We want top quality garden fencing- what can you offer?




A lot of our customers will have very busy lifestyles, so, this means that when the homeowners do have time off work, they don’t want during the summer to be painting or repairing the garden fence. Neither do they want to hire a local fencing company and then need that fence replaced after a short period of time.

Therefore, some homeowners want a long lasting fence, that’s built by us, that doesn’t require much in the way of maintenance. Yet at the same time, has an appearance that will enhance the garden.

As we are a fencing company that builds every type of fencing, we will now explain the luxury types of fencing we build for homeowners and businesses in Cardiff, and the benefits of opting for this type of fencing.


Have you built many garden fences?

Yes, we are an established business, we have been building fences for both businesses and homeowners for a long time. We therefore have carpenters that can build any type of fence, we can complete the work in a short period of time, we offer very competitive prices, and we also have many positive business reviews.


What is the best quality fencing that you offer?

We offer two types of fencing that we would describe as the best the company offers, they are composite and hardwood, two very different types of fence, each of which we will explain why they are the best we offer, and the benefits of owning each.

Hardwood fencing can be made from many different types of hardwood, and the benefit is hardwood is a more dense type of wood, much more expensive than softwood fencing options we offer, but, also more durable.

Hardwood fencing is often chosen because of the appearance of the grain of the wood, we can apply a protective seal over the hardwood, which helps protect the wood, yet also bring out the natural colour. When you see a hardwood fence, it looks very different from say a run of the mill feather edge fence, therefore it’s a luxury option, its one of the most expensive fencing options we build in Cardiff.

Yet, if the homeowner owns a luxury home, they often want a fence that will match, and that’s exactly what we can offer.

As well as using the wood to build gates on your driveway as well if you want us to build these.


Our second option, is composite fencing.

Composite fencing is very different from hardwood, in that, composites fencing is not a fence made from natural wood. Instead, composite is made in a factory, and there are a lot of different companies that make this type of fence. However, here at Hyden bros, we use makes of composite fencing that are high quality so that the fence is long lasting and durable.

Composite comes in a range of different colour options, and the best part we think is, it never needs to be painted. So helps save our customers time.


We have busy lives, we need a fence that’s low maintenance what can you offer?

Some wooden fences need painting quite regularly, otherwise they fade in colour, yet with composite, it’s a manufactured product, that’s made in a factory to be a colour, and therefore doesn’t need painting.

So you just select the colour you want, so lets say olive green, then the composite fence panels will never need painting.


What is composite fencing?

Composite fencing is not made entirely from natural wood such as pine, its instead manufactured, some brands even use recycled plastics.

The benefits are, that a composite fence won’t incur wood rot, plus, doesn’t need painting. However, our fencing company would say that the quality of composite fencing can vary, sometimes by a lot.

So, we only use quality brands of composite.

When you call  us, we can arrange a convenient  time for us to come and meet with you, we can show you the brochures of our composite fencing. This will explain the different colour options, as well as, whether that brand uses recycled plastics.


Why pay more for this type of fencing?

The benefits of owning a hardwood or a composite fence are clear, they will simply last longer than cheaper types of garden fencing. Yet its not just about cost, its about the appearance of the fence, for example, a composite fence can come in a huge range of colours, so for example, in Cardiff, you might have a modern property, so want a modern fence, so why not opt for composite fencing, in a light colour grey?

Our luxury fencing can therefore help to enhance your garden. If you have a luxury property then you might also want luxury fencing, and that’s exactly what our company can build, as both hardwood, and composite are quality types of fencing.


Will it look different from run of mill fencing?

Yes, most definitely, we would describe run of the mill, type of fencing as feather edge, it is a good type of fencing, yet its widely used. Therefore, sometimes businesses, and homeowners want a type of fence that is more expensive, yet much more luxurious.

We can therefore offer luxury fencing, yet we also have the joiners and the carpenters to make sure the fence is well built.

Why should we choose your company to build our luxury fence?

There are hundreds of fencing contractors in Cardiff, so as a business or as a homeowner you do have many companies to choose from. However with that said, Hyden bros been building metal, composite and wooden fences now for a very long time. This has means that we have managers, builders and carpenters that mean our fences get built quickly, they get built to a good standard, plus we only buy top quality building materials.

Whether its concrete, wood or composite fence panels we are buying from a builder’s merchants, we only buy top quality items.

Do you offer free quotes?

Yes, as soon as you call us, we can arrange a time that best suited to you, for us to come and offer you a free quote.

We can show you our brochures, which explain the different colour of composite fencing we can offer.

We can also bring with us, samples of the different hardwoods we can offer.

Our company can also build the following in Cardiff:

  • Garden rooms
  • Fencing
  • Decking







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