How railway sleepers can be used in your garden

Here at Hyden Bros, we think that railway sleepers are very useful when landscaping a garden.

We can make garden furniture out of railway sleepers, plus we can make raised flower beds.

A lot of customers want somewhere to grow plants, yet a pot is not big enough. Railway sleepers can be built and a large amount of soil added to fill them, this means that large plants, with long roots can grow inside them.

They also help to landscape a garden, as instead of just having a flat level garden, you can use raised planters to make a focal point, to grow plants.

Also they can be used to create durable garden furniture, that you might want placed onto your decking.

Alternatively they can just be used to separate a pathway, from the lawn.

Therefore because the wood is so strong, they can be used for a wide range of different uses, from building raised flower beds, to using them as borders, edging, and even as steps as well, as part of the construction when building decking.

So here’s how we can use railway sleepers to improve your garden:



To build raised flower beds   


Railway sleepers are sometimes used make really good raised beds. They can be  assembled by our carpenters, and can be built so that a lot of soil can be within, ideal for growing your plants.  



Make a Border

Railway sleepers can be used to create a border.

Make a bench

Our carpenters can use railway sleepers to make garden furniture such as benches, tables and planters.

As part of your decking

Sometimes you will want the decking raised, so why not use railway sleepers to do this?


Do you require a landscaping business in Cardiff?

We can help  to improve your garden, whether you want railway sleepers used as raised planters, or new fencing and decking we can help.


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