What are the most popular types of garden fencing that you build?


There are so many types of garden fencing that we offer, from the inexpensive, such as panel fencing through to the more expensive hardwood options.

There’s also wooden fencing, as well as composite and metal, so there are so many different options that you choose from when you ask us to build your fence.

We understand here at Hyden Bros, that many homeowners simply won’t know what options they can choose from, when they require a new fence to be built.

So, we thought that we would write a helpful guide, which will explain the most popular types of fencing that we build, as well as the benefits that come with opting for that type of fence.

So here are our most popular fences that we build in Cardiff:

Why do so many homeowners hire Hyden Bros to build their fence

Its fair to say, that as a customer, you have many different fencing companies that you could choose to build your new garden fence.

Yet, with that said, many people here in Cardiff, choose us to build their fencing whether that’s composite, hit and miss, panel fencing, hardwood fencing, metal fencing or let’s say a feather edge fence.

And why are we often chosen to build so many fences in Cardiff?

We are often chosen to build fencing for businesses and homeowners, simply because we are an established, and well-known company here in Cardiff.

You may have seen one of our many vans driving around the city?

Or you may have seen one of our teams building a fence in your street?

Therefore, many homeowners, choose us to build a garden fence, simply because our fencing is high quality.

Plus, we offer very competitive prices, so whether it’s a picket fence, a hardwood fence, or a composite fence, all are built to a really high standard.

Do you offer free quotes?

Yes, we do, we offer free no obligation quotes in Cardiff.

We can come to your garden, measure up, and then we can recommend different types of fencing that you may wish to select.

Therefore, you may want a fence that you never have to paint?

If you want a fence that you never have to paint, then we would recommend opting for a quality composite fence.

However, the quality of composite fencing can vary a lot, so if you do opt for a composite fence, make sure you select a top quality brand.

Here at Hyden bros, we only supply quality brands of composite decking and fencing.

Plus, when you hire us, we are a Cardiff fencing contractor that only uses top quality timber. So whether it’s the posts, the fencing slats, or the gravel board, we will only ever supply quality wood.

The most popular type of fencing that we build, is called feather edge.

The vast majority of the garden fences we build, are built using feather edge. For those that do not know what feather edge is, its simply a type of fencing that’s made from wooden boards, which overlap, these are then nailed to the rail, which is then attached to the fence post.

Feather edge is a popular type of fencing because it’s a durable type of fence, it does it depend on the wood the fencing contractor uses of course, yet if the wood is of a good quality, then this can be a hardwearing type of fence.

This is why so many homeowners hire us, because we offer competitive prices, yet all the timber we purchase is very good quality.

This means that when you hire us to build a feather edge fence, you will obtain a fence that’s made using quality wood.

Why should you hire Hyden bros to build a feather edge fence

We have a large team of fence builders; this simply means that we can build a garden fence in a short period of time. Plus, the timber we use, is always high quality. We also have many positive reviews online, from our customers.

Hyden bros, can build metal, composite or wooden fencing anywhere in Cardiff.

Do you build composite fencing?

Yes, we do, we build composite fencing and decking, plus, we only purchase high quality brands of composite fencing, so when you hire us to build a composite fence, you will be receiving a quality fence, that’s built to a very high standard.

Composite garden fencing is very different from timber fencing- that’s because its instead a manufactured product.

It can therefore come in a range of colours, and doesn’t ever need painting.

The quality of composite fencing can vary massively, therefore whichever fencing contractor that you do hire to build your fence, make sure that they are supplying a quality brand of composite fencing.

We also build composite decking, so often our customers often ask us to build a brand new fence, and at the same time to start building decking as well.

Composite decking and fencing are very durable, if the company you choose supply a good quality brand.

We only supply quality brands of composite decking and fencing, plus we do offer free quotes, so if you would like us to visit your garden, and offer you a free quote, why not call one of our friendly staff, and we can book you in at a convenient time, to offer you a quote.

Panel fencing

Our next most popular type of garden fencing, that we build is called “panel fencing”- this is the cheapest option that we offer.

It’s a type of fencing that can be built quickly by our team of fence installers,  there are many other benefits as well, such as it can be easily painted, and it’s the lowest cost option that we offer.

Therefore, when a storm hits across Cardiff for example, a lot of garden fencing will be damaged, and sometimes the homeowner will not have budgeted in terms of their expenses to have a new garden fence built. Yet because our panel fencing is the lowest cost option we offer, we can build a fence at a very competitive cost, and its a lot cheaper than if you were to hire us  to build say a composite or a hardwood fence.

Panel fencing can be built very quickly by our team, so if you have a large garden, and you want a fence built quick, why not consider having a panel fence built?

