We want a strong fence to be built what would you recommend?


You may have woken up on one winter’s morning, to open the blinds on your windows, to look out at all of your garden fencing has blown over, and its so badly damaged that it is not repairable. You might now be looking for a local fencing contractor such as Hyden Bros to recommend a strong type of wooden fencing to replace the fencing that has become damaged.

This article is going to concentrate on the types of garden fencing that that can be built to be strong and how Hyden Bros offers our customers excellent value for money.  


It’s all about how the fences built

There are a lot of fencing contractors to choose from, for example there are many companies that advertise on social media, advertising on boards in your local shop and also via their business’s website. However whichever fencing contractor you do choose in Cardiff, you have to make sure that they take the time to make sure that your fence is built to be solid and strong- that’s corners are not cut.

It’s therefore essential for example that the wooden fence posts are built so that they are strong, as if they are put into too shallow a hole in the ground, and are not supported by enough concrete, they might stick quickly wobbling in strong winds causing damage to the whole wooden fence.

For example, fence posts which slightly rock in the wind, will mean they will come loose from the concrete foundations causing the fence rail and slats that become looser as the nails come loose from the slats, this means it wont be long before the fence is damaged and in need of repair.

This is why it’s essential that the wooden or concrete fence posts are put deep into the ground and surrounded by a lot of concrete.


Strong winds

Do you live in a strong wind area?

You might live near the coast in the Vale of Glamorgan? There might be strong winds blowing across the fields onto your property, we can therefore come out and recommend different type of wooden fencing to suit your property.

For example, we what might recommend hit and miss fencing with concrete posts.



We can get rid of your old garden fence for you

We understand that some garden fences can blow over during a strong storm, and you might not have time to get rid of your old garden fence and take down to the local council recycling tip.

For example, your fence may have blown over on weekday, and you simply haven’t got the time to get rid of the old fence because you have to get to work.

We can get rid of your old fence for you, we have many labourers, which can remove the fence posts, fence panels and also any obstructions in the way of us building a new fence and we can place it in a skip you at an additional cost.


Deep post holes need to be dug

Our labourers can dig deep holes into the soil, so that your fence post will be adequately supported once the concrete has been poured and dried. We can then begin to build the rest of the wooden fence.


Quality concrete

We will use quality concrete when installing your fence posts, we will surround the fence post with concrete, this will hold the fence posts in place.

Our customers can either opt concrete posts or timber posts, either option will have concrete poured to hold them in place.


Made to last

When choosing a fencing company, why not ask if you can see examples of work that they have already completed locally for other customers?

For example, a fencing company that has been building garden fencing for a long time, like Hyden Bros, will often have many examples of fences, such as feather edge, hit and miss and panel fencing that they have built already within Cardiff.  

You might want to drive past to have a look at their workmanship and to see if you are happy with how the fence has been built.

Here at Hyden Bros, we have built many wooden fences across Cardiff for many businesses and homeowners.

Therefore depending on where you live in Cardiff, we can explain where we have built wooden fences locally so that you can have a look at the quality of our workmanship.

For example, we might have built a wooden fence for a local business, just down the road from your house for example, you can drive and have a look and see how high quality our wooden fences are.


Fencing contractors

We are fencing contractors that have been building wooden fencing for a very long time, we can offer you a huge range of different wooden, metal and composite fencing to choose from.

Close board fencing

We can build close board fencing at very competitive prices for both businesses and also homeowners.

Hit and miss fencing

We are a fencing company, that can also offer to build hit and miss fencing.


Hardwood fencing

Our company can also build hardwood fencing for you


Composite fencing

Our fencing business can build composite fencing as well, this type of fence is not made using wood, instead it manufactured fence and therefore will not incur wood rot.


Would you like a free quote?

Are you currently looking for Cardiff fencing contractors?

Why look any further than Hyden Bros? We have a huge amount of experience building metal, wooden and also composite fencing all over Cardiff.

We can offer you a free and no obligation quote, to build your fence so why not call us?

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