What are the cheaper fencing options that you offer?

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At the moment the news is awash with stories of inflation, rising food prices, interest rates and the price of fuel is going up, so it’s no wonder that when a homeowner needs to buy something like a new garden fence, they might now be looking at the more cheaper options we offer.

We also appreciate that the garden fence is not something that is bought on a regular basis, so a lot of people wont know which fence to choose, and which options are the cheapest options that our Cardiff fencing company offers. Because the cost of living is going up, a lot of people want an affordable type of fence built, and here at Hyden Bros we build three types of fencing which are quality fences, but also our more cheaper options.

So are more cheaper options of fencing, that Hyden bros offers are feather edge, picket fencing and panel fencing

Here at Hyden Bros, we cater for all budgets, that’s the say when you need a garden fence we can offer you the luxurious options of fencing, such as having the fence made from hardwood, but we also offer the much more affordable options such as panel fencing.


With winter fast approaching, this means that often strong winds are just around the corner, which means that a lot of garden fencing will become damaged in the strong winds.

This might mean for a lot of homeowners, they might not have budgeted to have a fence repaired or replaced, so a cost of a new fence is not something they will have anticipated. They are therefore looking for a fencing contractor that can offer them an affordable option of fencing, and here at Hyden bros, we offer low cost fencing options.

That’s exactly where Hyden Bros can help you, because we build really high quality fences, at a very competitive price. Within this article we are going to discuss our lower cost fencing options, and also the benefits of owning that type of fence.

Panel fencing

By far the cheapest type of fencing that our company offers to supply and also build is called panel fencing.

The main reason that we can offer this fencing so cheaply is because we can build it very quickly. The fencing panels which are made of wood, are already made by the manufacturer so the panels are all ready-made, we just need to place them in between the fence posts. Because our builders have built so many panel fences all across Cardiff, we can build this type of fencing very quickly for you.

Also, what’s great about a panel fence is very easy to paint, and also the wooden posts are inexpensive as well, so we can build the whole fence at a very competitive price for you.

Also, we have an estimator, which can come and see you on the weekends or most evenings and offer you a free and no obligation quote.

Feather edge fencing

Feather edge fencing that’s built by us is a bit more expensive than panel fencing, but it is still very affordable.

Feather edge is a durable type of garden fence, simply because the wooden slats can be quite thick and therefore you can have a fence which is robust, and therefore offers excellent value for money.

However we would say that it all depends on how the fence is built by the fencing contractor, for example if the fence is not built to a really good standard, then it won’t last that long at all. Yet this is why many people in Cardiff give us a call here at Hyden bros, because they know we build quality fencing at an affordable prices.

Feather edge can be built very quickly as well, that’s because we have nail guns, we can nail each slat of fencing to the wooden rail quickly. This means that we can often build most garden fences within one day, minimising the disruption for the homeowner.

We say minimising disruption for the homeowner, because we appreciate that the homeowner might need to take a day off work that’s while we build the garden fence, and this is a reason why so many people choose us as their fencing contractor, because we can build a new garden fence very quickly.

Often, we can build the whole garden fence in a single day. However, sometimes it might take a bit longer to build, if we have to break out concrete for example, or if bushes need to be removed, also if we have to remove your old garden fence, so sometimes it might take is a bit longer to build the fence.

Are you looking for a Cardiff fencing contractor?

It’s fair to say that in the city of Cardiff there are a huge number of fencing companies to choose from, however the reason why Hyden Bros is often chosen to build a wooden fence is because we have a reputation for building quality timber fences, we also have very friendly staff, plus  all of the fencing that we use is high quality.

So, if you would like a free quote for a new garden fence to be built in Cardiff, then why not give us a ring today?

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