7 reasons to have composite decking built by us

We have built a lot of composite decking here in Cardiff, that’s for both businesses, and homeowners.


Here’s a list of the areas we build composite decking in:

– Cardiff


-Vale of Glamorgan  




The composite decking that we supply and build can be made from recycled materials, so it is an eco-friendly choice.

We supply many different brands, the amount of recycled plastics used in each product can vary.

Yet when we meet with you, to show you the different brands that we can supply, we can tell you how much each manufacturer uses recycled plastics in each product.


Composite decking is very durable

It does depend on which brand of composite decking you choose, yet the manufacturers that we supply, make very durable products.


Very low maintenance


Our composite decking is low maintenance, this means its easy to maintain, requiring little effort to keep it looking great.


 Many different colours

Our composite decking comes in a huge range of different colours, so you can pick an options that’s   perfect look for your garden.

This is why so many homeowners choose composite decking, as it doesn’t need painting.

This can help you to save a lot of time, that’s because you never need to paint composite decking.

timber decking on the other hand, depending on use, may need to be coated with decking paint on a regular basis.

Therefore if you want decking, that doesn’t require painting, then why not opt for composite?


No more splinters

Composite fences and decking are splinter-free, that’s because this product is not like natural wood.

With natural wood you can get splinters, however composite is manufactured product, this means you will not incur a splinter.


We can build composite decking quickly.

We have a large team, so we can build composite fencing and decking anywhere in Cardiff quickly.


Wood rot

Because composite decking is not made completely from wood, it won’t rot like timber can.

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