A guide to post and rail wooden fencing


Wooden fencing Wales

We are fencing contractors that can build every single type of wooden fencing, this includes “post and rail fencing”, this type of fencing often used around agricultural land and large luxury homes.

This guide will tell you everything that you need to know about post and rail fencing, and why many homeowners choose this fencing option if they own a lot of land, for example land owners in areas such as the Vale of Glamorgan.

We can use top quality timber, such as tanalised timber, this will mean your post and rail fence can last a long period of time.


Do you live in the Vale of Glamorgan?

In areas such as Cowbridge, there will be homeowners that may own many acres of land, you may therefore be looking for a way to surround the property with the type of fencing that can be built at a competitive price. If the land needs to cover a huge distance, then we often recommend post rail fencing.

This type of fencing can be built quickly, and it also can be offered at a competitive price, so it is brilliant for those homeowners that own larger properties or agricultural land.


Why choose post and rail fencing?

This is a very low maintenance type of fence, if the right type of timber is used, and by that we mean quality timber then this can also be durable type of fencing. It allows you to mark up the boundary of a large area, without going to the expense of putting up say feather edge fencing.

Post and rail fencing can be built quickly, and because we have a large team of labourers, this means that build post and rail fencing in a short period of time. We purchased our timber from local timber merchants within Cardiff, the we know will supply it with quality post and rail fencing


Will I need to concrete or wooden posts?

We can offer either option, that’s either concrete or wooden posts can be used, normally if we are building a post and rail fence around agricultural land in Cowbridge for example, often the landowner will opt for a wooden post, a wooden post is normally what you see surrounding large amounts of agricultural land or a country manor for example.

We use quality wooden posts, which is either been treated with a wood preservative to make them last longer or the wood will be tanalised.


Square cut and half round post and rail fencing

You may hear of some wooden fencing described a square cut in half round post rail fencing, we can build this for you in Wales, sometimes it is used where people keep horses. We can therefore build a high post and rail fence to help you contain your horses.

We can also offer to cut large amounts of bushes back then build post and rail fence to mark the boundary for your land.

We can offer free quotes for post and rail fencing right across the Vale of Glamorgan areas, as an established fencing company, we have a large team of fence builders, which allows us to build residential and commercial fencing quickly.


Ask the fencing experts

If you own a large amounts of land within the Vale of Glamorgan, and are looking for and fence to surround your land, then we are a fencing company that can help you by building quality post and rail fencing.

Perhaps you have livestock that you wish to contain within a field, then we can build agricultural fencing for you, perhaps you own a large luxury property and are looking for a wooden fence to surround your land, then we can help you as well. Alternatively, you might be a house builder and are looking for a large wooden fence to surround the new housing estate that’s just been built? Then we are the fencing company that can help you, so why not call us?

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