What are benefits of choosing concrete fence posts and gravel boards?

Here at Hyden bros, we think that there are many advantages to choosing concrete fence posts used in combination with concrete gravel boards. The main benefit is neither will incur wood rot, because the products are made from concrete.

Within this article, we will explain the benefits of using concrete fence posts and concrete gravel boards.

We shall also explain, that for many of the fences we build, using concrete fence posts, often the fence is constructed using feather edge.

So if you would like a Cardiff fence built that’s long lasting, why not call Hyden bros, as we can build a garden fence made using feather edge boards, concrete fence posts and also gravel boards.

Why use concrete fence posts?

Concrete is very robust, and its perfectly suited for use as a fence post, the reason being here in Britain, we have a lot of wet weather, which means that often, the ground is soaked with water. If it’s a wooden post in the ground,  then it may incur wood rot overtime. However, its made from concrete it wont incur wood rot, and the wet weather will not effect it, this is why so many people opt for concrete fence posts, because they want a long lasting fence.

Wood worm

Do you own a wood burner?

If so you may have a stack of logs out your back garden, that you might be seasoning for use in the winter. For those homeowners that do have a wood burner, they may look at their logs, and see that after a relatively short period of time, the wood can incur wood worm.

Wood worm actually eats the timber, making it fragile, so, if this was to happen to say the fence posts, then the wood will be made weaker by the wood worm eating the wood. So, say during a heavy wind, the entire fence could blow over.

To avoid wood worm eating the fence posts, some homeowners and businesses opt for concrete fence posts as well.

Built solid

We do have to say this does depend on which fencing contractor you hire in Cardiff, as what you need is a company that will build the fence so that its solid.

Here at Hyden bros, we can build a solid fence, we have many builders, who build quality fencing. They will dig holes in the ground, and mix quality concrete, then they will pour the concrete around the concrete fence post. This can provide a very solid post for the gravel board to be attached to, and then for the wooden feather edge fencing to then be fixed to place. This is why when a homeowner or a business want a Cardiff fence built, a popular choice is feather edge, used with concrete fence posts.


Would you say there are any disadvantages to opting for concrete fence posts?

Yes, there are some disadvantages, such as these posts are very heavy. So if you are building a garden fence, that uses concrete fence posts, then be sure you have enough people to lift the posts safely, as they are very heavy.

So, you will need enough people to lift the concrete fence posts safely, and these people should have manual lifting training. As both the gravel boards and the concrete fence posts are heavy, so you will need a lot of people to lift.

Another downside is some people don’t like the look of concrete, especially in their garden where they are growing flowers, bushes and vegetables.

Concrete fence posts can therefore look a bit commercial, and not suited to use in a residential garden. You should keep this in mind, when choosing which fence posts and wooden fencing is best for your garden.


Why is feather edge fencing often used with concrete fence posts?

When you drive into some supermarket car parks, to park your car, the fencing that’s sometimes used is a feather edge fence used with a concrete fence post.

The main reason for this is because the supermarket, and other businesses which use this type of fence use it because its low maintenance.

And that’s exactly why many homeowners choose it as well, so why is feather edge fencing used with concrete fence posts?

The reason is, if good quality feather edge is used, then the wooden slats can be very durable.

Because they are durable this means that they are therefore low maintenance.

A feather edge fence, built with concrete fence posts is more expensive than say if our fencing company was to build a panel fence. However, a feather edge fence is more durable, and is low maintenance. So if your looking for a robust fence, why not choose feather edge fencing, and concrete fence posts.


Make sure you hire the right fencing contractor

There are so many Cardiff fencing contractors to choose from, there are quite literally hundreds.

No matter if you get the number from a notice board in the local shop, from a neighbour, or the business is advertising on social media, the garden fence will only be good value for money, if it’s well built.

A garden fence can sometimes look well built, yet, the first storm can rock the fence, causing the fence posts to move in the concrete, which allows the fence to move.

Then this movement in the fence is want causes the fence slats to become loose, as the grip that the nails have loosen. Eventually the whole fence may become damaged.

This is why a garden fence is a relatively simple construction, yet everything from the concrete mix, through to the nails used, and the posts, must all be quality.

The fence should therefore be built by a fencing company that can build a quality fence, and that’s why so many people in Cardiff, hire Hyden bros to build the fence, because we build quality.

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