s simply because we are established fencing company. A lot of our work therefore comes via recommendation.

We are chosen because:

-We have many 5-star Google reviews

-We have been a building fencing in Cardiff for over 10 years

– We build composite, metal and wooden fencing

– We offer free estimates

– We have a large workforce

–  We build feather edge fences

– We build hardwood fencing

-We build panel fencing

– Are you looking for a Cardiff fencing contractor? Why not call Hyden Bros?


We come highly recommended by so many of our customers in Cardiff, South Wales

Our fencing is built solid, it is built using quality timber, that’s why so many people give us a ring because we offer quality workmanship at affordable prices.


Fencing contractors that can build a fence quickly

We appreciate that many homeowners only have a certain amount of annual leave that they can take per year from work, therefore you don’t want to take annual leave for extended periods just so you be at home when the fencing contractors are working.

Therefore, you don’t want to hire a fencing contractor that spends forever and a day building the fence, you’re going to want it built to a high standard and also quickly. That’s another reason why we are chosen because we have a large team, they will quickly move the wood into the garden that we need, and start to build the fence to a high standard and we can build a fence quickly.


Are you looking for a fencing contractor in Cardiff?

Our team travels all over Wales, building high quality fencing, we don’t just build wooden fencing, we also build metal fencing and also composite.

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