Often our customers want a fence built quickly if there old fence has blown over in strong winds, so often we can build this type of fence in a short period of time.

Can you dispose of our old fence for us?

Yes we most certainly can, often we place a rubbish skip on the customers driveway or near to the house, then our team of fence builders can demolish the old fence, and place all of the waste into skip.

This saves the customer the hassle of having to get rid of the old fence themselves, and because we have such a large team of staff we can do this quickly and for a competitive price.

How much does it cost to build a panel fence?

This will depend on how large your garden is, yet there are many different types of panel fencing to choose from.

Theres panel fencing that’s low in height, so you may wish to have this fence built on your driveway, to separate your drive from your neighbours.

Then there’s taller panel fencing that we can build in your garden for you.

Do you build hardwood fencing?

Yes, we do, it’s our most expensive option, yet a very popular type of fencing, that’s chosen because hardwood fencing is very durable.

Red cedar wood is often what our customers choose, that because this type of wood has a very distinctive colour and grain of the wood, which when added to any garden will enhance it, and offer a quality fence for a long time to come.

Often what the customer would like is a red cedar fence built, but also for the fencing to run along the whole garden, the front lawn and driveway, and for gates for the front of the house, and the garden to also be made from this wood.

We have many joiners that work for us in Cardiff, this means we can build bespoke garden gates.

We can also make gates out of red cedar wood for your driveway.

How much does a garden fence cost built from red cedar wood?

The most expensive type of fencing that we offer, is our hardwood red cedar fencing, yet, its clear to see why its still a very popular option with our customers here in Cardiff.

Red cedar fencing looks very different from other garden fences, and therefore really stands out as a luxury fence, a high quality fence that is built to last.

Our red cedar fences are built to a very high standard, that’s because we employ joiners in Cardiff to build our luxury fencing.

Our joiners and carpenters can also make garden gates, and gates for your driveway as well, using quality hardwood, red cedar.

We offer free quotes in Cardiff, so if your thinking of having a hardwood fence built why not call us?

Do you build picket fencing?

Yes, we can build picket fencing, it’s a very popular type of fencing with our customers, often our customers use it as a fence for their front lawn, and also as a fence on a driveway.

Our picket fencing is a low cost fencing option, and our fence builders can build it quickly.

When we build a picket fence, we use high quality wood, plus we can offer free quotes anywhere in Cardiff. Another reason why so many homeowners choose Hyden bros, is because we have a large team, which means, if there’s a large garden that requires a picket fence to go around the boundary then we can offer this at a competitive price.

We also build picket fencing for businesses, for example a pub may require a picket fence to go around the outdoor dining area, we therefore build many wooden fences for businesses as well.

We can also offer to paint a picket fence for you, this would cost extra, however many businesses when they want a picket fence built, want it painted a certain colour and we can offer to do this.

We can also dispose of your old fence, and any shrubbery that may need to be removed, and placed in the skip. This work would cost extra, yet, we have many labourers that work for us, so we can quickly place any old fencing in a skip.

For an additional cost, we can also remove any wooden garden sheds for you as well.

Do you build metal fencing? If so how much does it cost to build?

We do build metal fencing, for example, we can build chain link fencing, often businesses will choose this type of fence, because its low maintenance, we therefore build this type of fencing for companies, yet we can also build in a residential garden as well.

We build all types of metal fencing, and because we have a large team of fence builders, we can build our fences quickly.

What is the most popular type of fence that you build, is it made from metal, composite or wood?

Our wooden fencing remains the most popular type of fencing that we build in Cardiff, yet with that said, as more customers learn the benefits of composite fencing, we are building more of this type of fencing.

Our most popular fencing is feather edge, that’s a type of fence that made from wood, sometimes with concrete posts to support the fence.

Another popular option is panel fencing, yet composite is becoming more popular that’s because the fence never needs to be painted, plus, also composite fencing is sometimes made from recycled plastics. Also composite fences come in a range of colours.

Some composite fences are made to look like real wood, yet because they never need to be painted, this helps our customers to save a lot of time.

Why should we choose your Cardiff fencing company to build our new fence?

Here at Hyden bros, we have been building fencing for a long time, this means we have the staff to build any type of fence quickly. We mostly build our fences in Cardiff.

We also build a lot of fencing in the vale of Glamorgan as well.

Our company is often chosen because we can offer a lot of different types of fencing, and because we have carpenters that build our fences to a high standard. Another reason is because we make sure that all of the timber we purchase is real high quality.

Therefore, we purchase our timber from local timber suppliers, that we know supply consistently high-quality timber.

