Cardiff Garden Fencing- which fence will you choose?

Cardiff Garden Fencing



Here at Hyden Bros, we specialise in building garden fencing, this means that not only will you obtain a really high-quality fence, but also we can offer you so many different options to choose from.

From panel fencing, which has trellis on the top, to help you grow climbing plants, through to having a hardwood fence built, that’s really high quality,

So, which will garden fencing option will you choose?

Well, to help you, we thought we would write a helpful article, which explains the different fencing we build, and the benefits of opting for each option,


Cardiff fencing

Composite fencing and decking

A really popular option is to opt for composite fencing, this is different from other types of fences, as this is a manufactured product.


Composite fencing offers the following benefits:

–        Doesn’t incur wood rot

So, timber fencing can incur wood rot, however, composite fences will not.

–        Can be made from recycled plastics

It does depend on which make of composite fencing you choose, however some are made from recycled plastics

Doesn’t ever need to be painted

The main benefit of opting for composite fencing or decking, is that it doesn’t need painting.

Plus, composite fencing can come in a range of colours


What is feather edge fencing?

Feather edge fencing is a type of fence that’s made from wooden slats, this overlap, each slat should then be nailed to the rail.

The rail then is fixed to the fence post.

It’s a simple construction, yet, it needs to be built strong, for that to happen, you need a Cardiff fencing company like ours, that has built many garden fences.

But also, we make sure on every fence that we build in Cardiff, that its strong, we do this by making sure we dig deep fence posts into the soil.

We buy quality concrete, wood and nails.

This is why when many homeowners need a fencing contractor, they call Kingsley.


What is hardwood fencing

The most popular type of hardwood fencing we build is with red cedar wood.

We build a lot of hardwood fencing; we can also build gates as well.

Hit and miss

A really popular type of garden fence, is called hit and miss, whichever timber fencing you choose, you can rely on us to use high quality wood.


Picket fencing

A lot of our customers, when they need a fence built for a front lawn, they often opt for a picket fence.

Can you build a panel fence for us?

Yes, we build a lot of panel fencing, its quick to build, very affordable, plus when you hire us as your fencing contractor, we can offer you many different options.

For example, some fencing panels look like feather edge.

Other fencing panels can have trellis at the top, so if you want to grow climbing plants, why not opt for this option.


Cardiff fencing contractors

Hyden bros have been building garden fencing now for a very long time.

We are known for building very high-quality fencing.


Here’s why we build so many Cardiff fences:

–        We only use high quality timber

–        We employ carpenters to build our fences

–        We offer competitive prices

–        We also build decking

–        We offer free quotes in Cardiff

–        We can build composite fencing

–        We can build timber fences


We need a new garden fence built- can you dispose of the old one for us?

Yes, we can remove your old garden fence for you for an additional charge


Do you also build garden decking?

Yes, we do, we also build garden decking as well.


Do you offer free quotes?

Yes we do, if you live in Cardiff, then we can offer a free quote


There are so many Cardiff fencing companies to choose from, why should we pick you?

Simply put, here at Hyden Bros, we have been building fencing for a very long time.

This means that we have carpenters that can build a very high-quality fence for you.


How much does it cost to build a new fence?

The type of fence you want built.

The cheapest type of fencing we build, is panel fencing, that’s because it can be built so quickly.

The most expensive option that we offer, would be a fence made from red cedar wood.


The length of the fence

Our estimator can meet you, and we can then measure how long the fence needs to be.

Once the estimator knows which type of fencing you want built, such as feather edge, we can get back to you with a quote, often via e-mail.

Timber prices do fluctuate, so we would need to check the current price with our supplier,  then we can offer you a quote.


We will then email you the quote.

You might not want just a new garden fence built, you may want us to build say a garden room or new decking.

Because we employ many carpenters, we can build all of this for you.

When you hire Hyden Bros, we can improve your garden, by building summerhouses, fencing or decking.


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