Does your fencing company build panel fencing?



Here in Cardiff, we are often building panel fencing, here are the main advantages of choosing this type of fencing


It affordable

This type of fencing is the most affordable option we offer, its therefore cheaper than say having a hit and miss fence.

We can therefore build this type of fence at an affordable price.

We also offer free quotes, so if your thinking about having a panel fence built, then why not call us?

We are fencing contractors that’s have been building fencing for a very long time, we don’t just build fencing, we also build composite and timber decking.


We can also offer to build garden rooms in Cardiff.

So whether you just want a new fence, or you would also like composite decking, and a new garden room built then why not call us?


Its quick to build

Panel fencing is quick to build, our fencing company can build the wooden posts, pour the concrete and nail your fence panels into place, and the work can be completed quickly.


It comes in different heights

Our wooden panel fencing comes in many different heights, so you can choose a height that’s suited to your garden.


It can be painted easily

Panel fencing can be painted easily.


One of the most popular type of fencing that we build in Cardiff is wooden panel fencing.

 A wood panel fence has some advantages over some other of fencing, that is its inexpensive, its plus it can built quickly, as we as it can come in different designs, such as having trellis at the top to help climbing plants to grow.

 Wood panel fences are also relatively inexpensive, making them a great choice for those homeowners that don’t want to spend too much on a new garden fence.  


Why should we choose a panel fence?

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing timber panel fencing, that is its  important to select a high-quality fence panel, that’s made with good quality wood.

 If you live in an area with high winds or other extreme weather conditions, then we would recommend opting for a different type of fence, and when we visit your garden, we can recommend different options for you to choose fro.


Why should we choose a closeboard fence?  

Clos eboard fence panels are again a very popular types of fencing that we build, and that’s for good reason.

Close board fencing, if built correctly can be strong, affordable, and easy to paint.

We so offer a range of different size fence panels to suit your garden.


Picket Fence Panel

Picket fence panels are another popular type of fencing. They can be used to create a barrier around your property, and can be built very quickly by our company.

We can offer many different styles and designs of picket fence panels to pick from, so you should have no trouble finding one that suits your needs and tastes.

Wooden picket fence are a affordable fencing option, making them a good choice if you are on a budget.  


Tanalised Fence Panel

Tanalised fence panels are a really popular choice of garden fencing.

This type of fencing is durable, and is perfect for most gardens.

Tanalised fence panels are available in a variety of styles and designs to suit any taste or budget.

 Tanalised fence panels are the perfect choice for anyone who wants a low cost garden fence that looks great.  

These  fence panels are very easy for us to build, then tanalised fence panels are the ideal choice.

They come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your garden.  

So if you’re looking for a fence panel that looks great, is low cost, and easy to paint, then tanalised fence panels are the perfect choice.

Check out our range today and find the perfect one for your garden.


Do you build composite panel fencing as well?

Yes, we build composite fencing, and decking.

If you would like a free quote for fencing, decking or a new garden room, in any of the areas below, why not call us?

–        Cardiff

–        Newport

–        Vale of Glamorgan

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