What’s the cheapest fencing option your company offers?

The cheapest fencing option is to opt for a panel fence, with wooden posts.  This fence can be built quickly, and be painted easily and you can opt to have trellis on the top.

You can therefore opt to have trellis on the top of your fence, so climbing plants can grow, and cover the top of the fence.

We require a new garden fence to be built in Cardiff- why should we choose your business?

Here at Hyden bros, we have been building garden fencing for a long time, we are chosen quite simply because we offer our customers great prices, we build our fencing quickly, and we only use really good timber when we are constructing our fences.

Some fencing companies, they may just offer “feather edge fencing”- however our business is different, we can offer you a large choice, from composite fencing, right through to fences which are made from hardwood.

So, we can offer you a huge amount of fencing options, when you choose Hyden bros to build your fence.

So, whether you’re looking for the cheapest option we offer, which is panel fencing, or the most expensive, which is red cedar fencing, we build all of our fences to a very high standard.

We also have a full-time estimator, which means, that as soon as you call us, or send us an e-mail, we will aim to get to you as soon as we can, and offer you a quote.

Often, we need to visit your garden, so that we can measure your garden, give a price for disposing of the old fence, as well as also seeing if any concrete needs to be removed.

For example, sometimes concrete needs to be broken, where the old fence posts were.

We can recommend different types of fencing

Some of our customers will not know the different types of fencing, and a fencing company like our can offer.

So, when we visit your garden, and we discuss how tall you want the fence to be, we can recommend different options.

For example, you may want an extra tall fence, in which case, we would recommend feather edge fencing, with long wooden slats.

If you want a fence, you never have to paint, then we would recommend opting for composite fencing.

If you want our cheapest fencing option, we would recommend panel fencing.

If you want the most luxurious type of fencing, we offer, we would recommend opting for red cedar fencing.

Which areas do you build fencing in?

Cardiff fencing

Most of the fencing our company builds, is within Cardiff, we also offer free quotes, so if your thinking of having a fence built at your home, or business, why not give us a ring?

We also build a lot of composite, metal and wooden fencing in the vale of Glamorgan as well.

We can visit your garden, and offer you a quote for one type of fencing, or you may want your quote to include a price for building different types of fencing so that you can compare.

For example, you may want a quote for us to build feather edge, hit and miss or composite fencing.

Do you build hit and miss fencing?

Yes, a really popular type of fencing that we offer is called hit and miss, this is the name that’s given to fencing where its built using wooden boards, which are fixed alternate sides of the fencing rail.

This means that the fence looks similar on both sides. We build a lot of hit and miss fencing in Cardiff.

Do you also build summerhouses, garden rooms and offices?

Yes we do, here at Hyden bros, we have recently started building summerhouses as well.

The summerhouses that we build are not built from flat packs, instead every summerhouse that we construct, are built by our joiners.

We have many joiners that work for us, here in Cardiff, this means that we can build everything from garden gates, fences or a summerhouse.

Our joiners build high quality summerhouses, which are offered at competitive prices.

We can therefore build garden rooms, and we offer many optional extras, such as air conditioning.

Our garden rooms can be clad with hard woods, such as red cedar wood, or composite cladding, and some customers opt for metal cladding.

Our garden rooms can be built to any size, plus we always use quality doors, roofing and insulation when we are building a summerhouse.

We offer free quotes in Cardiff, so if your thinking about having a garden room built, then why not give Hyden bros a call?

Do you also build decking in Cardiff?

Yes, we can also build decking, we can make the decking from wood, or composite. The composite decking, we offer, is more expensive than timber, yet we only use composite decking that’s made by quality brands.

We can therefore build composite or timber decking, composite decking doesn’t need to be painted, or stained, that’s why it is so popular because its low maintenance, plus some composite decking is made to look like wood effect.

Therefore, if you want decking that never needs to be painted, then we would recommend composite decking.

Another reason why composite decking is really popular with our customers, is because some brands, manufacturer the composite decking made using recycled plastics. Not all manufacturers do this is, yet some of the makes of composite decking that we offer do, so not only will you be obtaining a high-quality product, that never needs to be painted, but also, you will be helping the environment as well.

We can also offer to building composite decking, which matches the fencing, that’s because we can also supply and build composite fencing as well.

This is perfect for those homeowners that want a really low maintenance fence and decking, that doesn’t need painting, staining or wood preservative.

Do you build composite / wooden decking for businesses as well?

Yes, we do, we can build composite or wooden decking for pubs, restaurants and cafes, for example, often the business wants to create an outdoor seating area for the business’s customers.

We can therefore build composite or timber decking for businesses.

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